Soulmate of mine

The King\'s little human mate

”Zu P.O.V ”

After eating, I got up from my counter stool and began to throw away the plates, but he quickly took them from my hands and placed them in the dishwasher with the other utensils he used while cooking. ”You are my guest. Just relax and enjoy your coffee, ” he said. I expressed gratitude to him for letting me spend the night in his house and verbalized my desire to hit the road as I had planned the night before, but he refused, explaining and convincing me it was not safe for me to leave the estate because it was about to pour down, and since I didn have enough money to afford a bus ticket or any other means of transportation, I had no choice but to enjoy the comfort of the cozy home rather than walk out in the rain, which was bitterly cold.

I spent the entire morning reading in an astounding library, which one of the maids took me to after he stranger went to his office to take care of some business, as he excused himself after leaving me in one of the living rooms watching TV. I was bored shitless before the maid took me to the library; there was almost nothing interesting on TV, and I was nearly dozing off.

The library has every type of book imaginable; as a kid in a boarding school, novels were the only thing that helped me cope with boredom and loneliness, and having access to all of these goodies was beyond my comprehension. I should reconsider leaving because it will be difficult to leave all of this pure enjoyment behind.

Miss! When I heard a call, I turned around to see the maid who had brought me into the library. Can I bring you something to eat, Miss? Youve been here for a while, and I believe you
e hungry seeing as you skipped lunch. What time is it exactly? I inquired. Its almost 17hr, she replied. Wow, time flies; I was so engrossed in my books that I didn even realize I was hungry.

I agreed to the maids request and proceeded to get some food. I was a little concerned about the food being served in the library because food is not permitted in most libraries, and I didn want to get into trouble with ”the stranger, ” but the maid assured me that everything would be fine as long as I ate all of my food, which undoubtedly delighted my heart.

The maid was enjoying my food. The person who made this really knows her way around the kitchen.

Taking The way back into the kitchen was more difficult than I anticipated because I was not able to know the right route to get me back to the kitchen, and I ended up in the strangers office, looking all stupid and speechless, seeing as I couldn believe myself for being this dumb and making fun of myself in front of this handsome man once more.

Im at a loss for words as the stranger sits there looking intently at me, ”I… ”, ”Aaah, I think Im in the incorrect location, ” I said, embarrassed.

He purely smiled at me and stood up from his chair; my God, this location, ”a beautiful smile. ” ” Have a seat, Miss. ” Ramirez inquired. He apologized, saying, ”Im so sorry I forgot to ask your name yesterday. ” Please take a seat, he said once more, gesturing to a couch in the corner.

I perched on the edge, attempting to relax as the stranger approached the coach. Im not sure why Im so nervous right now; its a feeling I don often have, but being near this stranger makes me nervous and happy at the same time, which is a sensation Ive never had before, and its frightening.

As he takes his time crossing over from his desk, I enjoy looking around. His office was quite large, with a vast shelf of books that could be used as a second library in this house; the study was huge, with a huge desk in the center of the room, a massive shelf of books, and a humongous couch in the corner of the room, all covered in black and gray.

He calls out my name, Miss Ramirez. I didn notice that he was gone this time because I was preoccupied with checking around the place. When I noticed him, I apologized for making another mistake and wasting his time, but he gave me a dismissive smile and inquired if I had been enjoying my stay. What is the matter with this guy? If it had been my father, I would have been bitten and thrown out of the house yet again. Yes, this has been amazing so far; you truly have a lovely home. Im sure your wife has enjoyed designing it; Im sure she has great taste. I replied quickly.

Wife, He inquired, perplexed, ”Yeah, aren you married or anything? ” He simply scratches his head when questioned nonchalantly. In my head, I was thinking, ”Oh no, why can my mouth say the right things? Now I have to apologize again. I am sorry for offending you! ” Mr. Casper III, thank you for allowing me to stay in your home. I will be leaving tomorrow, I said, trying to strike up a conversation and change the subject because I didn want to do any more harm to the ones Id already impacted.

Im not sure I ever told you my name. He inquired, his gaze fixed on my eyes. I have my resources, I said, turning away from him to avoid his gaze, which seemed to be focused on my soul rather than my eyes. Oooh, I see the timid and shy lady has some sources; nice move, by the way, he said.

King Alexander Casper III, P.O.V.

If Im not overstepping, why are you in such a rush to get somewhere, like where are you going? I inquired of her. I asked her to simply know exactly where she wanted to go and if she had any boyfriends or other types of males in her life, but the last time she opened up to me, there appeared to be no males in her life other than her stupid, sick father, the man who traumatized, hurt and threw her out of the house in the middle of the night, something I will never forgive him for, and that is why he and his wife are now in my basement receiving all the punishment they deserve.

Even if she insists on leaving, I will not let her; I can let her out of my sight; I can afford for her to be hurt again this time; and I will not let her leave my side, whether she likes it or not; but I will first try to persuade her. I can imprison her in this house because that would make me the same as her father.

I want to join my aunt; she must be worried about me because I haven been able to contact her in a long time; perhaps she went back to my fathers house to look for me and didn find me; she stated, tears in her eyes, in a sad tone. I stood up and walked over to my desk, where I picked up my phone and dialed the number. Mr. Casper, I turn around to see her already at the door, holding the tray; Im not sure why I hadn noticed it before. Thank you for the talk; I need to take this back to the kitchen asap, she added, hurrying out the door.

No, Miss Ramirez, return to your seat. The maid will be here in a moment. There is someone I need you to speak with on the phone, I said, returning to her and closing the door behind her. She picked up her phone on the fourth ring and said, ”Hello. ” All I said was, ”Let me pass her the phone. ” I simply handed her the phone, still perplexed, but after a few seconds, she grinned. It was the first time I saw her smile, and I vowed to maintain that lovely smile on her face forever.

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