The next morning, Jade woke up and got ready early, she decided to go see how victor and Isla were doing.

She went up to the rooftop to see them just wake up.

Good morning lovebirds Jade laughed.

Morning Victor yawned and stretched.

Isla stretched as she got up.

You should see what aron sent you last night Jade laughed as Victors eyes widened.

He looked at his phone and noticed the photo, it did make victor smile but he wanted to confront Aron.

Come on, lets go confront him Victor said and grabbed arm as she laughed, Jade shook her head and followed them as they made it into the hotel room they heard the shower turn on,

Oh well hes taking a shower, lets wait for him then Victor said and was going to sit on his bed when he saw a metal item. He picked it up from bag. It turned out to be a robot arm.

Jades heart dropped as Isla gasped.

No.. it can be. Jade said and had to sit down. Isla sat beside her.

That can be Arons. Jade whispered, her heart was racing.

Victor was shocked as well, he couldn say anything.


Isla hugged jade.

Don worry Jade we will find things out.

Jade felt tears build up.

Its him isn it. She said as her voice cracked.

Victor looked at Jade and walked up to her and hugged her.

I promised him no matter what happened Id never leave him She said softly.

Jade Im surprised as well, but we don know if its his or not.

Then how did that get in his bag? she said as she looked at the arm.

Isla bit her lip.

I don know you guys, it might be a misunderstanding, she said, trying to defend Aron.

Jade nodded

I need some time. She said, Victor nodded, so did Isla as jade ran out of the room heartbroken.

Poor jade, Isla whispered as victor put an arm around her.

It can be Aron. we knew him for so long Victor said as his voice cracked a bit.

Hes my best friend, He continued. Islas heart broke seeing the state of victor and Jade.

I know, victor. I know. Isla whispered trying to calm him down.

Why don we get packing and ask him about them when we get back? Isla suggested as Victor nodded

Everyone was done packing their luggage.

They were all putting their luggage back in the car

Ill be right back guys Aron said and ran back into the hotel

Jade, you alright? Victor asked.

Yeah, Just. confused Jade said as she looked down.

Ill sit in the back with Aron, you sit in the front. Its best for you. Isla said,

Jade smiled

Thank you Isla, I don know what I did to deserve you, Jade said as Isla smiled.

Now lets get into the car and wait for Aron Victor said as he hopped into the car and got it ready.

Aron came back and sat in the back. With no emotion at all

This broke Jade even more. Victor noticed and decided to play some music.

So Aron, thanks for setting up the date for Victor and I Isla said and looked at victor who was biting his lip trying not to smile.

e welcome I guess, but Jade also helped me Aron said and looked at Jade but she didn care

After a few hours of driving they made it back home, it took them a few minutes to get everything out of the car, as soon everything was back in Jade ran to her room and slammed the door. Which made everyone jump, even Aron but he kept a straight face

Jade locked herself in her room as she slid down to the floor, her head in her hands, silent tears pouring down, she didn know what to do, what to feel.

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