Chapter 1

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“Where… Am I?”

My name is Keigo Okuda.
I’m 35 years old.

I was working as a trading company employee of a certain financial conglomerate.
The company I worked for was based in Tokyo and I used to travel to Singapore and Australia because I was in charge of managing the business of importing coal from overseas.
I won one billion at the year-end Jumbo Lottery.
Though it might sound like a lie, it’s actually the truth. 

After I didn’t have to worry about money anymore, I threw my letter of resignation to my arrogant and shitty boss who kept on shouting about how we had to meet the quota target.
Then on my way home, I threw my mobile phone from the bridge.
In that moment, I put an end to an overly superficial relationship I had with other people.
The relationship that I kept for the sake of keeping up with appearances alone, the one that I had gotten sick of.
I ended it right here and there. 

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I would like to say I was feeling ecstatic about it but at the same time, I was also feeling somewhat sad about it.
Before I knew it, the scenery before my eyes became distorted.
I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I ever cried spontaneously like that. 

Although I had kept on whining about my life as a corporate slave, it was only after I actually resigned from the company that I realized I wasn’t only working for the sake of money. 


After leaving the company, I bought an abandoned house in the rural area of Hokkaido and took up farming as a hobby while enjoying my life by ordering delicious food from the internet.
By the way, I only had one friend I talked to on social media.
It really made me want to throw a snide remark at myself, like just how severe is your misanthropy? 

I also sent a postcard to my parents.

“I’ve decided to become a farmer.
Please do not worry about me.”

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That was what I had written in the postcard. 

Then one day, an incident occurred. 

Before breakfast, I planned on taking care of the chickens first.
I went into the chicken coop that worked as a tool shed as well, to let out the chicken from the coop.
When I was leaving the shed along with the chickens, the scenery around me had completely changed. 

First, the main building was nowhere to be s

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