Once again, I tried to appraise the wolf I had defeated. 

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【Blue Wolf: A wolf monster that inhabits the entire Lancaster region.】

In other words, this place I was in was called the Lancaster region.

I took out the blue wolf from the pitfall and repaired the pitfall tree branches, leaves and dirt.
Using the dagger I had acquired from the green goblin, I began to dismantle the wolf but of course, the result was far from satisfactory.

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I had dismantled and drained the blood from chicken and deer but never a wolf.
The next time I went to the town, I should ask someone to teach me how to dismantle a monster.

I separated the skin from its flesh, plucked out the fangs and claws one by one.
I took out the blue wolf’s core and then I tanned the skin in the same way I did with a deer.

I appraised the blue wolf’s meat.

【Blue Wolf’s Meat : Edible, lowest quality.】

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I decided to sell half of it and kept the remaining for myself.
I could ask Sarasa if she would buy the parts like the leather, fangs or claws.
Or I could go to the adventurers’ guild and check if there was any request for subjugating the blue wolf and see which part I could trade to the guild. 

It was already 13:00 so I wanted to cook lunch first and while I was at it, I could make potions by boiling berzin herb.
I had blue wolf steak that I had caught before for lunch.
I grilled it on a frying pan with garlic and soy sauce.
It tasted better than I expected.
Maybe because I had hunted this meat myself? 

I wholeheartedly ate the meat while praying to God for the life I had taken. 

As for potion making, I did it by boiling the berzin herb in a pot.
I tried experimenting by boiling berzin herb together with delune’s fruit.
The finished concoction was enough to fill two water bottles.
Then I appraised it.

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【Dual Potion (small): Can restore HP, MP and vitality.
Can restore a small amount of HP and MP.
Can restore a very small amount of vitality.】

I guess by combining them, I could make a different kind of potion. 

Now then, it’s time for me to go to town.

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For today, I had irene herb HP potions, blue wolf’s meat, leather, fangs, claws and core.
Then I had green goblin’s core and dual potions (small). 

By the way, for a rough reference, the sun rises at 6:00 and sets around 18:00.
It was about the same as when I was still living as a farmer back in Hokkaido.
Therefore, I could roughly calculate the amount of sleep I needed and the amount of time I had for doing my various activities. 


T/N: Rather than a farmer our MC is more like an alchemist instead.
I’m all for it though.
Potion is a lot more expensive than chicken egg after all ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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