Stuck between my past and present

Chapter 3- Blake\'s POV

As I walked down the corridor everyone was staring at me. I could hear whispers all around me. I reach my locker and place my bag inside taking the necessary books for my first lecture. When I arrive in the class everyone was inside. The teacher was just about to start the lecture. His eyes widened as he looked at my forehead. His eyes move to my side as his eyes widened even more. I could sense his essence. The teacher slowly bows at us. Shocked I close my mouth gasping. Everyone in class was shocked.

The teacher stays in the same posture until the black haired guy says, ”Arise ”.

The teacher stands tall waiting for us to take our seats. Unfortunately I had to share the table with the black haired guy since it was the only free spot in the room. Still confused I ask myself, ”Why did he bow? ” but unfortunately the black haired guy hears me.

He smiles and whispers in my ear, ”Because you are my Queen and Im your King ”.

I look at him in annoyance. I look away whispering, ”Yeah right, Ill never want anyone like you to be my king ”.

I could see that my words had touched him. He clenched his hand to a fist looking back at the teacher. I forget all about him and pay attention to what the teacher was saying.

”Okay so students. The principal assigned me to tell you the reason why you had marks on your face, ” the teacher says, ”Im sure we all know about the girl who was a hybrid, The Lycan and werewolf lycan ”. Everyone nods in agreement. ”For those who don know, Ill briefly explain, ” he says opening a book that was rusty and worn out.

”The Lycan and werewolf hybrid was a very glamorous, intelligent woman, she was born during the historical wars between the werewolves and lycans and her parents died while saving her. They hid her in an ancient cave where no one would be able to find her. She was found by a servant of the Red Moon King who later took her in as a member of their family. The Red Moon King had a son, Prince Adonis ”

He looks at me and says, ”Luna.., ” he looks at the black haired guy, ”Blake.., ” he closes his eyes and bows saying, ”I would like to see you after this lesson ”.

Everyone just stare at him confusion written all over their faces. ”Sir, you don have to bow and ask, ” I say.

Blake looks at me silencing me, ”Of cause, ” he says.

The teacher continues to explain about The Legend.

After about forty-five minutes of the teacher explaining and confused students asking questions he comes to a conclusion and says, ”The marks you have determines whether you are a werewolf or lycan, your mate and powers. You will be validated, ranked and grouped by the color of your mark…but Im afraid if you are a lycan then you will be put in another school because werewolves and lycans are enemies. But I do hope we do get along. And also the headmaster is still processing how you will be trained on how to control your powers but in the time being don try to use them. We don want to hurt others, do we? ”.

Everyone starts whispering at each other and the teacher Bushs them up. He finishes up and the bell rings some minutes later. Me and Blake stay seated while the others move out to their next lectures.

Once everyone was out I stand up to approach the teacher since he had asked for us but I slip accidentally and later find myself in Blakes arms.

”Damn girl. You really enjoy being in my arms, huh, ” he says with a smirk on his face.

”Pervert, ” I whisper standing up.

I go to the teacher as Blake follows. ”Luna, Blake. I have something to tell you, ” he says, ”You might get shocked but you will have to accept the truth, okay ”.

”Of course sir, ” Blake says.

I was still confused and tension began to take over my mind, ”W..what truth sir?, ” I ask him.

Blake leans over to my ear and says, ”That you are my Queen and Im your King ”.

”For the last time, never in a million years!, ” I shout.

”Luna, what Blake is saying is kind of….true, ” the teacher says.

Trying to process his words in my mind I mumble, ”What a joke. Sir is today April Fools? ”.

”No Luna, its the truth. The thing is, every person here who has marks are werewolves or lycans, and as you know, werewolves and lycans have mates, same applies to you. Your mate is Blake, ” he explains.

I look at Blake my eyes and mouth wide open, ”You mean this jerk is my soul mate!? ” I shout, ”Nope, nah ah, never in a million years, ” I say pacing back and forth.

”Its true Luna, but what I wanted to discuss with you was….you are The Hybrid, The hybrid that was assassinated a thousand years ago. Your mark tells it all, ” he says, ”And Im pretty sure Blake knows who he is by now ”.

”Yeah, ” Blake says.

”Please tell me this is a prank, ” I whisper trying to process everything the teacher had told me.

”Luna, I know its hard to believe all this, but its the truth…your truth, so you should accept it, ” he tells me giving me a warm smile, ”And don worry, Im here when you need anything ”.

”Thank you sir, ” I whisper.

”And also get to know your mate and try to get along, because from the looks of it, you guys do not get along that well, ” he adds.

”Ill try, ” I whisper looking at Blake who had been just smiling through the conversation. I leave the class heading to the toilet.

”Im the Hybrid, ” I say, ”So this is what mom and Nana have been hiding ”.

Tears begin to run down my cheeks, ”Of all the girl in this world, I had to be chosen ”.

I splash my face with water and look at myself in the mirror. I dry my face and get out of the bathroom.

The day ends and I find myself walking home with Blake. ”How did it get to this, ” I whisper.

We arrive at my house and as I was about to enter he holds my wrist and pulls me close. The feeling from last time comes back.

”Why do I feel warm, ” I whisper but unfortunately he hears me.

”It means you want me, ” he whispers, ”And I want you ”.

”You, ” I say shoving him away.

I walk up to the door and as I open it he says, ”Aren you going to give your mate a goodbye kiss ”.

I laugh and tell him, ”Dream on ”.

I enter the house and when I was closing the door, a hand appears stopping the door. I open it to find a furiously looking Blake. He pushes me pinning me to the wall. He leans in close to my face and says, ”Look here Luna, I don care who you are or who you think you are but I have the upper hand in this relationship. I say, you do, okay, ” his voice was livid.

He presses his lips roughly on mine causing my whole body to tremble. As I was about to suffocate he lets go of me and says, ”Remember that, ” he leaves the room leaving me catching my breath.

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