The next day Jade woke up early. She wanted to do some research about the Robot On Loose

She got out of her bed and walked over to her desk.

She sat on the chair and opened her laptop, she put her glasses on and opened a tab to start typing.

After a few minutes she finally found something.

She clicked the link and read the bold text.

The Robot On Loose is taking over

She kept reading, and found some interesting articles about the robot on the loose.

She found out that the Robot was close by them and last seen at a park near them

Jade? A deep voice called from her door.

Jade slowly turned around to see Aron leaning on her door in a black shirt and checkered pants.

What are you doing at 5 am? Aron asked looking at his watch and then at her

I could ask you the same question jade laughed.

And looked back at her screen.

Aron walked over to her and placed his arms on the chair. He stared at the screen and started reading the articles.

So this is what you
e doing at 5 in the morning? Aron questioned as Jade nodded.

You should go to bed aron said as he spun the chair around to face jade.

Jade shook her head.

Im not tired anymore, what are you doing up at 5? Jade asked, she could smell the sweet cologne Aron was wearing.

Im going out for a bit. Ill be back at around 8 Aron said and rolled up his sleeves.

Alright then, see you later Jade said and turned her chair around, Aron nodded and left.

Jade smiled to herself. Was this a crush? She didn know she just hoped it would all get better. She shook her head and went back to researching. She was so focused on her laptop that she didn realize how long she was sitting there for.

Jade? A tired voice called behind her. She turned around and saw Isla in her cat pajamas

Good morning to you Jade laughed.

Isla rubbed her eyes and looked back at Jade.

When did you wake up? She asked half asleep.

I woke up around 5 am. Ive been here the whole time she laughed as Isla shook her head.

This is not healthy. Isla whispered as she walked up to her.

Jade was staring at the screen for so long her eyes were hurting, she turned around and rubbed her eyes,

Isla smelt a sweet cologne around her. She knew it wasn Jades and Victor would never wear cologne.

Jade, be honest. Was Aron here? Isla asked and smirked.

Jades eyes widened and she bit her lip.

Maybe? She said slowly and turned her chair around.

Isla crossed her arms and tilted her head.

Jade sighed.

Okay yes, but nothing happened! Jade defended putting her hands in the air.

Hmm sure Ill let it slide this time Isla laughed and stretched.

Im going to get ready, Ill be right back she added and ran out of Jades room.

Jade sighed. She decided to get ready as well, since she had been sitting in one spot for 3 hours.

She got up and stretched before she went to get ready,

She decided to wear sweatpants and a sweater since it was cold outside.

The fuzzy sweater kept her warm like she was under hundreds of blankets

Jade smiled to herself as she brushed her long brown hair.

After she was done she decided to go downstairs to make breakfast for the rest.

She ran down the stairs in her gray socks.

As she walked into the kitchen she heard footsteps. She thought it was Isla coming down so she didn mind.

She opened the fridge and took the milk to make pancakes when Aron walked into the kitchen.

Hello Jade Aron said and leaned on the counter. Jades heart skipped a beat.

Hello Aron, you
e back early jade said and turned around to grab some pancake mix.

Im making pancakes, do you want some? Jade asked, turning her head to Aron.

Yes please Aron said and took his phone out.

I wonder who the robot could be Aron said changing the topic.

Jade suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and her heart sank. Then she wondered. Where did Aron go for 3 hours today?

Hey Aron? Jade asked as she poured pancake batter onto the pan.

Yeah? Aron answered as Jade turned around with her arms crossed

Where did you go today for 3 hours again? Jade asked, tilting her head.

Oh its nothing, Aron said and went back on his phone.

Jade knew something was wrong

What if he is the Robot? Jade thought to herself.

Was she falling for a robot?


Falling in love?

It couldn be.

What if this ruined their friendship?

What if this ruined her life?

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