Reincarnation of Mrs.Chef : Like A Fool

Don\'t Want to Admitt Audrey\'s Baby

Audrey Andrews, a beautiful woman of Indonesian-American descent, gentle, and kind, 36 years old, works as a chef in a Chinese Food restaurant.

She worked very enthusiastically and did not feel tired at all, even though she was pregnant with her first child.

Audreys skillful hands made all dishes so delicious, fragrant, and also interesting. Thanks to her skills, the restaurant owner planned to move Audrey to a Japanese restaurant outside the city of Surabaya.

When it was 21:20 Western Indonesian Time and no one else came to the restaurant, Vonny told one of the waiters to call Audrey from the kitchen because she wanted to talk to Audrey about something important.

Vonny stepped out of her office, towards Liana who was cleaning the table in the middle of the dining room.

”Liana, please call Audrey in the kitchen. I want to talk to her. Tell her to meet me in my office, ” said Vonny.

”Yes, Maam, ” said Liana, then the waitress quickly left the dining room, entered the kitchen, and called Audrey. Meanwhile, Vonny waited for her proud chef in her room.

At that time, Audreys face and lips looked pale after a full day of work and only resting for a while in her spare time. As usual, every Saturday Night, many visitors would come to the restaurant with their family and friends just to have dinner while chatting with each other.

”Sis Audrey, ” Liana called.

”Yes? Whats wrong, Liana? ” Audrey asked without looking at the waitress, she was busy washing the vegetables she would prepare tomorrow morning.

”Mrs.Vonny asked you to meet her in her office, ” answered Liana.

”Ah, okay. Later when I finish washing these vegetables, I will meet her in his room, ” replied Audrey.

”Okay, Sis, ” Liana smiled broadly at Audrey, then she left the kitchen and returned to the dining room.

Liana didn realize that Audreys condition was not fine. A few moments later, after finishing washing the vegetables, Audrey put the round container of vegetables on the kitchen table, took off her apron, hung the apron on the wall, then immediately went to Vonny.

Audrey stepped in while occasionally rubbing her distended stomach that was in pain. Arriving in front of her bosss room, she slowly knocked on the door waiting for Vonny to tell her to enter the office.

Knock, knock, knock…

”Come in, Audrey, ” said Vonny loudly.

Audrey opened the door wide, stepped inside, turned around, closed the door and approached Vonny who was sitting relaxed behind a long table.

”Please have a seat, Audrey, ” said Vonny with a friendly smile.

”Alright, Maam, ” Audrey replied shyly and awkwardly, she pulled a black chair near her and sat on it.

”Are you alright? ” asked Vonny anxiously after seeing the chefs pale face.

”I am fine, Maam, ” Audrey smiled faintly.

”Are you sure? If you don feel well, you should just rest at home, ” Vonny suggested.

”But now is not the time for me to go home, my working hours are until 22.00 Western Indonesian Time. Besides, if I go home now, I am afraid that my friends will envy me because you always treats me more special than them, ” said Audrey honestly.

”You don have to care what they think of you. You just focus on your health and also on the baby you are carrying, ” added Vonny softly and sincerely.

”I will take you home, okay? ” She continued.

”Thank you very much. I don want to bother you, I can go home alone, ” Audrey refused.

”Well, why did you go home alone? Its late now and you are heavily pregnant. Where is your husband? Why didn he pick you up? ” Vonny kept asking the curly-haired chef.

”My husband is out of town. He was assigned by the company to manage a branch office in Medan for a while, ” She said slowly.

”Poor to you, Drey, ” Vonny looked pityingly at Audrey, ”Then I willl take you home, you can go home alone. ”

”Alright, ” Audrey was forced to accept her bosss offer.

”Tomorrow morning, before you go to work, you should check your womb first at the hospital, okay? ” Vonny really cared for Audrey as if she was Vonnys younger sister, ”And don forget to take vitamins, so that your body and womb are stronger. ”

”Yes, Maam. Thank you for the advice, ” Audrey replied softly while holding back the pain in her stomach.

”Alright, you wait here first. Let Liana do your work in the kitchen and bring your bag here, ” said Vonny.

Audrey nodded slowly and leaned back in the chair. Meanwhile, Vonny went out to meet Liana and Indra in the dining room.

When Vonny was about to tell Indra and Liana to finish Audreys work in the kitchen, suddenly Audreys moaning sound came from Vonnys room.

”Aarrghh!! My stomach… hurts so bad! ”

Suddenly Vonny, Indra, and Liana turned towards the office, while the other employees were silent for a moment after hearing Audreys grievous moans. They wonder what happened to their friend, would Audrey give birth soon?

”Sis Audrey! Quickly, help her! ” cried Liana panicked.

The three of them immediately ran over there and burst inside, approaching Audrey who was barely able to endure the pain.

Audreys head drooped to the left, her face and lips were getting paler, her right hand was squeezing her distended stomach tightly. Slowly, a clot of blood mixed with the broken amniotic fluid oozed out, soaking Audreys clothes.

”H–help me … save my baby, ” She pleaded so low and low.

”You have to hold on for your baby, Drey! ” cried Vonny.


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