Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 9 Welcome to Haria Kingdom


”Stay away from him, Master! ” Garren shouted in panic.

Zerha got confused about why Garren is acting in panic.

”Why? ” Zerha asked.

This demon has a lot of injuries, I need to heal him Zerha said to her mind and was about to heal him but she stops as she got startled by Garren who suddenly get angry!

”Because hes an Archdemon! ”

”W-why are you mad? Whats wrong with being an archdemon? ” Zerha asked and heal the injuries of the archdemon without hesitations.

His injuries are so deep Zerha thought.

”But…Master, you did not know? ”

While healing, Zerha turns her head to Foxy and asks.

”About what? ”

”Archdemons are not any ordinary demons. They are more ruthless than ordinary demons! They kill whomever they want! They even kill their kind to attain more power! They have killed many innocent living beings in this world. They capture and lock them up in an empty dark room with no food or water. And they keep torturing them until they die and eat their souls! ” Foxy explains.

Zerha got shocked after hearing Foxy, but then, she realized and let out a big sigh and speak.

”Its normal, ”

”Master?/Huh? ” Foxy and Garren look at each other.

”I mean, its normal for demons to be like that, they are demons after all. Demons are known for being merciless or being evil beings. So what? Its their nature. ”

”But- ”

”Oh! Yeah, shes right its their nature! So its normal for them for being evil! Just like me, a handsome, cool, and kind angel! Its our nature to be so kind to everyone! Wahahaha! ” Ecanus suddenly gloat. The three of them just looked at Ecanus with a doubting look. They
e still doubting if hes an angel because of his behavior and mouthing indecent words.

”Shut up, you weak angel. You are not bothered by that, Master? I mean, I know that you are a demon but you are different from others, you are kind. Are you not angry with him? ” Foxy.

K-Kind? Where did Foxy get that? Zerha thought. Because in Zerhas past, yes she is willing to help if anyone is in danger but she is also a brutal high school student. She also likes to torture the person who put someone in danger.

”Yes, I hate people hurting innocent beings but, why would I get angry towards him? There are bad and good humans, and I believe there are also bad and good demons. So, I also believe that this demon belongs to the good one, right? ” Zerha turns her face and smiles genuinely at the archdemon.

When the archdemon saw that beautiful smile from her, he doesn know why but seeing that smile makes him feel out of danger and feels comfortable being with her. He didn know that there is still a kind demon like her.

”Im done. Oh wait, your wings are still broken let me heal them. ” Zerha immediately heals his broken wings. While shes healing, the archdemon decided on something.

”Now, its done. Are you feeling better now? ” Zerha asked and stand up.

The archdemon slowly stands up, Ecanus, Garren, and Foxy the three of them suddenly stand up in front of Zerha blocking the archdemon. Thought that he will attack Zerha but they got surprised by what he suddenly do.

”My name is, Sage. From now on, let me be your servant, my lady. ”

The archdemon said and bowed his head, hes like a knight bowing to his queen.

”N-no! No! You are a free demon! You don need to be my servant! ”

”No, I insist. ”

”You don have to do that. ”

”No. I will be your loyal servant! ” the Archdemon said with firmness. S-so stubborn, Zerha just facepalms and speaks.

”Sigh. Fine, do whatever you want. Can I ask you something? ”

”What is it, my lady? ”

”Why didn you fight back? ” Sage got startled but recover in a second, he lower his head hesitating if hell tell her.

”I… I just don want to hurt humans, ” he answered still lowering his head.

”Ah, you
e a kind demon but still, you
e being hurt by them. ”

”I…its because…I… ” Zerha notices that he hesitates to answer.

”Its fine. You don have to tell me if its bothering you. So, Sage, do you want to come with us? ” Zerha smiles. His face suddenly becomes bright because it is the first time that someone understands his feelings and she even invites him to go with them. But he again lowers his head when Foxy and Garren don trust him.

”Are you sure about him, Master? We can trust him. ” Foxy.

”What if hell hurt you or us, besides archdemon is more powerful than us, Master, ” Garren said worriedly. Im a mythical creature but half of my powers have been sealed with my previous Master.

I shouldn have expected them to trust me so easily because Im an Archdemon…by the way, no one trusts a being like me, Im used to it. Only one person who trusts me, but shes… Sage smiled bitterly.

”You guys don need to worry about that! As long as mighty Ecanus is here, youll not get hurt! Hes no match for me! ”

”We doubt that. ” the three of them just make a poker face look.

”Hey!! Hmph! ” Ecanus pouted.

”We should go, Master. The Haria Kingdom is already near from here. ” Garren said.

”You three are going to the Haria Kingdom, milady? ”

”Yes, you don want to come with us? ”

”I follow wherever you want, Milady. But when you go to the Haria Kingdom they probably hunt you. There are many strong humans there, youll get yourself in trouble. ”

”Oh, don worry about it. I can change into human…oh wait, Ecanus how can I change back to human? ”

”You can change back at your own will, ” Ecanus replied.

”Okay. ”

After Zerha turns into a human, Sage asks her.

”May I ask if they are also demons, Milady? ” Sage asks referring to the others when he notices that they are in human form.

”Hm? No…this is Garren a dragon, Foxy is a fox, and Ecanus…a weak angel. ”

”W-wha…Im not weak!! ”

”They are from the Beast Kingdom! Why are you with them, milady? And hes an angel? They are enemies! Angels and beasts are archenemies with demons! ”

”Yes, but they are my friends. ”

”Friends? What if they will hurt you? You should be cautious with them! Especially that angel! ”

”Huh?! We should be the ones to be cautious of you! You
e an archdemon, you hunt anyone whenever you want, you even hunt your kind! ” Ecanus shouted angrily.

”Ecanus is right…hold on! Now that I think about it, you are an angel, we shouldn trust you! Your job is to kill demons and beasts, right? Maybe you
e sticking with us because you have an ulterior motive! ” Garren shouted.

”Garren is right, why are you sticking to us? You
e not supposed to stay with us because you
e an angel! ”

”I come with you because I want to! I don follow rules in the celestial realm! You beasts are also enemies with demons, why are the both of you staying with her?! Hmph! Maybe you
e the ones who have an ulterior motive! ”

e not! We don follow rules as well! ” Garren and Foxy said at the same time.

”Guys, calm down! I don care if all of us belong to different races. You are my friends, and I trust you. That includes you too, Sage. ” Zerha said with sincerity and smiled genuinely. In my past life I also don follow rules, Zerha thought.

”F-friend? T-thank you. ” Sage said in surprise because in the past only one person treat him like a friend.

”Y-you can trust me, I will never hurt you and will protect you as well, ” Ecanus said while feeling embarrassed.

”You trust them, Master? ” Garren asked.

”Yes, ”

”Okay then. Since master trusts the both of you, I will not lay a hands-on you but, if any of you dares to hurt her, I will burn you to a crisp. Hmph! ” Garren said while there was a fireball on his hand.

”Then lets go to the Haria Kingdom. ” Zerha.

”Wait, I… I can turn into human form. ” Sage said shyly.

”Let Ecanus handle that. Please, Ecanus, change his appearance. ” Zerha said. Ecanus sigh and turns Sage into a human.

”Now lets go, and find a place to stay in the Haria Kingdom before it gets dark, ” Zerha said and they all head to the Haria Kingdom.


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