Unlike last time, I watched the news.

I don know if there is something related to what I went through on the news but I rather not take risks.

”Young men are going missing within Tempe. Authorities think it could be human trafficking considering the good looks of these men. ”

This has nothing to do with me. This cant be relevant to me.

Oh yeah, I have forgotten about that whale. Can I call it out? It is my creation after all.

”Come out ”

It actually came out. I wasn really expecting anything, I just felt a little hyped since Im a fan of shonen manga but I can actually see it right in front of me. I can even see the reflection of black frizzy hair and brown skin. It still can reflect my brown eyes considering the lighting of the room. What can this whale do though?

When I made the story about it I gave it plenty of abilities but nothing I can use for offensive attacks like the usual main characters of novels. If I remember correctly I gave it ten abilities. Well, I don need offensive abilities, my chubby belly is proof that I don use my body much anyway.

The door got unlocked. My heart fell. ”Im home ”

Turns out it was just my mom.

”How was school? ”

”It was okay. ”

”Okay? Thats it? ”

”Well, I did make an embarrassment of myself. ”

”So much for ”laying low ”. ”

”By the way. Whats in that bag? ”

”Well, my friend is getting rid of his books. So I thought you can just have them. ”

”Oh really? Thank you. Ill read them tomorrow. ”

”Have fun, anyhow this old lady needs some me time so peace. ”

I looked at her walking away and looking back at the whale I said.

”Guess she can see it. ”


I woke up the next morning.

Today is the ceremony I guess. I headed to the bathroom for a shower and to get ready. The ceremony was at 4 PM but I headed there at 1 PM to pick up my gown and prepare for the ceremony. I picked the grown-up, luckily I didn need to change. I just had to put it over what Im currently wearing.

Two hours had passed with staff telling us how the ceremony will go along with a couple of guest speakers. It was the usual don give up speeches. I doubt they even tried to motivate us.

We sat down in rows on the football fields. The one thing that annoyed me was that these metal seats were uncomfortable. It had me changing positions every thirty seconds.

The family and friends were entering. I haven seen my mom yet. Shes probably late. ”Noah!! ” Never mind there she is.

Im happy that my mom is proud of me to where she will scream my name.


Nothing noteworthy occurred during the ceremony. The ride home was amazing. The way the street lamps lit up the road and the moon shone beautifully. Not to mention the song amplifies the vibe. It is times like these that satisfy me.

It was this calm ride that made me realize something. That eternity in the void had no effect on me. Why?

Shouldn my mind be broken to no repair? Perhaps its the fact I regained my memory right after leaving the void. Making it feel as if the day I went into the void was just yesterday but in reality, its been for I don know how long.

I still feel like a 17-year-old, my mind is exactly the same as when I left. What exactly is going on?

Are there others like me?

I don know, Im only a day old.

What was that? I jumped in surprise

”Honey, are you okay? ” Mom asked me worried that Im starting to act crazy.

”Yes mom, I just got a sudden energy boost. Its probably just adrenaline from not having to go to school tomorrow. ”

”Kids these days. ”

What was that tho? It felt like it was just noise but I understood the meaning behind them.

Its me, dad.

DAD!!?? I screamed in my mind. Is this the whale? Does it see me as a dad? I did technically create it.



Its dangerous here



How so?

I don know, it just is.

What is he talking about? I don remember giving any sort of ability to sense danger or see the future so how does it know? Wait up, how do I know if he even has an ability? I really want to test it out but my mom is right here next to me.


My mom screamed and my heart grew heavy. The car started to swirl until it eventually hit another car. My mind was blank the entire time. I couldn process what was going on. The car flipped from the impact those 5 seconds contained more fear than living in the void for I don know how long. I think I fainted.

I woke up. It couldn have been long since there was still a fire. ”MOM!!! I screamed. I broke down the car door to see her lying in the middle of the road. I ran up and placed two fingers on her neck.

She had a heartbeat. She was alive. I cried out of sadness that she was hurt and could die, but at the same, happiness that she didn .


”Can you just shut up?!! ”

I think I can heal her.

How could I forget the first ability I gave him? Even if it only took one browser search to come up with.

Hygeias blessing

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