”So are you guys gonna share a room or what? ” Julie asked Grace and Geff as they entered the Pearly Palacio Hotels gates. Geff being the luxurious dude of the century had suggested that they should stay at the hotel since it was one of the expensive Five-star hotels around Masai Mara Nation Park.

”There you go again! ” Grace smirked at her.

”What? Im just asking girl. I just need to know if Im spending the nights alone or I still have my roommate to snoar the night with. ” Julie replied calmly.

” Im sharing a room with Grace, girl. I need to spend some real time with her. Its been long you know. ” Geff replied smilling at Grace knowingly.

” Okay, I understand. So I have my room all for myself. Awesome. ” She smiled.

” How about we share a room too Julie. You don have to spend the nights alone you know, ” Jason told her jokingly, though he hoped Julie could say Yes.

” In your dreams boy. Let me not even see you stepping close to my room. Ill skin you alive. ” She warned him gravely.

” We shall see about that my lady. ” Jason answered in a challenging tone.

He was so determined to break all the rules to make her know that he really liked her and he wished he could have something serious with her.

e here guys. Welcome to Pearly Palacio! ” Grace squealed with joy as the got out of the car.

”Jeez, you sound like a 13 year old girl whove never seen a beautiful hotel that looks like a palace. ” Julie commented following her out of the car.

”Come on. Don be such a kill joy. Either way Im glad you also acknowledge this hotel is beautiful as a palace. ” Grace said getting mesmerized by the heavenly surroundings that she had landed her foot.

”Im not blind Gee. You always seem to forget that. Again don you think its so evident even by its name? I mean Palacio, you woman. But of course how can you know Spanish yet all youve been doing is spending your whole damn time speaking your kikuyu mother tongue? ” Julie replied back teasing her.

” Juls! You idiot. You are unbelievable. ” Grace whisper-yelled at her as she gave a threathening look.

”Okay ladies. Enough of the bantering. Lets go in. ” Geff said walking ahead of them and they followed suit.

Immediately they got in, the attendants were there to help them with their goods and guided them to their rooms. Lucky or bad enough, Julie and Jasons room were next to each other then followed Grace and Geffs.

”So, Julie do you still think that I shouldn step near your room? Its next to mine already. ” Jason smirked at her.

” Dare do that. You won like it. ” She answered as she followed her attendant into her room.

”Wow, this is amazing. I love this room already. ” Julie exclaimed looking at the beautiful glowing room. It wasn anything new to her though, since she had been to various Five-star hotels but she also found it nice to appreciate the beauty of the room.

”You are welcome madam. I hope you enjoy your stay here. ” The attendants answered smiling widely at her.

” Thank you so much. ” She answered smiling back at her and she left her to settle.

Staring at the window as she enjoyed the serenity, she felt she missed something and decided to call her mom. She had to know her whereabouts and also know how her son was fairing on.

”Hello mom. ” She greeted when her mom picked up.

”Hey Julie. How are you, I was just about to call you. ” Her mom answered.

” Im doing fine. How about you guys? ” She asked.

” We are all fine. Jay misses you. When are you coming home? ” Her mom, Janet asked.

” Maybe three days from now. Is Jay still awake? ” She asked looking at her watch and figured out that it was already late and probably he was asleep.

”He just slept a few minutes ago. Maybe call tomorrow morning and Ill have him talk to you. ”

” Okay mom. Have a goodnight then. I miss you.

”I miss you too Julie. Have a goodnight. Love you Bye. ”

”Love you too. Byee. ”

After talking with her mother, she felt relieved that they were doing fine. She then called his only younger brother, to ask how he was also doing in campus. He had been her only companion, apart from their mother, while they were young and she deeply loved his brother.

Apart from fighting every now and then, they also shared a deep bond between them. Though she was 7 years older than him, they still were pretty close.

After talking and laughing with her brother, she sat down meditating about what her friend Grace had been telling her about Jason. What if Jason was truly being sincere that he wanted something serious with her and she was here pushing him away?

Jason was truly a handsome guy, funny, caring, and loving. Any woman would want to date him but Julie just didn have feelings for him. She wished she could, but what if he gave him a chance and maybe let the feelings grow with time? She had heard people say that Love grows with time. Maybe she could try that with him. At least she had known him for close to four years now. She was sure it wasn because of her fame that he wanted her since they had known each other before she was even in the spotlight and in addition he knew her story and knew all about her son. Maybe Jason could actually be the man genuine to her for once.

She thought hard not knowing what to do seems her mind seemed to tell her to try it but her heart wasn in agreement. She felt so confused and that meant one thing, this was something she needed to start praying for, lest she makes a wrong decision again.

”Gossip delivery. Open up please. ” A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts. She stood to open up her door knowing who it was.

”Gossip delivery? You are really unbelievable Grace. What do you want? ” She asked her friend letting her in.

” You heard me well. Gossip delivery. ” She chuckled at her as she sat down on her bed.

” Well, I didn order for any gossip. ” Julie smirked at her.

” It can be the other way round. You can also deliver the gossip you know. Actually Ive been knocking for sometime before I decide to call out, and thats when you decided to open the door. What were you doing? ” She asked her inquisitively knowing her friend might have been upto something.

”Nothing really. Just in a deep thought. ” Julie sighed as she also sat next to her friend.

”What were you thinking about? As far as I know, nothing should be stressing you out now. Everything is going on well compared to the past. ” She answered thoughtfully.

” Its Jason. Ive been thinking about what youve been telling me. I just don know what to do. You know, about giving him a chance. ” She said feeling exasperated.

” I didn think Jason will make you this confused. ” Grace chuckled at her.

” Its not Jason thats making me confused. Its you who keep on telling me, I might be pushing away the right guy for me. ” She sighed looking at her hoping that she understood what she meant.

”Yeah, I get it. Which is true. You never know, so just give him a chance and stop stressing yourself over something you can just quit if it won work out. ” Grace said trying to out some sense into her but to Julie, that was the most ridiculous thing to do.

”You know I just don make decisions that way Grace. You know me better. ” She said with a serious tone.

” Of course, your famous words. You need to….. ”

”Pray about it. Yes, if thats what you were going to say. ” Julie cut her short.

” Julie, as much as you need to pray about it, remember that eventually the choice is also yours to make. So you need to make that choice anyway. ” Grace said seriously looking into her face.

” Gee, its not like Im praying so that God can make the decisions for me, but Im praying so that God can help me make the right choice that I won have to regret it later on. Thats why I need to pray about it. ” She explained it to her.

” Alright. I get you. Take your time then. I hope you won let a good genuine man slide out of your palms like that. ” Grace warned her.

” You are unbelievable. You know I actually don have any feelings for him right? ” She smirked.

” Yeah youve said that a million times but remember love grows if only you give it a chance. ” She tried persuading


” Says Dr.Love. Did that happen with you and Geff? ” Julie asked sarcastically.

” You know it. I had feelings for him from the beginning but it doesn have to be like that always for everyone. ” She couldn stop talking her into it.

” Its okay. I get you. Ill pray about it then I can thereafter decided what to do. Thats final. ” Julie drew her bottom line and that was it.

”Fine. As you wi…. ”

”Hey girls. Its time for dinner. ” Geffs knock on the door interrupted them. They hadn taken anything since they stepped into the hotel and they were sure starving.

”Awesome. Im actually starving. Lets head down. ” Julie told Grace and they all headed downstairs for dinner.


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