After selling the goods I brought, I got 11 silver coins and 4 copper coins in total.
I bought some bread from a bakery and water in a leather bag until the carrier I had was half full.
Still, it only cost me 1 silver coin.
With this, I should be able to avoid dying from starvation for the time being. 

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After that, while walking through town I saw a signboard with the picture of a sword and shield on it.
I used appraisal and it was said this store was called Mole’s Bed.
Inside the store, I saw arrays of weapons and armors.
There, a rough looking one eyed man who seemed to be the store owner was sitting there, looking bored.

I gestured my intention to buy weapons and armors, along with the fact that I only had 10 silver coins with me.
The shopkeeper then silently tossed a short sword in a scabbard along with a suit of armor made from leather.

It was really beginner level equipment but these would do.
I said ‘buy’ in the local language and the deal was done.
Trying to haggle for a much lower price would affect our future relationship.
I decided it was safer to just go along with the price he asked. 

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The rule of the thumb was to only ask for a discount on special occasions, like when you wanted to buy something expensive.
Like for herbs and eggs, I still had plans to conduct more business with them in the future so it was important to focus on building an amiable business relationship here. 

If possible, I also wanted the bow and arrows displayed on the shelf but I was told they cost 2 gold coins to purchase.
That price was out of my range for now so I should take baby steps first from here on. 

In the end, he introduced himself as Margo and asked me for a handshake with his burly hand.
I then returned the handshake while imitating what I assumed as a ‘nice to know you’ in the local language that he had said to me first.

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Then I left Margo’s armor and weapon shop in order to return to my shed. 


Today was quite a fruitful day.
First, I was able to make contacts with the people from this world.
I learned some of the local language, found trade partners for the chicken’s egg, herbs and materials from monsters. 

For now, I should keep on living by fighting slime with my newly acquired short sword, collecting herbs and trading with the people in town. 

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I felt a little tired after walking back to the shed so I munched on the irene herbs.
As I did so, I could feel my body becoming warmer and lighter. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda

HP 6→7

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Has changed.』

Apparently my strength had increased.
I was basically an indoor person except when I had to go for work.
I was definitely not the strong type.
Today’s activity had made me go through more exercise than what I usually had to go through.
While I recovered my strength, it seemed the upper limit of my strength had also increased. 


T/N: Bread and water in that world are so cheap! I guess medicinal herbs are pretty valuable there! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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