Stuck between my past and present

Chapter 3- Blake\'s POV

I wake up to a banging noise on my window. I look at the clock and realize it was 2:00 am.

”Please don tell me, ” I whisper dropping my head on my pillow.

I get out of my blankets and go near my window. I take a peek by the corner of my window and find Zane standing outside.

I quickly open the window and whisper, ”Go away ”.

He looks at me and says, ”Come down ”.

Isake my head in disagreement and say, ”Go away. Nana will kill me ”.

He frowns and says, ”But.., ” before he could finish, my dog starts barking at him causing Nana to wake up from her slumber.

I run outside before she had gotten out of bed.

”Go Zane, ” I tell him grabbing his hand. I drag him to the gate and open it, ”Go, see you at school, ” I push him out and close the gate.

I go to where my dog was barking and stand there.

After a few Seconds Nana comes out to find me, ”What are you doing out this late Luna? ” she asks me.

”Oh, hello Nana. I couldn sleep so I just decided to go for a jog, ” I answer her.

She looks at the dog and asks, ”Why was Chloe barking? ”.

I look at Chloe and explain, ”I was standing in the dark so I think she thought I was a thief ”.

She stares at me silently trying to not believe my words but later says, ”Okay, hurry and go back to sleep. You have school tomorrow ”.

She enters the house going back to her room. I look at Chloe in disbelief and whisper, ”What a great help you are ”. I enter the house to my room and go back to sleep.

The next morning I arrive at school everyone with marks on their cheeks. Zane comes from behind me and scares the wits out of me.

”Boo, ” he shouts.

I jump and find myself slipping but luckily Im caught by the wall.

”Zane!, ” I yell.

”Lulu, ” he says sarcastically.

I get back on my feet and begin to walk. ”Lulu?, ” he says, ”Today in the morning you looked nice in those joggers ”.

”I swear Zane. One more word from your mouth and you
e gone, ” I tell him.

”Oh, you wouldn , ” he says.

I grab him by the collar and push him against the wall. I raise one of my leg, my thigh blocking him from leaving and bring my face close to his. We have eye contact and after some seconds I try to push away but he holds my waist and pulls me close. ”Where are you going? ” he asks in a flirty way.

I push away and say, ”Pervert ”.

I run down the corridor my face all red.

On my way to class, I meet Ria my best friend.

”Luna!, ” she shouts running towards me, ”Look what I have, ” she shows me her cheeks and I see two blue triangular lines.

”What are they? ” I ask out of curiosity, ”I see everyone has them ”.

”I don know. For all I know, they have something to do with werewolves and lycan, ” she tells me.

”Werewolves and Lycans?, ” I whisper but she hears my words.

”Yeah, werewolves and lycans. But I don believe that, its all a myth, ” she says.

She looks at my face and doesn notice anything on my cheeks, ”How come you don have? ” she asks.

”I don know, maybe I was not cursed, ” I say.

”Of course Luna, ” she says sarcastically.

”But Im not the only one who doesn have, ” I tell her, ”Even Zane doesn have ”.

She just looks at me and then says, ”Maybe youll get yours tomorrow ”.

”I guess so, ” I say as we get into class.

We start our Geometry lecture.

After the lecture we go for lunch in the cafeteria and as I come in I inhale an essence of honey and roses. The essence was enchanting I kept on inhaling it until I took a seat at the table me and friends usually sit at. I look around to find a crowd gathered by the corner of the cafeteria.

”Luna!, ” Ria shouts as she runs to me leaving Zane walking behind her, ”Did you hear theres a new student attending our school, ” she says shaking out my soul.

No wonder theres a crowd there I say in my mind.

”Ummm…okay, ” I say.

Her eyes widen as if I had grown a second head. ”You can be serious, ” she whispers, ”Do you know who he is!?, ” she shout shaking me again.

”Whoa Whoa Whoa Ria! I know you are excited and all but stop shaking my soul out, ” I tell her.

”Sorry, ” she says letting go of me.

”Now whats with this new student and why are you so excited. You were never this excited when Zane came last year, ” I say.

”You don understand, ” she says, ”You know what lets go ”.

She grabs my hand and pulls me near the crowd. The honey, rose essence becomes stronger as she leads me to the front. When we reach the front, I recognize where the essence is coming from and my jaw drops almost dislocating its self. I see a black haired guy with deep blue eyes that could take you to another world in mere seconds. When he looks at me the world around me freezes as if we were trapped in our own world.

”Luuunnaa!, ” Ria says waving her hand I don of me.

”Huh, ” I whisper as I jump back to reality.

”Breath taking, isn he?, ” she say as she looks at him.

I look back at him to find him staring at me. He smiles and then winks at me. I felt heat gathering around on my cheeks.

”Luna?, ” she whispers her eyes wide open. ”He smiled and winked at you!, ” she says shaking me again.

”Ria, stop. shaking. me!, ” I tell her.

I get away from the crowd leaving Ria there. After some seconds I hear whispers from behind me. Before I could turn around to look, I feel a hand around my waist and when I turn around to see who it is I find the black haired guy. He pulls me close, his hand still on my waist, mine on his chest. His touch was gentle and caused my heart to ask for more. He lifts my chin making me look at him. He smiles making the butterflies in me scatter inside of me.

”Won you tell me your name?, ” he asks.

”L..Luna, ” I murmur.

I look around to find all the girls looking at me with angry eyes. I push him away and tell him, ”Never touch me like that again ”.

I walk out of the cafeteria and I could sense his eyes still looking at me.

After school I go home avoiding Ria, Zane and even my own twin sister, Liana herself. I go straight to my room for a bath and when im finished I skip dinner and go to bed trying to remove what had happened in the cafeteria from my mind.

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