Its only 2 days before the apocalypse, Souta wake up.

slept with another Chika, but that doesn bother him.

He tell Chika to pack all the things they need here because they are going to a vacation.

He goes to a car shop, he goes there wearing a expensive suit so that he may look like a millionaire.

There the shop manager did his best to entertain the guest.

Souta look around, he pointed a 3 expensive motorcycles.

That motorcycles was the most expensive they have in the shop,

”Ill buy that, don worry too much for the money ”

He then walk around and saw a lot of expensive cars, but that won matter if the apocalypse broke out.

So what he want was, an armored car he asked the manager if they have an armored car.

The manager show him all their armored cars there are 3 of it, he only need one so he buy the most expensive again.

He pay then credit card, it cost him millions of money worth.

He tell them to deliver the 3 motorbikes in his house near the forest.

”I want the motorbikes to be delivered today, understand? ”

The manager nervously agree

He went back to his apartment with the armored car, as he open the door inside his apartment the two girls was there waiting for him.

Their aura was intense that they can kill anyone.

”who this girl might be Souta? ” Liza asked with a forced smile

”is she your girlfriend Souta ” again Chika asked with a forced smile

Souta answered confidently

”I love the two of you, can you two stay by my side? ” he asked that with a bright smile as If it was normal

The two walk towards Souta and slap him really hard, they both want to leave but Souta stop them.

He look at them seriously ”Ill explain everything tomorrow, but for now can you trust me? ”

They were confused but Souta was their hero so they just went along with it

They get down with their things, they get inside the armored car.

”how did you have a car like this? Isn this expensive? ” -Liza

”eh? You don know? Souta have lots of money you know, he even buy me for a million money with ease ” -Chika

”what!? Your a millionaire!? And what buy? ” Liza was confused as I drive toward the house that I buy

Chika and Liza talk about how theyve been saved by Souta

They both pity each other, after many hours they eventually become good friends.

”I guess Ill forgive you Souta ” -Liza

”Im sorry Souta I really thought you were a bad person that time ” -Chika

”don worry too much about it ”

”weve been driving for hours, how long does it takes before we get there? ” -Liza

”maybe on night fall ”

”what!? How far was the place that your taking us!? ” -Liza

”are you hungry? Theres food there ”

”hmp! ” she eat the food

As they continue to drive night come, the two both fell asleep waiting.

Morning comes and they are now awake, they wake up but Souta wasn there

”Souta? Souta??? Soutaaaaa!!!! Waaaa ” Liza was crying like a baby

Souta open The door

”what? Im here ok ”

”waaa, Soutaaaaa please don leave me Im sorry for being mean to you ” Liza was like a lost puppy, when she hugged Souta.

but this might be the cause of her almost get raped, she can trust people easily now after all.

”you should help us pack things up ”

Liza get out the car and saw that they are inside a forest near the sea.

There she saw different kind of materials scattered, she help them put them in the house.

”oh? Your finally awake, miss cry baby ” Chika tease her

”you little shit ”

The two of them just run around like a kid playing on a playground.

After hours of putting stuff inside the house they are finally done, they go inside the house.

It was spacious, there are large bath, large kitchen, large living room, many rooms etc

”just how rich are you? ” -Liza

”actually I don have money now ”

”what!? ” -Chika

”don worry, how about you watch the news? Youll understand everything when you watch the news ”

While they watch the news Souta go to a room, it was full of guns, ammo, sword etc

”thats more like it ”

Souta go to the kitchen and prepare for their lunch, he goes to the living room to call them.

”oi lets eat ”

The two was stun and don know what to do, shock, depressed, pity they have mixed feelings

Souta giggles ”alright Ill explain everything while having a lunch ”

They silently follow Souta to the kitchen as they eat Souta tell them how he get back from time and how he know about them

The two can believe it, but with the news that the apocalypse did happened and how he prepared for it.

They have to believe it, Liza and Chika began asking like why didn I warn everyone or why didn I save everyone

I told them that I would look like a crazy man if I say that, they get the point.

”and for why didn I saved everyone? Im a one man person what can I do? ”

And eventually they asked why he picked them, he explained how the two was a famous and strong person they are in the future.

”I know what your thinking, Im sorry for using you two ” he bow as a sign of apology

The two look at each other and giggled

”its alright, without you I would probably get raped and become a cold person ” -Liza

”and without you Ill probably become a puppet that will only follow orders ” -Chika

Souta thank them, then he then tell them that they will stay here for 6 months.

Because in that month a lot of things will happened, that there will be a big toxic group that killed fellow human.

And how the military bomb that group that some small groups get mixed up, and how the government build a safe base.

That will only last for 2 months because of food shortage and ammo.

Many things happened

They asked him how he died and he told them he hang himself, the two pity him but because of that they get saved.

Souta tell them what will they do on the 6 months, and that Is training.

With the things he ordered like a body strengthening dumbbell or something.

They will also practice how to use the sword and guns and so is the bow and crossbow

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