SSS-Level Talent [Time Acceleration]

Forbidden Magic[Chaotic Mist]

Sacrifice of Flame (LV6): Gathers fire elements to surround, Resist damage, Burn enemies, cause 50 magic damage per second, Block 50 per second, Consume 200MP per second/400mp per second

The damage came to a terrifying 500points!

You can also block 50 points of damage, Double the effect when facing water elemental enemies!

After finishing the novice copy, Ye Fan clicks on the properties panel:

Name: Dark Knight

Exp: (8550/5120)

Occupation: Magic Apprentice


MP: 2000/2000

Talent: Time Acceleration








Skills: Fireball Lvl 5 (Full), Flame Aura Lvl 6

Status: Killing Instinct

Just a novice dungeon, Ye Fan was directly promoted to level 10.

As a Magic Apprentice, you must complete the job transfer task before you continue to level up.

At the same time that Ye Fan completed the novice copy, The announcement of the Death Game sounded.

[Congratulations to the player [Dark Knight] for completing the Novice Dungeon SSS-level Raiders! Reward: Hidden professional items!.]

[Congratulations to the player [Dark Knight] for completing the Novice Dungeon SSS-level Raiders! Reward: Hidden professional items!.]

The Novice City where Su Bai is located is called [Dragon City].

As soon as the announcement sounded, Players in the entire city boiled!

Everyones face was filled with Shock, Incredible!

”Death Game 100 years, This is the first novice dungeon SSS-level strategy! ”

”The other only got an S grade evaluation back then! ”

”That traitor have SSS talents, can it be said that Dark knight also… ”

”A great talent from heaven, The revival of my human race is expected! ”

”The beasts in the crypt, Wash their necks and wait for death! ”

Not only is the popularity of Death Game soaring,

Player forum, QQ WeChat group, Live broadcast room!

Everyone is discussing Dark Knight.

Dark Knight reached SSS grade,

After 50 seconds, The news reached every senior member of the Federation.

After 1 minute , the Assassin Alliance issued a reward:

Any clues related to Tyrants identity, 500 million!

After 2 minutes, the Federation responded strongly:

Anyone who leaks the identity Dark Knight will be punished as a crime of treason against humanity! Kill without mercy!

If Dark Knight is willing to join the federation, he can accompany the strong to learn and enjoy the highest level of protection and treatment!

At 4 minutes, The Assassin Alliance updates the reward:

[Dark Knight] officially became the number one assassination list!

Regarding Dark Knight, The two forces have launched another game and pull.

But all this has nothing to do with Ye Fan for the time being.

As the first reward for reaching the SSS level of the novice dungeon, He received a transfer item: Fusion of Secrets!

[Aether Fusion , after using it, you can change your job to become a hidden class: [Fusion Mage]]

[Fusion Master: You can combine skills to create more powerful skills!]

[Note: Fusion Masters can learn all spells!]

Seeing the introduction of the Fusion Master, Ye Fans heart was hot.

He originally planned to change his job to become [Fire Master].

The talent has unlimited firepower and is most suitable for violent output streams. The fire mage is the existence with the highest output among all the mages.

But the emergence of the Fusion Upanishads gave Ye Fan new possibilities.

Ye Fan has no reason to reject it.

The Aether Stone that I just got, I used it before it warmed up.

[Successful transfer!]

[Become a hidden class: (Mixed Master)]

[Learned Skills: (Spell Fusion)]

[Spell Fusion: You can merge with Rank skills to create powerful new skills]

After the transfer, Su Bais strength has been comprehensively improved:

Name: Dark Knight

Level: 10

Occupation: Fusion Master

Exp: 8550/5120

HP: 1500/1500

MP: 3000/3000

Talent: Time Acceleration







Skills: Fireball LV.5 (full level), Flame Aura LV.6, Fusion

Status: Killing Instinct

The introduction of fusion is very tempting.

Fireball is a Bronze Skill, and Flame Aura is a golden skill.

The rank gap between the two is too big to be merged

Skill learning is divided into three ways:

Vocational mentor, Skill book, Copy of Secret realm,

Many powerful, forbidden spell can only be learned in the secret realm instance.

Death game after a 10 year, many task and dungeon are in the of martial arts university

The university relied on the the secret realm instance to train powerful, and semt strong people to crypt defense line, barely supporting the situation.

If Ye fan wants to learn forbidden magic, he must be admitted to the top martial arts university!

There are the best resources, the strongest mentors, who can help Ye Fan grow tremendousl

More importantly, If Ye Fa wants to unlock the second stage of talent, he must kill the monsters in the cave

Only By having the identity of warrior can go there

In The Novice Dungeon, Ye Fan killed many Wolf and earned a total of 2 gold coins coins.

[10 Gold coins: Silver=1000: Copper coins=100000]

This little money is enough for him to learn 2 bronze from a career mentor.

Walking in the center of the village, At the side, You can see a tavern.

Ye Fan found career mentor and asked

”Hello, Can i learn skill?. ”

Okay, Tell me what Element you want, One skill for 10 silver coins

Although he knows the price, Ye Fan couldn help his mouth twitch, Speechless, Ye Fan Just hand 20 silver coins.

1 silver cost 1000 in RW

[Success in learning the skill (Frost)]

Frost: (Level 1): Release a Frost Shockwave dealing 100 of magic damage to all enemies, Within the radius of 1 meter, 10% of slowing down enemy 1% of being frozen. Cooldown: 1 second |30mp|

Chain Lightning: (level 1): Shoot lightning on enemy causing 100 points of magic damage to enemies, And once hit the enemy it will split into tiny lightning causing 50 magic damage to all enemies within radius of 2 meter.

cooldown: 2 second |50mp|

Ye Fan hurriedly walk out of tavern, Finding a corner and checking the skill.

Ye Fan was very impressed by the power of fireball

If you combine fireball with other damage skill, Cooperate with his talent, It can Produce A powerful effect

[Do you want to fuse the (Fireball Lvl1), (Chain lightning), (Frost)]

”Yes ”

Ye Fan Is looking forward to the fusion of three skill

[Successful Fusion]

[Fusion Skill: Exploding Thunder(Upper limit Level 15 platinum)

Exploding Thunder(Level 5): The thunder is wrap by the forcefull fusion of flame and ice and Once it hit it will explode causing 500 magic damage within 5 meter radius It will lunch an thunder to all enemies with 3 meter radius causing 250 magic damage, 10% of Stun,Burning,slowing down.

Cooldown 0.5 second |500mp|

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