Ch 3. Pulling the Strings

Mara was irritated with DK for not letting her on in the information. She knew that if he was reluctant to blurt out the details that would only mean one thing……..this was going to be a BAD NEWS. She decided to take a nice hot shower to mentally calm herself and prepare her mind to face the surprise that the day was gonna unveil.

Mara turned on the shower, hot water started drizzling down her body, she closed her eyes trying to enjoy the peace of this sanctuary. Slowly her eyes started to close and her shoulders started to relax. But as soon as she did it, memories flashed before her eyes in quick succession.

e beautiful my flower…….You will always be my miracle ”

the point of view changed to show a house burning down

”flames burnt brightly……..nooooooooo this can be happening…… Mommyyyyy….Daddddddd………nooooooo ”

The burning of her skin made Mara open her eyes but the burning in her heart threatened to spill emotions she had long back buried…….She turned off the shower and tried to cool her mind and body. Today as it is, was going to be a long day and she knew it in her gut. Her instincts never lied. She had relied on her instincts a lot of times and they had never let her down.

She quickly put on her usual attire. A black tank top paired with black skintight jeans, a black leather jacket, and combat shoes. She brushed her black wavy hair and put it in a Juda hairstyle and secured it with a hair stick….. the only difference was her hair stick was made of steel with an extra sharp edge which on occasion acted as a lethal weapon. She went to her basement and pressed the shutter button……. the doors slid open to reveal the treasure within…..a beautiful collection of bikes and cars that would put any car showroom to shame. Mara didn even glance as much at the other cars and headed straight for her black beauty……

A Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500……The car that was her better half. Mara slid into the drivers seat and started the car. The engine roared to life and she couldn help but smile in satisfaction over her baby. She let it roar and went off towards her headquarters.

The Headquarters was a huge building with its structure being in the shape of a square, with 3 underground levels, a basement over it, and eight stories above it. This entire building was well concealed within a huge forest outside the city. Mara arrived at the headquarters and parked her baby. As she made her way to the lobby the people around her scurried away which she thought was funny considering half of those people were twice her height. She merely reached 52 ”, but she knew it wasn her height that made people go pale it was her emotionless face and death stare that made them shit scared.

She pressed the underground level 1 on the elevator which took her to DKs office. DK aka Director Killian. The most revered and feared man in the entire building. Standing at 63 ”, this man could make anyone pee their pants just by looking at them. He didn even need to move a muscle. But not for Mara, for her, he was the most loveable person, the only person Mara considered family.

As she neared his office, she could hear loud noises coming from inside so she stayed back to eavesdrop.

”WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN…… YOU STILL HAVENT TOLD HER? ” She could hear the voice of Johnathan, the second in command yell at DK. Johnathan had a reputation of being the most stable person but hearing him raise his voice and yell profanities meant something was terribly wrong. Moreover, besides DK if there was anyone else she could tolerate, it was John. He was a nice guy but she couldn like him because he wanted her to change even more than DK and she hated that.

”Calm down John…….. I am going to tell her…… And I need your support for that. ” She could hear DKs calm voice float out, to anyone else he would have sounded calm but she knew him well enough to know that he was actually putting on a brave front. Now she started contemplating as to what could be so bad that had these two strong men shaken.

She knew she should make her presence known but she wanted to get to know more. ”Listen K, you made a grave mistake by not telling her already. I know you care a lot about her but hiding things won make it better for her. ”

She could hear the strain in Johns voice. ”You know why I never told her John. She deserves better. ” ”You are no one to decide that for her K. You are not her father…she deserves the truth. You are just making things worse. She will not….. ”

Mara realized it was high time to make her entry. She pushed open the door and saw the condition of those two men. She could clearly see the strain and tension in both of their eyes. She could feel a bit of apprehension in her own demeanor.

” Hello M….. Have you been eavesdropping? ” She could see DK was trying hard to act cool. She merely shrugged and sat on a nearby chair. ”So whats the chaos all about?….. Care to explain?

Before DK could react, John quickly said, ” Hey there M looking drop-dead stunning as usual….. You know right, black suits you… And I think you should let down your hair….. And….. Yes, I am blabbering… Shittt….Sorry… You know what guys… I remembered I have some important work to do….. Catch you guys later ”. Saying this John scurried off leaving DK to face Mara alone.

”Well that was quite an escape….. So come to the point K. ”DK pulled a chair and sat. He looked at Mara and sighed loudly. ” Well, I have quite some news for you today. ”

” Bring it on K ”.

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