Ch 4. Mission

DK looked at Mara and for the first time ever in his life, he was at loss for words. He didn know how he was supposed to spill the beans to her. He knew Mara like no one else. Most of all he knew something about Mara that no one else knew…….HER PAST. He still deeply believed that under the emotionless, ruthless mask that she put on for everyone there was still that girl who knew and wanted to experience all those emotions once again. Its just Mara was not ready to accept that fact.

He still vividly remembered that moment when he had seen Mara for the first time. He remembered that look of numbness, that look of helplessness that had flashed in her eyes for the first time, and now the fierceness in her eyes ..that transition and that journey was something he would always be in awe of.

He was brought back from his thoughts by a clapping sound. He looked over to see Mara patiently waiting for him to speak up. ”Coffee?…… I know asking you for a drink would be foolish of me. ” Mara just nodded in response. DK ordered two coffees. Mara knew he was buying time and trying to stall the topic at hand. Mara decided not to bother him over it. She knew he would ultimately tell her when he thought it would be the right time. He had always understood and stood by her maybe it was high time she understood his position.

”DK…. I don know what is going on in your head. But know that I trust you to take a wise decision. If you don want to tell me right now its ok. We will hear it when you are ready. ” DK looked up in shock. He knew that Mara looked up to him but this was the first time she had relented without putting up a fight. Wait… did she already know the truth or was she actually showing emotions. For the first time that day, DK smiled an actual genuine real smile. Looking at DK, Mara knew she had done right.

”So lets get back to business……Lets not dwell on this. ”

”But M…. You actually thought about me and yo….. ”

”Don try to interpret my words otherwise K. I just don want you to stress and lose focus of your work. This doesn mean anything else. I am not changing and you know that better than anyone else. Lets focus on my current mission. Any intel from our sources? ” DK pulled out a file and showed Mara a report . ”Put it up on the screen. ”

DK nodded. ”But before that, there is something else you should know. ”Mara just quirked her eyebrow and gave a questioning look. DK called John. ”Hey J, just send them in. Mara will meet them now. ” Mara could sense her worst fears coming true, she just took a deep breath to calm her growing rage. There was a knock on the door. ”Come in. ”

Two people entered the room. It was a guy and a girl. The guy was well built, around 6 feet, with blond hair, baby blue eyes, and a typical surfer-looking dude. The girl was really beautiful standing at around 56, with light brown hair, light brown eyes, and fair skin. She looked to be more of a person who would definitely be good with people, especially kids.

Judging from their stance, Mara could tell that they were a couple for sure. The way that the girl kept glancing at the guy and the way he stood protectively in front of her. Another big piece of evidence was the crumpled clothes of both and the light shine of gloss on the guys lips. But above all the love in the girls eye and the adoration in the guys eye gave them away. Suddenly a scene flashed in front of Maras eyes.

” Why do you keep staring at me?…. ”

”Because I want to see the love you have for me. Your eyes express how much you love me, my flower……. Ahhhhh that beautiful blush….I love making you blush….. Can you see the adoration and love I have for you in my eyes…….I lov… ”

”……you there? …..Do we have you M?….. ” Mara was brought back into reality by someone calling her name. Mara could see the concern on Ks face and the look of confusion on the others face. ”Yes, I am here. Sorry zoned out for a bit. You can continue K. ” K gave Mara a suspicious glance but continued anyways. ”Ok so M, meet you new team members…….or dare say your first ever team members. ” Mara could see that he was enjoying this but more than that he had some hidden agenda for assigning team members.

”Meet Alex, he would be your techie and weapon specialist. And Miranda over her is a profiler. Both of them have recently joined and would be on your team on this mission. ” Mara looked at them both and realize they were staring right back at her. She wasn sure what was the look that they gave her, was it fear, awe, or respect but she could care less.

”And guys as you already know. This is Mara aka agent M aka The Devil. She is a trai…. ”

”……trained assassin, has never missed any targets, has taken down 5 big shot mafias until now, countless kills, rumored to be emotionless and ruthless, specializes in martial arts and is a trained marksman. ” Miranda completed the sentence for DK. She was actually shocked to see The Devil in reality. She had heard countless stories about The Devil but she definitely didn think it would be a girl.

Outside the door when she was talking with Alex, they had imagined her to be more of a masculine tall, buff guy definitely not a girl, and that too such a cute beautiful girl. She was just happy Alex had not blurted out something stupid.

”YOU ARE A FREAKING GIRL………!! ” And here he goes, just when she thought Alex was silent he blurted out the same thing she feared.

Mara just cocked her eyebrow. She was used to people often being shocked at the revelation that the infamous DEVIL was actually a girl. ”Yes and is that a problem…… ” Alex quickly shook his head no. ”Good. ” Miranda thought she should say something to cover up Alexs stupidity. ”Actually we were not aware of you. We both are actually looking forward to learning a lot from you and we…… ” She stopped mid-sentence seeing Mara stare intensely at her.

”Don even think about learning anything from me. Whatever rumors you have heard about me being emotionless are true. For me, a team is nothing else but a burden and baggage that just weighs you down. So don expect me to take care of you or your boyfriend over here. If I have to kill you for the sake of the mission I will, without a doubts hesitation…And moreov…. ”

”Stop it M……You will do nothing of that sort. ” Mara could see DKs veins ticking but he had to learn his lesson. He knew very well that Mara didn work with teams. He, of all people, should know that.

”Guys …she is just joking. You are safe with her…I guess the intro is done then. Lets get on with the mission. ”

Mara glanced at Miranda and Alex and knew she was gonna regret accepting Ks decision of being in a team. Miranda looked at Alex and saw him staring at her. It was as if he was trying to say, ” We are in deep shit Mir…… This is hell. ”

Miranda glanced at Mara and she knew she was going to decode this devil. This was going to be one hell of a ride.

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