He was shock that he find out that he slept with Liza, he go to the kitchen and sit down as he think more carefully about this.

Like I said he was a loner type which means he doesn have any girlfriends nor lover.

And his past life is the same because of how scared of him to love someone because of how the world works,

He didn love anyone at that time.

As he think and think he eventually find out that he was very lonely, even when his past life.

He eventually made a huge decision, that this time he will live to the fullest.

Time past as he think about it, Liza came out the room.

She also sit down near Souta, ”does what happened last night bothered you? ” she asked

”no ” Souta stand up and hold her hands he look at Liza with a serious face

”I.. I want you, stay by my side ” that thing came from his mouth it was not a request, it was more like an order

Liza was stun and shock but she also replied with ”Ill stay by your side ” with a bright smile

Although its only 3 days before the apocalypse he can just say that there will be an apocalypse

What if it didn really happened

This words came from his mind

But its ok, being ready is also good

Its only 3 days before the apocalypse so Souta want Liza to stay to his side

Souta just told Liza that they are going on a vacation to their town so that he can introduce her to his parents.

Liza agreed so she go home and pack her stuff, they agreed to meet up to his house through the next day.

Now that he have Liza he now want Chika, he research about her and find out that she was still a highschool student.

She study to the same city which she doesn have any accidents in my past life so making her feel that Im trustworthy is hard.

Souta think of a plan, hes plan was to save her from a robbery.

Souta go to where she study, he look around and it was pretty much a normal school.

The plan was simple as the bell rang in the afternoon, the students get out the school.

I secretly followed her, looks like she doesn have any friends. maybe because of how kind she is, that the other girl get annoyed to her.

In a pedestrial lane the walk sign went green so she cross the pedestrial lane.

As she walk towards the pedestrial lane that she was already in the middle of crossing.

A fast truck suddenly pop out, looks like the driver past out.

Both of them are shock, Souta immediately run towards Chika.

he pulled Chikas clothes towards him as hard as he can.

He successfully did it, and the two of them was nervous that Chika almost got hit.

the two of them are heavily breathing, nervous about what happened, Souta look at Chika.

”hahhhhhh, seriously how hard is it to make you mine ”

Chika was embarrassed when she heard that, ”d-d-do you know me? ”

Although Chika now wear glasses like a nerd in my past life she doesn wear one.

”of course The beautiful and kind Chika, I want to make you mine ”

As she again heard it second time she confirmed that she heard was true, that in the first time of her life time someone loves her.

The truck crashed to one of the pole and the driver was safe

”someone should come here sooner or later ” he look at Chika

”how about we go to a restaurant and talk? ” he asked Chika, Chika was still curious of how he know her so she agree.

They grabbed a taxi and went to a restaurant, the restaurant that they went to was a expensive restaurant.

”emm mister, we should not go here ” Chika said with a concern

”don worry, don worry ” Souta hold her hands and walk towards the restaurant

He already reserved a tables for them, while Chika was confused and don know what to do she just went with the flow.

As they sit to their table Chika was already nervous

”don worry too much, Im not gonna eat you. ” they take the menu and ordered

Chika nervously ordered something while Souta confidently ordered.

As they wait for their food they talk, Chika asked how Souta know about her.

Souta can just explain that he know her in the future so he came out with a lie.

She tell her that He was just walking to a random street and saw her there, it was a love at first sight.

”l-love at first sight? Me? ” she was embarrassed, Souta praised her how beautiful she is.

How kind she is, how smart she is etc

the food comes they eat and talk, they talk about their life.

Souta just tell her his normal life, but Chika wasn . When her mother die his father always get drunk, because of that they were now in debt.

She also have part time job so that she can at least pay some of the money, while I continue to listen to her.

Looks like she really hated his father, I offer her a deal.

”how about you work for me? Ill pay all your debt, and you hated your father right? How about leaving him already? ”

But Chika didn agree, no matter how she hate hes father, he is still her parent.

so after they eat Souta take her to her house.

Their house was pretty normal, except of how dirty and tattered their house is.

I want to make a proposal to her father but when we got inside her house, there are a rich looking man and his father sitting and talking.

”oh your finally here Chika, you see I lost to a gamble. Luckily for this sir he want you so Ill be selling you now ok? Be a good girl and listen to your father ”

Chika was shock of how easily her father sell her, her angry pile up and start yelling at his father.

The rich looking man get out the house and said ”talk about it first, Ill visit you next week ” as he smiled and grinning

”why? How can you sell your own daughter!? This is all your fault! Mother die because of you! You are useless! You never helped her when she was still alive! ”

As Chika shouted in anger

”don talk to me like that you little shit! Im your father! I know whats the best for you! And your bitch mother died because of her stupidity! ”

”I hate you! I wish I never become your daughter! ” .

Her father walk towards her Angrily and slap her face, but before he do that Souta interference stopping her fathers hand.

”who are you? Don mingle with someones family matter ”

Souta smiled

”hello Im Souta, your going to sell your daughter right? How about i buy her? ”

Her father look at him

”you? Alright since your the acting like an hero, then how about buy her for a million? ”

Her father laugh as he can pay that much but ”alright deal ”

Her father look at him ”are you stupid? How can a young man like you get that much money? ”

Souta put his hand in his packet and pick the stacked money

He trow it in the air like it was just a piece of paper

”we have a deal, Ill be taking your daughter ok? ”

Her father agreed to take her daughter as he just focus on collecting the money that was in the floor.

”why? Why do you spend all that money for me? ”

Chika asked him, because she really doesn know Souta too much.

”Ill told you didn I? I want you, can you stay by my side? ”

Souta asked like it was just a normal question, but for Chika thought it was a serious question.

Souta already did many things to her so she agree to become his women.

Souta take her to a mall and let her buy any clothes she wanted to, Souta also buy some clothes for Liza and himself.

After that they went to his apartment and spend the night there.

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