Stuck between my past and present

Chapter 3- Blake\'s POV

ay!, my wolf shouts from inside me, Stop her, he begs.

I stand from where I was and run to her leaving the crowd whispering. I place my hand on her waist. She turns around and I pull her close her hands on my chest. My wolf begged me to kiss her but I held myself back. I lift her chin to see her face. ”Won you tell me your name?, ” I ask.

”L..Luna, ” she murmurs.

After some seconds she pushes me away and says, ”Never touch me like that again ”.

She walks out of the cafeteria leaving me and my wolf confused.

Run! he says.

Lets just leave her I tell him but he doesn listen.

I just ignore him and exit the cafeteria going to my locker.

After school I return home trying my best to avoid crowds of girls. I take a shower and dress into my sweat shirt and shorts. I look out of the window to see Luna entering the house opposite mine.

Luna, my wolf says.

I smile at the fact that we were living opposite each other. This is going to be interesting I say in my mind,

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