A black haired man donned in rusty metal armor with a torn banner on his arm pulls his saber out of the maimed corpse of some humanoid entity. The man had long black hair that dropped a little below his eyes. He quickly swings his silver saber causing purple blood to splatter on the ground.

Is there really a point in doing all this anymore? The united front has collapsed and Im probably the only human capable of fighting left, hell, Since all the other heroes are dead and the empire was stormed Im probably the only human left in general.

The man raised his head in the air which revealed his dark eyes. What am I even doing anymore?

The world around him reeked of blood and death. The corpse of human and inhuman beings littered the entire battlefield along with random weapons scattered around them with some even stuck inside the corpses.

”Im the only one left huh? ”

The man continued to mutter comments like that as he trudged through the bloody battlefield. The war against the King of Demons proved to be extremely catastrophic by the state the battlefield was reduced to.

”So I survived….. Again. ” The man muttered to himself.

No matter how much he fought he never died. He was the only human to face the Demon King more than once and survive each time. He was the strongest summoned hero as well as the strongest human. He was the leader of the United Front, the strongest force in the world of Avallus. He was the strongest being to ever bear the title ”Hero of Lightning ”.

”Oh I forgot, Im Seo Hajin, ” The man says.

Seo Hajin sensed large amounts of demonic energy in front of him causing him to spit a sigh.

”Well, theres no point in pondering now. Ill just do what Ive always done. ”

Seo Hajin tightened his grip on his saber and continued to walk forward. At first, he was walking, then he began to jog, and eventually, he was running at full speed to the source of demonic energy. He eventually ended up in front of a mountain of bones that took the shape of a throne. A large being sat on the throne with its head leaning on his hand. The beings eye socket glowed a deep red light that shined outside of his eyes. It also had a large greatsword that was in the ground next to it. It has gray skin and long flowing black hair.

”Human, ” the Demon King said in a deep ancient voice. ”You are the only human to face me multiple times and survive each time. You are truly the only being in this world I can acknowledge as my opponent. ”

The Demon King stood up which made the whole world rumble.

”I am Tartarus, The King of Demons. What is your name human? ”

Seo Hajin looked at Tartarus with a calm yet resolute expression.

”I am Seo Hajin, The Hero of Lightning ” He declared while releasing his Hero Force.

Tartarus stretched his hand and wrapped his clawed scaled fingers around the grip of its greatsword and pulled it from the ground causing another loud rumble.

”Very well Seo Hajin! ” Tartarus bellowed. ”Make humanitys last stand worth attending! ”

After saying that Tartarus released a powerful dark red chaotic aura that almost made Seo Hajin pass out. Seo Hajin bent his knees and kicked off the ground with such force that the ground exploded. He swung his saber at Tartarus while moving at breakneck speeds. Tartarus raised his greatsword and swung it downward to meet Seo Hajins saber.


When the two weapons met, a clash that blew all the corpses away and tore the ground apart ensued.

”SEO HAJIN!!! ” Tartarus roared

”TARTARUS!!! ” Seo Hajin roared in response.

Just when their battle began a boy with dark eyes and black hair that was at eye level woke up with a start.

”What kinda epic dream was that? ” Seo Hajin asked while rubbing his eyes.

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