Spiritual love = two pure souls

Chapter = Introduction

A beautiful lovestory of two pure souls…..

Kabeer Oberoi = A student, belongs to high profile and Royal family, lives with his parents, one sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, bua and his buas family. His family is reputed and rich. They all live in a big bungalow in Bangalore. He respects women and love his family alot. He is the most sensible child of the family. He is topper of the college, studying in third year and he got admission in top college of Bangalore

Pankaj Oberoi = kabeers dad ( CEO of Oberoi restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, cafes, accommodation and resorts)

Sangeeta Oberoi = Kabeers mom ( NGO owner)

Soha Oberoi = Kabeers elder sister ( Student of MBBS )

Vijay Oberoi = Kabeers grandfather

Asha Oberoi = Kabeers grandmother

Sanjeev Oberoi = kabeers Chachu ( CEO of Oberoi industries)

Renuka Oberoi = Kabeers Chachi ( Doctor )

Manav Oberoi = kabeers cousin (elder brother, Officer in Police department, love his brothers and sisters)

Kangna Oberoi = kabeers cousin ( she is four months younger than Kabeer, they study in same

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