Chapter 20: The Glasses Girl Declines (1)

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[Hey, you!]

[Ye- Yes]

Suddenly I spoke to her and the glasses girl jolts in surprise.

[You also have summer homework? I hate doing those book reports]

[eh, oh no I’m a hobbyist…]

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[I see, so have you finished your book report yet?]

[Yes, I’m done with ]

[hmm… You don’t like don’t you?]

[Eh! How did you know?]

[Because you said [I’m done].
If you are reading a book that you like you wouldn’t express it that way.
Or maybe you don’t like doing book report as well]

[Yeah… Everyone is entitled to have his or her own opinion about what she reads.
But to have some else read it and even evaluate it in a contest is…]

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[So you just settled for ?]

[Yes, I don’t really like Dazai’s character and more than his work, I prefer Akutagawa’s work]

I know.
The nightmarish scene in the spider-thread hell of your route so not cool.
Who would enjoy that Rashomon gimmick of pulling all of Mika’s hair and weaving it into a thread of providence like its normal? If you’re using a fairy tale motif my not go with a more romantic Night on the galactic railroad? Why do you is your choice so grotesque.

[If I had two choose between the two I would definitely choose Akutagawa, Honestly though I prefer Mitsurugi Ren]

[Did you know?!]

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Mitsurugi Ren is a fictional writer who appears in .
He is a minor writer with nonsense and grotesque style who hails from the locality, and is a person that this glasses girl heroines admire.
His work in reality is a non-fiction disguised as a fantasy novel, a poor guy who was tried to denounce the darkness that lurks in this countryside but ended up getting beaten for it.

[I just happened to be in my dad’s library ]

[That’s right! It is not the original sin that was in the Christina theocracy nor it is the pedantry of oriental philosophy but rather based on physical reality]

Oh, Otaku really talk very fast! You can judge me, but I actually like the genre, but unfortunately the world does not.

In the end, is there’s no commercial demand for glasses girl attribute? Honestly, I like quiet girls more than glasses girl, but this genre isn’t dying yet, right? I feel like all I see are losing heroines but there should be a demand for them, right? Please tell me there is, oh, god of gal games!

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I mean come on now it’s glasses.
Is it really the genre really that small? Just two?

 Whatever, to reach her good end she has to make a name for herself as a genius writer because she is a prodigy.

[In other, in Mitsurugi’s work insects are symbol for and the hermaphroditic stag beetle is one of them]

[Are you talking about bugs? Count me in too!]

As I was listening to glasses girl’s narration a masculine flirty voice interrupted us.
Her appearance of having a sun tanned-skin and bandages seems to be popular with those lolicons.

Geez this girl.
Didn’t I broke your flag already? What are you doing here!

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