Saga of the Saiyans

A Threat to Earth: The Genetic Monster X

”This is what I like to call our Base or HQ. ” Zidda said as she showed the Saiyans around after leaving the space ship hangar.

”Cool Base. ” Jette remarked.

The Base as they called it consisted of mostly blue colored walls with a white line design forming squares while the floor was made of a silver tile with a similiar design to the walls.

The floors had different sizes and lengths and there were elevators that allowed them to move between floors so quickly as if they were right in front of them.

After going up to the next floor, Zidda showed them what would be their living quarters, they consisted of five seperate rooms each with a different design and large king size beds.

Zidda was excited to see the look on their face but when she looked at them, they didn look the slightest bit happy.

”Whats wrong? ” She asked and Kila answered for them.

”Wed prefer… smaller rooms.. please preferably bunk beds. ” Kila had a hard time telling Zidda so Korra stepped in.

”You see, we
e Saiyans, a warrior race so we can really let ourselves get too comfortable. ” Korra told her and Zidda understood.

”Then I guess its the next floor then. ” Zidda said, feeling a bit dissappointed when she spent so much time making things comfortable just to be wasted.

”Don get us wrong. ” Kardine said. ”Thank you anyway for trying to make us comfortable. ” He said with a sincere smile that cheered Zidda up.

A few minutes later and they were on the next floor which had the exact idea of a living quarters the Saiyans had in mind. The room was split by gender so Kila and Korra in one room and Kardine and Cyrus in one room.

”This is perfect. Thanks Zidda. ” They said as they rushed into their rooms.

”I call top bunk. ” Jette said as he settled on the top bunk while Kardine stayed on the lower bunk and Cyrus stayed on a seperate bed entirely.

While Kila took the lower bunk in the girls room and Korra took the top one.

They opened their wardrobes which were empty.

”Wait, where are your bags? ” Zidda asked.

”Right here. ” Kila held what looked like a small box in her hand with two buttons on it.

She tapped one and after a light emanated from it, all her spare armor was seen. Her team mates also did the same and the purple-haired human was stunned by the technology.

”Whoa! Those are Carrier Boxes, right? ” Zidda said and they nodded.

After arranging their stuff, they continued on with the tour.

”And this is your training room! ”

”Now this is perfect! ” Korra and Jette said.

The room had weights that were much heavier than what a human could carry, there was also an advanced treadmill and other exercise equipment. But the coolest thing about the place were the training robots.

The robots resembled humans in shape and were much bulkier than them. They were also made of a dense grey metal and had blue eyes.

”Uh! Nothing like a good training session. ” Kila said after having a go with the robots and trying out the equipment.

”Im glad you like it. Now to the next floor. ” Zidda showed them a room known as the Healing Chambers.

This was a room with numerous chambers made of a white metal. It basically looked like a hospital but without all the drugs.

”This is where youll go to after tough battles and we don know when you
e gonna face any opponents. ” Zidda told them.

”You mean when we
e gonna face any opponents. You
e part of the team too. ” Cyrus said and she smiled.

”Okay, to the next room. ” Zidda said.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, hovering in space was a ship that looked similiar to the saiyans.

”Are they complete?! ” A figure asked impatiently, sitting on a chair at the centre of the ship. They had a humanoid figure, but upon closer look, he was different. His skin was dark red with few traces of black on his skin. His mouth had abnormally sharp teeth and he had a tail with a black stinger at the end of it. The only piece of clothing on were two black trousers.

Standing in front of him were also two figures. One of them had green skin on the left half of their body and black skin on the other half with four eyes and two extra arms growing from their back.

The other figure had a body like a scuba diver, his skin was transparent like glass and water visibly flowing through it but it was covered by an orange suit. They also had hair that resembled tentacles.

They were aliens from another planet and the name of their race was Constellian. The one sitting on the chair was Scorpio while the green skinned one was named Gemini and the other was Aquarius.

”Yeah, are they finished? ” Another constellian barged into the room, his name was Taurus. He resembled a kind of black minotaur with a single golden nose ring and green shorts with green gauntlets on.

”Only one of them is active but they still need time to master their power. ” Gemini answered, shaking a bit and so was Aquarius.

The both of them were weaker than Taurus and Scorpio and acted as scientists for them to help them achieve their goal.

”I give you both two hours, not a minute more! ” Scorpio said and they both bowed.

”Thank you, master. ”

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