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Next, I went to Margo’s weapon and armor store.
I still had 3 gold coins, 4 silver coins and 8 copper coins with me.
I wanted to take a closer look at the equipment in his store since as of now, I only had the bare minimum equipment in hand, which was a short sword and armor made from leather. 

I greeted Margo and looked through his store.
I found a short sword that just from a glance alone, I could tell this sword’s quality was good but when I appraised the price tag, it said this sword cost 5 gold coins. 

Too bad.

There were other goods in his store.
Like light armor made from different kinds of leather than I had or armor made from metal.
There were also longswords and shields of various sizes.
He also had bows on display. 

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I decided to buy a small metal shield that I could attach on my arm along with a set of bow and arrows.
I didn’t have any means to do long-distance attacks and my magic power barely existed.
I already came to terms that there was no hope in me learning magic so I should just try to strengthen my defense. 

In total, I spent 2 gold coins and 4 silver coins. 

It was already late by the time I left Margo’s store so I went to the bar to buy some garlic and dried meat.
I also got some ale and water in a leather bag before I left the town. 

On my way home, I ate a plant that looked like berzin magic herbs and I could immediately feel the fatigue I felt earlier dissipated. 

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『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda

Vitality: 4→5

Has changed.』

I still didn’t know whether the limit increased due to the effect of the herb or because of my training but apparently my status has increased.
Maybe it was like muscle training? 

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When I finally arrived at my house, I started a fire in the simple stove I had made in front of my house.
Then I made a simple meal in a frying pan with herb chicken egg, dried meat and garlic.
I ate it together with this hard black bread and the ale I bought. 

Since I already started a fire, I decided to try boiling the irene herbs in a pot.
I let the irene herb broth cool down first before I put the liquid into an empty water bottle. 

I tried drinking a bit of it and I felt my body become warmer compared to when I ate the herb directly.
Drinking it in liquid form seemed to have a better effect on my body too.
I made enough to fill 2 water bottles.
This amount of herb broth should be enough to fill 5 test tube bottles that Sarasa sold in her store. 

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I appraised the liquid. 

【Irene Herb HP Potion: The healing effect is higher than ordinary irene herb.
Can recover HP (small).

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Alchemy Lv 1.』

I would try experimenting with other herbs as well after I had accumulated enough herbs in stock.

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