”You have to hold on for your baby, Drey! ” Vonny looked sadly at Audrey while embracing and tightly gripping Audreys arm to give her strength.

”I am… not strong … it hurts… arrghh! ” Audrey groaned again, she squeezed her distended stomach.

Sweat dripped down Audreys forehead and neck, instantly tears flowed from her eyelids.

”Indra, help me quickly! You carry Audrey to my car! Liana, get Audreys bag and jacket in the kitchen! ” Vonny ordered her two employees.

”Yes, Maam, ” they answered in unison.

Without delaying the time, Indra rushed to carry Audrey out of Vonnys office, while Liana stepped into the kitchen to get Audreys things.

Indra carried Audrey to the backyard of the restaurant, where Vonnys personal car, a silver mpv, was parked.

Ferdi, the personal driver of Vonny, a stocky man with a bushy mustache, helped Indra carry Audrey as soon as he saw them. They placed her in the back seat of the car. Then he immediately sat behind the wheel, turned on the engines and waited for Vonny to come out of the restaurant.

Vonny quickly cleaned up all the files scattered on her desk, turned off the computer, grabbed her cellphone and black bag from the table, then hurriedly walked to the restaurant yard.


”Dra … please … call Do–Donna, my sister, ” Audrey asked Indra softly.

”Yes, Drey, ” said Indra, his voice and body shaking when he saw more and more blood coming out of Audreys stomach. He reached for his phone with shaking hands.

He immediately dialed the number of Audreys sister.

At the same time, Vonny appeared in the yard and walked towards them, followed by Liana who brought her friends bag and jacket.

”This is Audreys bag and jacket, Maam, ” said Liana, giving the items to Vonny.

”Thank you, Liana. You and Indra don have to go to the hospital, finish your work and go straight to your respective homes, ” Vonny gave the order.

Both Indra and Liana could only say yes. They did not dare to contradict their boss orders, even though they wanted to accompany Audrey in the hospital and at the same time await the birth of Audreys baby. They loved the chef as much as they loved their own family.

After Vonny ordered the two restaurant employees to finish their respective jobs, she ordered the driver to take Audrey to the Sejahtera hospital. The car immediately sped away from the restaurant.

While the two employees watched the car, speeding away from the restaurant, Indras call to Audreys sister finally connected.

”Hello Donna … its Indra. Your sister is currently on her way to the hospital… ”


On the way to the hospital, Audrey couldn stand the excruciating pain. She moaned and cried as she hoped that the baby in Audreys womb could be saved.

”Miss Vonny … will you… consider my son as your child? ” Audrey asked, her voice so low.

Vonny quickly looked back and looked pitifully at the woman, ”What do you mean, Audrey? ”

”My husband … he doesn want to admit the child I am carrying… ” Audrey sobbed in the midst of her struggle to hold on to her baby.

”Come on, don cry and don talk too much. You need to calm down, relax, and save your energy for later, ” Vonny said softly and sincerely, she really couldn bear to see her favorite and proud chef in such a sad state.

”Promise–promise… to me … arrghh! My stomach hurts … I can take it anymore… ” Audrey groaned, her right hand gripping the back of the car seat tightly, while her left hand squeezing her big belly.

”Ferdi, hurry up a bit! ” Vonny ordered Ferdi.

At that time Vonny grew more panicked, afraid, and restless. She didn want anything bad to happen to Audrey or the baby.

”Alright, Maam! ” said Ferdi, then he drove the silver mpv as fast as possible so they could get to the hospital as soon as possible.

The hospital was almost at sight but Audreys head drooped to the right side, her left hand was released from her stomach, her beautiful eyes were closed, blood was continuously flowing out of Audreys stomach.


In a city that is very far from where Audrey is, a man is seen drinking with two other men.

One of the men was face down on the bar table, the clothes he was wearing looked shabby, and his black hair was disheveled.

”Hey, Bro. Lets have another bottle, ” coaxed the man sitting to the left of the shabby man.

”I don want to, ” He said flatly.

”Come on, John. When else can you drink all you can with us in this place? ”

”Ha, ha, ha … you are right Edmund. John is poor, how can he eat and drink at the bar if we don treat him, ” sneered another friend.

”He is poor, but John served as assistant manager of headquarters, ” Edmund quipped at John who was late, bored, and half drunk.

His two colleagues who worked at the branch office constantly bullied, insulted, and ridiculed John. Unable to bear to hear the sickening babble that came out of their mouths, John slowly lifted his face, then he turned towards Edmund, and instantly he punched Edmund in the face as hard as he could.

Bugghh!! ”Once again you dare to mock me, you will know the consequences! ” shouted John who almost fell to the floor after punching the tall, skinny man.

As if he wasn satisfied after punching Edmund, he gathered his strength back and then turned to punch Anthony.

The man named John Gunardi is the husband of Audrey Andrews, a husband who didn want to admit Audreys baby.

He was not aware that while he was wasting his life in drinking and getting into fights, Audrey and their baby that he didn want to admit were at deaths door already.

Would Audrey and her baby survive or would they both die after they arrived in the hospital?


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