Second chance Hypnosis

Business plan and loan


The bell rang, and I left the cafeteria. It was the last period of the day and I couldn wait for it to end. The whole day, I did nothing but scroll through the apps on my phone and message a couple of people here and there. One of them mainly being Alessia, the girl from the mall we met yesterday.

When my friends found out, they teased me whenever they could. Or at least tried. Since I was older than them, it didn faze me at all. But it got annoying every time I went on my phone, so I had to explain to them, I wasn interested in relationships or her.

They asked for the reason, so I just told them she wasn my type.

After hearing the reason, the four stopped probing and accepted the fact I wasn into her.

Anyway, walking to my class, I took a seat and rested my head on my table. Although I didn show it, it bothered me I wasn able to use my powers much. Its like telling a dog not to wag its tail when they
e happy. Its impossible.

Because of that, it left me having to only imagine using it. I had already come up with the best times I could use it. But most of them involved an assignment or test. Other than that, the only options were to steal or do some seriously **ed up shit. And I certainly would not do that.

With my head down and my teacher talking in the background, I came up with an idea. Hypnosis. Its not just being able to mind control. Like on TV and other sources of media, I should be able to make them believe something. Ill have to test it out later.

In that short amount of time, I already came up with a plan. But I would need to leave school to try it out. After all, I can just ** up a kids mind because of my curiosity.

For the rest of the class, I sat in my seat silently, trying to perfect the plan. Im a **ing genius. Once the class was over, I bolted out of the classroom and made my way to the first floor.

However, something unexpected was happening.

In front of the entrance of the school, the door I took to leave it, were two kids wrestling each other on the ground.

It was one white guy and an Asian guy.

I wanted to leave, but the fight was pretty entertaining. By the time the teachers arrived, the Asian guy was on top of the white guy, beating his face in.

Below and beside the two were bloodstains that had already partially dried up.

Its only the second **ing day. Teens really are hot-headed, I couldn help but comment.

When the teacher dragged them away, the students with their phones out quickly put them away and fled the scene.

After that was over, I finally left and made my way home. This time, instead of bussing or taking the train, I walked. On my way, I saw plenty of stores that I knew I could easily rob. I would be lying if I said there wasn a voice in the back of my head telling me to do it. But I controlled myself and searched for a victim.

On the side of the street across from me was a homeless man holding a cup. Perfect. Even if I ended up breaking the homeless guys mind, no one would care. After all, it wasn like he had anyone. Hed just be an ordinary, crazy, homeless man.

I walked up to him and took out a dollar. When he saw the money, his eyes lit up. When we made eye contact, I spoke. ”You
e surrounded by complete darkness. In front of you stands a demon eating human flesh. ”

The purple hue his eyes gave off signified that my hypnosis worked. And not even a second later, the poor man started screaming in fear.


The man screamed while pointing in front of him. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the man like he was crazy.

Someone even pulled me away from him, fearing that Id be endangered.

I looked behind me and thanked the man who helped me.

”No problem, kid. Stay away from him if you see him again. You will never know what could happen if he attacked you. ”

After saying that, the dark-skinned man walked away.

I walked past the homeless man, who was still screaming in fear with tears running down his face. Sneakily snapping my fingers, the homeless man snapped out of the trance and immediately passed out.

I walked back home with a massive smile plastered on my face.

It worked. It really worked! I feel a little bad, but it needed to be done.

Without a shred of guilt, I opened the door to my apartment.

After greeting my parents, I walked into my room. I undressed and put on some pajamas that comprised a black shirt and pajama pants with polar bear pictures on them. When I finished dressing, I walked back out and sat down at the table.

My mom shortly walked out of the kitchen with some food.

Hungry, I started devouring the food in front of me. Once I finished the food, I slumped over the couch and turned on the TV. The movie playing was a classic.

”Fight Club. ”

It was then that the idea came to me.

I have hypnosis. I can make people do whatever I want. Why not start an underground fight club?

Not only will this bring me in a lot of money if I streamed it on the dark web, but I can also make connections once I get big enough. And once I meet these important people, I can make them my slaves and money machines.

Plus, I can wear a disguise and have a voice changer. But who can I, have fight?

I need people who no one really cared about. People who wouldn make the news write about them disappearing.

Thats when it came to me. The homeless.

If I start off with people with no background and with people, the news wouldn care about disappearing. It would be easy to avoid the police. Thats if the police would care about a few homeless men missing.

Without me noticing, a grin formed on my face.

Would I regret this in the future? I don know. But one thing I was sure about, was that this moment would change my life. It was still unknown if it would be for the better, or worse.

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