I wake up hoping I had gotten the mark and surely I did but the problem was I had a different one from the others. It was on my forehead and it wasn a triangle but a aquamarine colored crescent with three dark blue dots under my right eye. I run downstairs to show my parent and Nana.

”Mom, Dad, Nana!, ” I shout as I run down the staircase.

”Don run in the house Lu!, ” my mom shouts.

”Mom come see, ” I say excitement in my voice.

”Okay okay, ” she replies coming out of her room with dad.

”What is it Lu…Oh.My.Gosh, ” she says covering her mouth.

My dad shows the same reaction but in a manly way. Nana comes out but before she could reach to me or say anything she freezes. They look at each other with horrified sorrowful faces.

”Whats wrong?, ” I ask.

Liana comes out of her room with two orange triangles on her cheeks but when she sees mine she stops then smiles. She runs to me and hugs me, ”Yay you also got your mark, ” she says.

At someones happy for me. I smile and hug her back.

”Come on girls, we are all happy for you two but you need to get ready for school, ” Nana says putting on a fake smile on her face.

”Okay Nana, ” Liana says hoping back to her room.

I go to my room to get ready.

After some minutes later I come out my room to find Mom and Nana arguing. ”Why now? And why her?, ” mom asks.

”Calm down Zara, ” Nana says patting my mom in the back.

When she notices me she signals mom and she turns to face me. ”L..Luna, ” she whispers. She hugs and says, ”Have a great day at school okay and tell your sister too ”.

”Mom whats wrong. Is it my mark?, ” I ask.

”No no dear. You are perfect the way you are okay and as for your mark.., ” she looks at it and swallows hard, ”Its unique ”.

She leaves the room and goes back to her room. ”Nana?, ” I say.

She smiles and pats my head. ”Don worry Luna, ” she said, ”Nothings wrong with your mark. Now hurry eat breakfast, Liana already went with some guy called Ryan ”.

I frown taking a bite on my toast. I swear if that dumbass lays his fingers on her, I say in my mind.

I leave the house heading to school when I spot the black haired guy. I walk as fast as I could to avoid him spotting me or catching up with me. Luckily he stops for a moment and soon enough I lose him – well thats what I thought.

As I turn at the corner of the road, I bumb into someone. Oh shit, I say in my mind.

”You should be more careful, ” I hear the person speak.

I look up to see the black haired guy. Why him, I say in my mind. I look at him as I spot a mark on his forehead, it was a aquamarine coloured moon but not a crescent, it was the other part of mine.

”Im sorry, ” I whisper as I step aside preparing to leave.

Before I could go on my way he stops me touching the crescent that was on my forehead. His mark shines bright. I could sense his essence. His eyes widen and looks into my eyes. In his eyes I could see the my crescent shining letting out its aquamarine colour. I gasp at the site of this, putting my hand on my forehead and looking away.

”Your mark.., ” he whispers as his voice does things to my insides.

”Leave me alone!, ” I shout shoving him aside.

I prepare to run but he hold my wrist and pulls me back. He pushes me against the wall leaning in to my face. ”I. Said. Leave. Me. Alone!, ” I tell him trying to push him away but he wouldn budge.

”My wolf was right, ” he whispers brushing his lips against mine.

Wolf?, I ask myself, Has he lost it!?.

I find the strength to push him away and I take off sprinting down the street. I did not stop until I had reached the college. Panting heavily I lean against the wall trying to control my breathing.

In…Out.., I say to myself.

Once I was breathing normally again, I enter the school gates.

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