Saffron_Purple Life

Chapter 02- Aesthetics of life

Entering the establishment through the small wooden door was an individual with a refined appearance.

He had black hair, blue eyes, and skin pale enough for someone to mistake him for a sick person but there was more to him than all of this.

It was his aura, a deep mystifying aura surrounded him from everywhere and seemed to have a calming effect on his surroundings.

The boy was extremely handsome, so handsome that even someone like me who didn think much of appearances couldn help but compare myself with him only to be left disappointed at the end of the assessment.

The boy was phenomenal, the boy was otherworldly, the boy was the protagonist.


Looking at him once again I couldn help but feel somewhat happy at my creation, this guy really looked like a piece of art! Just as I had imagined!

But before I could celebrate there was one thing that terrified me to the extreme, by this guys appearance the chances of me dying have just increased by a lot!

I hope these ladies from Amifa don get affected by his charms… no, actually now that I think about it, these women are martial artists, are they not? Then I doubt that they would get seduced by someone at the first glance, I thought and looked at the 4 women with confidence brimming in my heart.

But the moment my eyes fell on them I couldn help but curse, B*tches!, in my mind as all of them looked like they were drooling at the mere appearance of the protagonist!

I really wanted to bash my head against a wall after seeing this development.

Am I really going to die? Just like that? Why!?

What should I do to prevent my death!?, I thought as I started racking my brains to come up with a solution but try as I might, in the end, only one viable option appeared in my head and that was to get rid of these 4 by myself!

But…. knowing these characters and knowing myself, I would probably die before I am even able to touch even a single one of them, not to mention it would start a chain reaction of enemies coming after me even if I, by some fluke, end up beating these chicks.

And how the hell could I forget that in the worst possible case this beautiful bastard of a protagonist might jump and kill me like a bug before I even manage to touch these 4!

Shaking my head I looked at the boy as he entered the establishment and looked around himself, his blue eyes inspected each and every speck of the hall.

Then his eyes fell on the 4 women sitting at the table and a small smile formed on his face. Perhaps understanding the situation he shook his head and looked at Gerund finally not paying any attention to me or the ladies anymore.

Seeing him do that I couldn help but breathe a sigh of relief as I knew he was planning to leave as soon as possible.

Adam Jenkins, the protagonist of this novel was an introvert and an anti-social person at his core, although he didn go out of the way to avoid people, he still wasn someone who enjoyed the company of strangers. So I knew that he was going to leave as soon as possible.

Adam looked at Gerund and said, ”Sir, could you please pack me a regular lunch? ”, hearing his request Gerund just nodded and then brought him a box full of food. Adam, receiving the food thanked Gerund and gave him the money, and then proceeded to leave.

Seeing his back against me made me very happy, so happy that I was about to jump in the air and celebrate but just as I was about to get rid of the disaster bringer a sweet voice sounded in my ears, ”Would you like to eat here with us? ”, it was one of the women who said these lines.

At first, I thought she was talking to me so I got somewhat happy but the moment my head turned towards the woman I noticed that she was looking at the protagonist. Heartbroken, I tried to console myself and got readied to gloat at this womans fate.

Why? Because I knew that she is going to get rejected by the protagonist.

How? Well, thats because I am the author and I know the main character full well, theres no way in hell that he would accept…

”Well, if you ladies are fine with it then I will ”,

Snapping me out of my thoughts was the voice of this world, the voice of the protagonist.

The hell!? How could he agree!? Wasn he supposed to reject the offer!? Please! Please don come here!!!

”Stop standing there like a fool and go and bring him a chair! ”, a rude voice from my side sounded in my ears, and without even turning towards its source I went ahead a brought a chair for the protagonist to sit on.

Beads of tears formed in my eyes but I didn cry, desperately holding onto my tears I bowed and gestured to the protagonist, Adam, to take a seat to which he just gave me a slight nod and sat down on the wooden chair across the table.

The expressions of the 4 women brightened up as soon as they saw Adam sitting across them and they soon started bombarding him with questions regarding his background and stuff.

The moment Adam revealed that he belonged to a merchant family and that he is going to attend the Ashby Academy the 4 women couldn help but glance at him with newfound reverence in their eyes. After all, being a student of a famous school/sect/organization is always something prestigious, and forming relations with people of strong backgrounds is never a bad thing.

Honestly, I was jealous of this guy. So jealous that I wanted to slap him silly but before I could do that one of the women spoke once again in a rude tone and said, ”What the hell are you doing? Go away, shoo! Go and bring our food ”,


I wanted to say that but I didn , I am sure that guy Adam wants to say the same thing but he is somehow controlling himself to not slip up and give up on his chance to eat good food.

Looking at the girl who was still glaring at me like a bitch (female dog) I just bowed my head and went towards the kitchen where the old guy Gerund was cooking the food while humming a song.

Good for him, at least hes got something hes interested in. On the other hand, I am still clueless as ever about what I am going to do, in any general case managing this place wouldve been the ideal thing for me but now that I looked at Adam, I have given up on the idea of living a normal life.

I don know if its my chuunibyou kicking or it is my resolve that has gotten stronger, either way, all I know is that I am going to leave this place. Perhaps just after the protagonist leaves, I swear that I am going to make a great name for myself! And then I too will have such beautiful women approaching me!

With newfound resolve in my heart, I geared up and then carrying one tray full of food in each of my hands and three trays full of food on the top of my head I went out of the kitchen towards the table with 5 beautiful individuals currently chatting across it.


”Hahaha, is that so? ”, the voice of a boy resounded throughout the empty establishment as he just put a spoonful of porridge in his mouth and looked at the 4 women around him with loving eyes.

Noticing his gaze the 4 shy women, thinking that his lovely gaze was directed at them, lowered their eyes with shame and kept on fiddling with the edges of their clothes.

As I watched the scene unfold before me I couldn help but curse in my mind. The four women, although rude, were extremely beautiful. And looking at them acting all shy and chummy with someone they had just met made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

But just as a wise man said, Poor **ers suck, I once again got to hear a curse and endure it with my eyes closed,

”Ey you! Go bring me a glass of wine, you pig! ”, this time it was the protagonist.

How the hell did he end up this way? Wasn he supposed to be a person whos polite to those who are polite to him and rude to those who offend him?

Wasn this guy supposed to be the product of my heart and soul engraved upon a piece of paper? Then how the hell did he end up becoming such a scumbag!? Does that mean my soul is equivalent to scum?

But even though I complained a lot, in the end, I couldn do or say a thing.

Nodding my head in shame the only thing I could do was to politely bring him a jug full of wine, but before I did that I made sure to spit in it, to give the wine a new flavor, don take me wrong, I only did it to make the wine better.

[I hope no one finds out about it]mumble

Pouring the wine full of my spi… ahem! I mean the special ingredient I gave it to the 5 bastards and bitches sitting on the table as if they owned this entire place and went back to talk with Gerund.

”Ey old bastard, I expect a salary raise after serving those 5 ”, I said looking at the middle-aged man who was smoking a cigarette.

Noticing me he offered me a puff to which I gladly obliged him and then went to work.

If nothing goes wrong then I will probably survive.

God please help me survive, I prayed and then looked at the roof of the establishment that stood between me and the heavens.

The spiders and their spawns on the roof spooked me to some extent but hiding the fact that I fear insects I made an indifferent face and inwardly decided to clean this place after those 5 finally leave.

I once again looked at the 5 people, their plates were empty and so were the other vessels, I went back to the table and politely asked the 5, ”Can I service you some more, ladies and esteemed sir? ”, honestly, I didn even have to act so politely in my job interview but whatever, I guess I will give these people some respect so that they leave as soon as possible.

The 5 people just as they heard me turned their heads and looked at me with annoyed expressions on their faces, I guess I have been misunderstood.

I hurriedly tried to explain myself again to clarify what I meant as I mightve come out as someone who wanted them to leave. But before I could do that,

”*Splash* ”, one of the women threw the glass full of spit wine on my face. I tried to dodge the glass but since it was a throw from a martial artist I wasn able to dodge it at all and thus I got hit with the glass on my face.

”*Bam* ”, the glass was fragile and the moment it hit my face, it broke leaving glass shreds piercing my face.

Feeling the pain I couldn help but clench my teeth. Fortunately, I had my eyes closed otherwise I might have gone blind.

This was the first time in the 21 years of my life that I have ever had such a strong urge to hit a woman. But I knew that even if I felt like hitting her I can do that. No matter how hard I try, the moment I try to hit her, I will die, this was an undeniable truth.

So holding my head in shame I kowtowed to the ground and said, ”I am very sorry, I didn mean to offend you, esteemed guests in any way. I was just worried that you might not be full from the food that you had previously eaten so thats I came here to ask whether you wanted more food or not. I apologize once again if I had come off as rude. Please forgive me ”, I said as I looked above at the 4 women.

All of them had frowns on their faces.

Confused as I was I didn dare to ask them about the reason for their bad moods. I knew full well that it will only bring me more trouble if I do that so I remained silent and kept on looking at them.

I was about to apologize once again but before I could do that I felt the air leaving my lungs as I found myself flying toward the neighboring tables against which I collided leading me to get even more injured.

My entire body was screaming in pain and I couldn help but issue a groan or two.

Ignoring the pain I looked once again at the ladies, and noticed one of them had a foot lifted in the air.

Why?, I wanted to ask but what came out of my mouth was nothing but a few painful groans.

As if reading my expression the woman who had just kicked me in my stomach sneered and looked at me with disgust before saying, ”To think you managed to even imagine that we wouldn even understand something so simple, you must really be proud of yourself, hah? Make sure you remember this incident and never try to look down on us like that, pig. As for why I hit you, its because I don like your face, got it!? So if you have then go away! Else I won pay you a single penny, you bastard!,

I was perplexed.

She hit me just because of that!?

Why? I didn do anything wrong to her, then why!?

Even though I asked myself these questions, deep down I knew the answers to them. Its because thats how things work, not just here, even on earth. Its just that people never usually go this far since video evidence and the internet might bring them some trouble. The reason why I got so humiliated was simple, it was because I was weak.

Yes, I was weak, too weak in fact.

But even so, just because I was weak does that mean I should bow down my head and take everything that is thrown at me!?

Just because someone happened to be stronger than me, does it give them the right to treat me like a tool!?

No! I refuse to believe that! I refuse to be treated like a damn insect!

I looked back to my right where the owner of the place, my father Gerund stood whistling like a fool. He was acting as if nothing bad had happened, as if everything was normal.

Why!? Isn he supposed to be the adoptive father of this body? Then why?

Is it because I was weak?

Thousands of questions formed in my head as I looked at Gerund, perhaps noticing my gaze as he looked back at me.

Our eyes interlocked, contrary to my troubled eyes his were completely still. No, actually his eyes were full of… disappointment…?

Is that disappointment?

But why? Isn he the father of this guy?

Looking back at him once again my troubled eyes became silent and I felt my breathing getting calmer by the second.

But contrary to the appearance of my eyes which looked to have cooled down and my facial expression that seemed to have gotten back to normal my mind was in a pretty messed up state.

I was so angry that for a moment I felt like bashing my head on the ground to calm myself down but then dropping the idea I looked back at the woman and asked her mustering the calmest voice I could,

”If being powerless is so terribly wrong then does having power make you right? Does flaunting your strength makes you feel good? Good enough to beat anyone you want? ”, I said as I looked at the woman when suddenly my fathers voice resounded in my ears.

”H-hey Aziel, stop! What are you saying!? ”, he had a panicked expression on his face and he was sweating buckets.

Looking at him just one word came out of my mouth, ”Pathetic,

I said as I looked at him. Noticing my gaze even someone like him who was strong enough to beat an infamous bandit couldn help but take a step back.

Ignoring him I once again looked at the 4 women in front of me. They all had baffled expressions on their faces as if they couldn even process what I had said.

Shaking my head I got up from the ground but before I could once again look at the 4 of them I was greeted by an abyss.

Cold, indifferent, void abyss. For a second I thought my entire soul was going to be sucked into the abyss.

I was terrified.

So terrified that I felt death crawling behind my back. I felt as if someone had a sword pointed at my back and for some reason, I wasn even able to move which lead me to realize something, I am going to die,

Just as these words crossed my mind I felt myself finally drowning in despair but before that could happen I heard something.

Something akin to a devils whisper, something similar to the breath of the god of death rustling past my hair.

”Yes, being weak is a sin ”,

It was the voice of death itself, it was the voice of the protagonist.

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