Son Of The Moon

From The Sky

He had lied again.

One too many times, Olivia had let the lies pass but this one was just the last one she would be able to handle. She was tired of waiting for him.

Olivia ran, tripping over every few steps with her unsteady gate. Her feet bleeding from the injuries inflicted by the glass she had dropped at the news her sister brought forth during dinner.

He lied.

Octavio, Olivia, and Alma. Two sisters and the man who would break them apart from one another.

It was not always like this. It used to be a good friendship between the three of them growing up. After Olivia and her family moved to the city, the boy next door had become their friend. They played together, they went to school together, and they grew up together.

When Olivia turned thirteen, she started to notice Octavio, not as a friend, but as a man. His strong shoulders, his short wavy hair. his tall frame. His voice became deeper, his demeanor more confident. Overall, he was a fine young man.

Five years her senior, he became available to be married but he never did. Olivia noticed how, as she became a woman, he started to linger his eyes on her more often, give her more attention than he used to, and even complimented her more often. Olivias love for him started to develop, and hope took root in her mind.

The sisters shared their secrets, and one of them was Olivias hopes to marry Octavio when she became of age. But being the oldest, Almas turn was first.

Their parents started to look for a good family for her to marry into. It was an obvious option to think about Octavios, as both families had grown closer thanks to the friendship between all three of them. Olivia was not worried, she expected both Alma and Octavio to nay the parents proposal to marry each other and the betrayal was even bigger than expected.

When Alma did not refuse the idea, Olivia thought it was just out of respect to their parents to ”consider him ” as an option. But when she started to flirt with Octavio, and he reciprocated her advances, Alma became furious. She had been unable to tell her parent, as all they could think about was marrying the oldest into a good family and ignored Olivias protests against the couple.

Before she could say or do anything, the two of them married and left on their honeymoon for two months to some faraway city. When they returned, Olivia attempted to confront both her sister and the man whom she loved but was never given the opportunity as both always avoided being left alone with her.

A year after the wedding, they were still childless. Alma confided in her heartbroken sister and confessed that Octavio refused to touch her, seemingly ignoring the fact that the news made Olivia happy.

One night, after a family dinner between the two families, Alma had retired to bed and left Olivia to clean the dining table. Octavio made his way to her when she was done, and in the dark, kissed Olivia with such a passion that it ignited the beginning of their affair. Olivia stopped complaining to her parents and sending death stares toward her sister. The tensions started to die down and the family was at peace.

But at the darkest hour, in the room furthest away from the rest of the family, Octavio and Olivia made love every chance they got.

Octavio was careful to not impregnate her. Never placing his seed inside of her womb, denying the chance of becoming a mother.

”I cannot do that to you. ” Hed say while holding her close to him. ”Your parents are looking for a man to marry you. To make you happy. ”

Olivia, ignorant as she was, always believed she saw sadness running through his eyes whenever they talked about a man who was still to appear.

”You are the only one who can make me happy. ” Shed always respond.

”Ill divorce Alma. All I need is time. ” He promised.

So, Olivia waited and refused every man her parents introduced her to.

And waited.

But after another year of waiting, on her nineteen birthday, it all came crashing down. After the party, Octavio visited her one last time and gave her a letter with clear instructions to wait for him in a certain cabin in a fortnight for her present and he left. Alma left with him, following her husband as always.

Olivia felt a pinch of sadness, knowing that they would come back as a divorced couple. She was aware and willing to put up with the familys criticisms for stealing her sisters husband.

But it all went away as she remembered the smile Alma gave her as she said ”I do ” at their wedding.

The time came and she found herself in the cabin, ready for the news hed bring to her. When he arrived, he kissed her with need and desperation

He ran his fingers through her body, touching places only he was allowed to. They did not make love that night. That night they gave in to every carnal pleasure in existence.

They fell asleep together, and Olivia was finally happy in the arms of the man she loved.

The following day, she was taken by surprise as she found Octavio and Alma sitting together at the dining table. Dinner was served but Olivia was so stunned by what was happening she was unable to react to how Octavio held her sister in his arms.

With… love?

”We have some wonderful news, ” Alma said when dinner was over.

Olivia was outside, holding a glass of wine, following an invisible line with her bare feet. She was barely paying attention to her sister, thinking of a way to bring out her affair with Octavio.

She was tired of waiting; shed make Octavio fulfill all his promises.

”Alma and I are expecting a child. ” Octavios voice broke her out of her thoughts. She barely noticed the piercing pain on her feet as she stepped on the broken glass. The pain in her heart dulled everything else. The two families looked at her, but all she could see was the smile disappearing from Octavios face as he saw the blood on her feet.

She ran.

As she was the only one outside, with just the window open to let the warm air out, nobody was fast enough to see where she ran off to. She reached the small forest between her house and Octavios family house.

She ran uphill, ignoring the pain on her feet, allowing the tears to run down her cheeks. Her brown curly hair, bounced as she jumped from rock to rock.

She looked wild. Her skirt ripped with the branches and thorns on her way, her hair started to collect spider webs, and leaves that fell every time she hit a tee.

She reached the top of the hill and fell to her knees, screaming at the big red moon in front of her.

”Why? Why would he lie to me? ” she begged for an answer from no one in specific. ”I gave him everything. They both knew… they both knew but still went with it. ”

The pain she felt when her sister did not protest to marrying Octavio although she knew her sister was in love with him. How Alma smiled at her as she married Octavio. How he looked at her when they returned from their honeymoon. How he took her in bed with such passion for all those months and made her feel loved.

How, just yesterday, she felt loved and today betrayed one more time by that man.

He lied. He promised.

She looked at the moon again. It was glowing with such anger she felt it would explode at any moment.

Instead, she heard a voice.

”What do you want child? ”

It was a woman. Her voice was so calming, that the pain in her heart decreased a little.

”I don know. ” She responded.

”Are you sure? ” it talked back. ”They hurt you. ”

Olivia was aware of that. She wanted to get back at them, but she was still in love with Octavio, and although she slept with him, she still loved her sister in some twisted kind of way.

Yes, she was the other woman. She was not without fault.

”I know. ” She did not know why she was answering the voice. It helped her relax, like washing away the dirt in her. ”But I do not want to hurt them as well. ”

”Then, what do you want? ” the voice asked again.

What did she want?

She did not regret the affair with Octavio. Shed always loved him, but now that she knew hed not leave her sister she wanted to continue with her life as well.

”I want another opportunity at love. ” She replied. ”I want to find a man who will love me. I want to not be alone. ”

”What would you do for it. ” The voice asked.

”Anything. ” What did she have to lose anyway?

”Youll have your man, my child. But I want something of higher price. ”

”I have nothing to offer you. Is it money what you are after? ”

”No. ” the voice stopped. ”Something of higher price. ”

Still confused as to why she was replying to the voice, she realized she was probably going crazy.

”I just do not want to be alone. I want to find love. Just take whatever you want. ”

”Fine. ” Said the voice.

She felt the wind peak up and blow her hair away from her face. In the distance, she heard the howling of multiple wolves, some other creatures crying, running to safety. Olivia did not feel any danger, however.

She stood up and allowed the air to continue to mess with her hair and dry the tears running down her face. Something had changed.

A year later she was in the arms of Zachary, holding her protruding belly between the two of them, smiling at each other. His golden hair tickled her forehead as he held her close to him. She had found a man she loved, not as much as Octavio, but she was still glad he was there.

Zachary was all she needed, maybe not what she wanted, but he was perfect. A great listener, partner, husband, and hopefully a good father.

When the time arrived for the baby to be born, she was in their room with her mother, the doula, and her sister. The relationship between the two started to get better when Olivia stopped messing around with Octavio and found Zachary to fill that void. Olivia always thought Alma was aware of the affair, but never asked, afraid to ruin what she had built with Zachary now.

As the baby made its way out of her womb, she felt the presence of another person in the room and looked to her left. A woman with white hair was looking at her but disappeared just as quickly as she saw her.

”Almost there, love. ” Zachary was holding her hand, supporting his wife in those hard moments.

After the baby was born, the house was in an uproar. The baby was not normal.

”That is not my child, ” Zachary screamed at Olivia who was holding the baby with a blank expression.

The baby had white hair and a pale complexion. When he opened his eyes, they were grey instead of brown like both his parents. Olivia was confused, she did not understand how this couldve happened,

The couple was alone with just the baby as he needed to be fed, but Olivia did not attempt to as she was stunned by the situation.

”Tell me, Olivia. ” Zachary was controlling his screams. ”Were you unfaithful? ”

”No! ” she replied quickly. ”I do not know how this happened, but I swear to you, I have not been unfaithful. ”

Zachary loved Olivia, but he could not ignore the fact that the baby came out looking like that. Yes, he had a lighter complexion than her, but the creature was pale. Was this an albino?

The couple could not live with the fact that the baby was abnormal. Zachary decided to ignore the ringing bells inside his head saying that maybe she had slept with another man. After all, she had not been a virgin at the time of their wedding. She refused to tell him the mans name, but he had accepted the fact she had a lover before him.

The look in her eyes helped him clear all of the doubts in his head and, looking downs at the baby, he nodded.

”Fine. I believe you. ”

That night, after trying to feed the baby, there was a knock on the door. Alma had moved for a month into her sisters house to help her before and after the birth. Octavio was away with their child, and Olivias mom was sleeping in the bed next to her. Zachary opened the door, hoping the women would not wake up to the banging of the wood.

When he opened the door, there was a woman with white hair and a long thin dress hanging from her shoulders. Her cleavage was on full display and the cloth hugged her curvy body.

Zachary did not see it coming when the woman reached to him and held his forehead for a few seconds, and he fell asleep on the ground. She moved him with a wave of her hand and closed the door behind her. The woman in white made her way to the upstairs bathroom where she had seen her child being born. Olivia was asleep and the baby was lying next to her between its birth mother and a long pillow.

Olivia opened her eyes and looked at the woman in white who returned her gaze with a smile.

”Hello, my child. ” Said the woman.

Olivia recognized the voice immediately; it took her back a year ago to the worst night of her life.

”You were real… ” she said in awe. The woman in white gave her a kind smile. ”Wha… ” she couldn continue as the woman reached towards the baby in the middle and held him tight against her chest.

”I kept my part of the deal, now its your turn, ” she said as she extended her hand and touched Olivias cheek.

Olivia felt confused. Her brain was telling her to take the baby, but her heart felt different. It was as if a weight came off her shoulders.

She looked at the woman and the baby, they looked like they were mother and child, both with pale skin, white hair, and grey eyes. It was as if she was just returning the baby back to his mother. She hadn even named the child yet because it felt wrong.

”I will take it from here. ” The woman said and pressed her thumb between Olivias eyebrows.

Olivia fell asleep after one last look at the woman and child. She felt proud of herself and knew things would be okay for her from now on.

After Olivia fell asleep, the woman in white left the room with silent steps and the child in her arms. The little bundle was awake and looking at her, unaware of his future as the son of the moon.

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