Saga of the Saiyans

Monster Kila VS the Saiyan Kila

”Hmm, where am I? ” Jette daid as he woke up from his sleep and saw himself in one of the Healing Chambers. He also noticed that all of his injuries were healed. He looked around him and saw that the others were also there and were watching something on a screen in the room.

Upon closer look, Jette saw Cyrus who had transformed into SSJ 2 and was going up against Monster X.

Whoa! Is that Cyrus? His energy is Skyrocketing. Jette thought as he too began to watch the fight.

* * * *

Cyrus concentrated energy into his fists, making them glow bright yellow and his veins to bulge out in his arms.

”Ha! ” Cyrus charged forward, holding out his fists.

Monster X raised her arms in front of her in an X shape to block his attack but she had already been hit.

She spit out some blood as Cyrus punched her in the stomach.

But how? I didn even see him. She thought and tried to retaliate. She threw a kick at him but he countered with a kick of his own which also had energy concentrated in it.

He then jabbed her a few times and kicked her head, launching her into the air and breaking through the gravitational pressure, the end result being a large booming sound.

While she was in the air, Cyrus didn just wait for her to come back down. He began to channel his energy around himself, making it to circle around his torso, legs, arms and his head. He activated his Special Attack.

”Energy Shadow!!! ”

He released out the energy he had channeled with a single but powerful thrust of his arms, releasing energy with the shape and strength of his body.

The Energy Shadow crashed into Monster X, causing her to fall down to the ground faster.

Cyrus then walked back up to her while she was still down and grabbed her by the neck. He raised his free hand in front of her head and when she opened her eyes, he let out an energy beam blasting her back into the sky but it didn stop there.

She broke out of the atmosphere and into the deep void of space.

”I have to be quick, I can last long up there. ” Cyrus thought as he still had some sense of reasoning as he flew up into space, holding his breath in.

After locating her, he then again grabbed her by the head.

”Theres only one. Weird but Itll do. ” Cyrus flew to the huge mound of rock that was called the moon and then…




He slammed her head against the moon several times over, leaving visible cracks on it. And then he finally let her go and finished off with his last attack.

He spread out both of his palms in front of himself and released a beam of energy from it that was so strong that it sent her crashing down to Earth.

He then began to calm down and realized he was running out of oxygen and quickly flew down to Earth.

As he flew down, heat began to surround his body as he entered the atmosphere but he ignored it by applying his energy as a protective covering by showing his aura.

When he arrived in Silver City, he saw all the damage that had been caused by their fight. Parts of a few buildings broken but still standing and the ground having several small craters but then he realized something.

”Where is she? ” He looked around but he couldn see her but he still felt her dark energy for a little bit before it completely disappeared.

”She got away? ” He thought as he detransformed.

Cyrus then remembered what Monster X said but was still slightly doubtful so he returned back to Base.

As he approached the tall building, the usual backdoor opened and he flew through. After moving threw a few floors, he found Zidda in the Healing Chamber Room but didn even realize the others in the room.

”Zidda, Zidda! ” He shouted anxiously. ”I don know what happened. I was knocked out by Monster X. When I woke up, I couldn see my.. ” Cyrus said as he walked deeper into the room to meet Zidda.

”Its okay, they
e fine. Look. ” The scientist assured Cyrus as she pointed to the other Healing Chambers. Cyrus turned around and when he saw them, his eyes began to liquidate.

”Guys, you
e fine. ” Cyrus wiped tears of joy from his face.

”Aw, did you miss us? ” Kila teased him while smiling.

Cyrus ran over to hug them but then realized they were still in the Healing Chambers.

”Im so glad you
e fine. ” He said instead.

”Remind me never to get on your bad side. You were totally brutal against her. ” Jette said and they laughed.

Cyrus then ran over to hug Zidda but the latter used her hand to prevent him. After a while, he stopped trying.

”Thanks for healing them, Zidda. ” He said.

”No problem. ” She replied and then asked, ”Now, who was that? ”

Kardine stood up and said ”I think she called herself Monster X and if thats her name, I think its safe to say that theres more like her. ”

”What do you mean? ” Cyrus asked as he was not there.

”After you threw her down from space, she managed to get up but not before whispering the words Ill be back with my own friends and then she opened a portal and disappeared. ” Korra informed him.

e right, we have to be prepared if just one of them can do so much damage. ” Jette added.

”Thats what trainings for. But first of all, you need to heal. ” Kila pointed at Cyrus who had already fell unconscious again due to all the injuries he sustained.

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