Chapter 4

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As I was wandering around my house, I saw some sort of squirming sticky looking liquid thing.
I approached the unknown object and the said object changed its mucus body and physically attacked me. 


It hurts.

The attack was powerful enough to leave a bruise on my cheek.
I appraised the unknown object. 

【Monster: Slime】

There it is.

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I turned on my heel and ran back to the shed.
I grabbed my longest hoe and used the sharp part to stab the slime. 


I managed to damage the slime with my hoe.
While avoiding the slime’s physical attack, or the slime’s punch, I kept on attacking the slime with my hoe.
After exchanging attacks after attacks, the slime finally started to lose its strength.

What remained after the slime was a rock with a strange color and some mucus.
I scooped the mucus into a water bottle and I decided to bring it back to my house. 

For a while, I spent my time exterminating about 5 or 6 slimes around my house with a hoe. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now lv 2.

HP: 5→6

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Strength: 5→7

Intelligence: 67→68

Dexterity: 9→10

Speed: 8→9』

A mechanical announcement could be heard and at the same time, a status window appeared before my eyes. 

Maybe this is the technical specification of this world?

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First, I was surprised at the existence of window status itself.
Most of the status was in single digit.
The word ‘weakest’ came to my mind.
I was shocked that my MP was 2.
I was actually hoping that I could use some sort of amazing magic. 

So far, I hadn’t encountered any creature that resembled the goblin I first saw when I had arrived here.
However, there was no doubt I’d be in great danger when it was time for that kind of creature to appear before me.

Although small, humanoid type monsters attacked with a weapon.
To put it into the example of the modern world, it was like encountering a random person attacking you with a kitchen knife. 

I shuddered as I remembered the sight of that grotesque looking creature emitting strings of strange voices. 


There was a slight change.
The chickens that I continued to feed with irene herb and mylene antidote herb have changed. 

【Herb Chicken: The meat can boost strength, can heal HP and has detoxification effect.】

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【Herb Chicken Egg: Can boost strength, can heal HP and has detoxification effect.】

Since I had more than 20 herb chickens, I decided to grill one with soy sauce to make yakitori.
I had a wire mesh in the warehouse.
As for the fire, I had lighter and firewood so I’d be using that to start the fire. 

 The yakitori was so delicious it brought me to tears. 

Impatience, anxiety.
My mental condition that was repressed to its utmost limit became relaxed the moment I ate this extremely delicious food.
Before I noticed it, my vision became blurred due to tears. 

Not knowing exactly why I shed these tears, I continued to focus on eating the yakitori. 


T/N: Good food is truly the door to someone’s heart.
I’m glad the MC can finally feel relaxed while being stranded in a dangerous world  (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)

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