”Julie, are you in there? ” Jason called out, knocking at Julies door. It was almost midday yet they hadn seen Julie come out of her room and they were worried. So he decided to check if she was okay.

”Julie, open up. ” He called out again and thats when Julie came out of the bathroom and heard him.

”A minute please. ” Julie shouted as she hurriedly put on her dress. She had spent much time at night watching her favorite show ”Young and Stupid ” by Mkurugenzi Abel Mutua and that had made her sleep late hence sleeping much in the morning until she almost forgot that they had to leave.

”Sorry I woke up late. Come on in. ” Julie told Jason as she let him walk inside the room.

” You really have been sleeping the whole morning? That isn you. ” He asked her unbelievably taking seat.

” Well,I just happen to sleep very late last night hence making me extend my sleep to morning hours. ” She explained to him, picking up her bag so she could start packing her belongings.

”And what were you doing till late? Writing I suppose? Or maybe rewatching Prison Break for the umpteenth time just because you have a serious crush on Michael Scofield?Oh or maybe watching Mkurugenzis shows, especially Young and Stupid?Or maybe listening to some country music especially the gospel ones? Oh wait, or maybe listening to Jehovah Shalom Acapella songs? ” Jason teased her, laughing. He knew her too well. The four years that they had stayed close together had made them know each other very well.

” I see you really know me too well. What more can I say? ” Julie commented laughing too. She knew Jason was the other person who knew her well, apart from Grace. It seems like sometimes he could even tell her what she was thinking and it was also same to her. She knew him in and out and maybe thats why she had given him a chance after all.

”Of course. How can I not know you yet weve been stuck for four good years? So which one were you doing among those? ” Jason asked.

” Well, its the Mkurugenzi part. I was watching The Young and Stupid show. I hadn watched the last five episodes and I just hadn to watch it. Otherwise I wouldn be a true Mkurugenzi you know. ” She said happily as she continued packing her things.

” I see. You really like that guys shows. Infact let me just say you are addicted to his shows. I wonder why. ” He commented chuckling.

” Isn it so obvious? That Abel Mutua dude is an extraordinary story teller. You know that too. Youve watched some of his shows. Besides his shows are educative and at the same time very funny. ” She told him proudly. She had just become a true fan of Mkurugenzi.

”Well, say no more. I agree with you. Anyway I see you are done packing, can we leave now? ” He said standing.

” Yeah Im done. Are Grace and Geff ready? ” She inquired.

”Yes. Weve all been waiting for you. They are waiting at the lobby. Oh and by the way I forgot that I have been holding this coffee in my hand since I came in. I was bringing it for you since you haven taken any breakfast ” He said handing her the coffee that he had been holding in his hands.

” Aww, thank you. Such a caring boyfriend I see. ” Julie responded smiling sheepishly and that made Jasons heart do some summersaults.

”You are welcome babe. ” Jason replied taking a step so that he was standing closely right before her, looking straight into her eyes. That was the first time they had been such close apart from the normal hugs they had here and there and it made Jasons heart beat so fast.

Staring into her eyes, while she also stared back, he felt so happy that eventually Julie had given him the chance and at that moment he just had to do what he had been wishing to do for a very long time. To kiss her sexy thin pinkish lips. Putting his hands on her waist, he pulled her close to him and before she processed what was happening, he brought his lips to hers, kissing her passionately.

To say Julie was shocked is an understatement. She froze the moment his lips touched hers. She didn expect Jason to kiss her so soon. She probably expected him to ask her first or make her ready but he had decided to surprise her instead. And just when she was still absorbing her shock, Jason ended the kiss. She didn even get the chance to kiss him back. His lips had tasted good. Warm and soft only that looking at him after he broke the kiss, she felt very uncomfortable. It did feel weird like when you accidentally kiss your best friend. She even almost looked away, but she told herself maybe it was because it was their first kiss and because she was still not much into it.

”Hey are you okay? ” Jason asked with concern. She hadn reciprocated the kiss and he didn understand why.

”Im okay. I just didn see it coming. ” She said smiling trying to hide the uneasiness that she felt.

”Its alright. I know its been years since you kissed someone. Don worry youll soon get used to it. ” Jason commented rubbing her cheeks lovingly.

”Yeah sure. Thanks for understanding. So,uuh can you help me head to the lobby with my bag while I go to the washroom for a minute so I can follow you right away? ” She asked him wanting to let him out so she could use some few minutes to breath and replay what had just happened.

”Its okay babe. Just don take long. Okay? ” He told her, kissing her cheeks while she just nodded. Thereafter he took her bag and left the room which Julie went back to sitting down so she could recollect herself.


”Wow wow wow, the place looks nicer than it was on the internet. Its really a Palacio ” Audrey complimented when they drove into Pearly Palacio Hotel.

”Yeah it is, but right now, I only need some rest. That was one hell of a long drive. ” Samuel commented getting out of the drivers seat as the others also followed suit.

” You are right. I need some rest too. So how about we get out luggage and head inside. ” Sebastian seconded heading to the back of their car to get his bag which the others did the same and headed in.

”Well,so since we had already made a reservation, how about Sebastian help us check in while we wait at the coach over there. ” Seth suggested while finding themselves a seat at the lobby.

” What man? You think am you servant or something? I cannot just do shit for yall while you sit your asses on the coach. Im also tired you know. ” Sebastian complained.

” But you are the eldest here. So you should do shit for your younger ones. ” Seth argued rolling his eyes at him.

” Is that so. Fine go sit your asses down the coach. Ill show you how I do shit for my younger ones. ” Sebastian hissed while heading to the receptionist while the others went and sat at the coach.

Geff, Grace and Jason who had been chatting happily as they waited for Julie to come down watched the three white guys and one lady who entered the lobby then started arguing over something they couldn hear. Then they saw the three take a seat while the other one headed to the receptionist and they couldn help but stare at them.

”Damn! Those white dudes are smooching hot. ” Grace commented in an amazed tone forgetting that she was sitting next to her boyfriend.

”They don look purely white to me. They seem to be having some traces of black. Their hair is evident but maybe the lady. Shes pure white. ” Jason also commented still looking at them.

” Yeah I guess you are right. But they look hot though. ” Grace couldn help but wow at how three dudes could just be so handsome like that.

”Haha, I am a man but I think I can really tell that they are hot. Especially the one at the reception. What do you think Gee? ” Jason said referring at Sebastian who was at the reception. To him he felt like he was truly a definition of handsome.

”Yeah, you are right. The one at the reception is the hottest but he looks kinda scary. I think if I had the chance I wouldn date that one but the other one in a brown trench coat sitting on the coach with the other two. ” Grace said referring to Samuel who was dressed in a brown trench coat sitting next to Audrey.

”You don say? Why not the one with a blue shirt? He looks cute to me. ” Jason kept on discussing as if it were an important topic as he referred to Seth.

”As I said, the one in the reception is…, wait hes not even there anymore, looks like hes left. ” Grace said realizing that the hot dude was nolonger at the reception. ” Well as I was saying, hes the hottest but he looks very scary, and then the one with the blue shirt is cute. As in he is a man who is beautiful, you know like girlish? Which I wouldn want that, but the one with the brown trench coat, is handsome, looks calm and manly,you know. ” Grace explained passionately totally forgetting that Geff was still sitting next to her.

”Grace really? Im sitted here and you are wowing at some other men praising how hot they are and even imagining who you would date if you had a chance? ” Geff kvetched jealously and angrily.

” Oh **, babe, I forgot that you were even here, but seriously I was just appreciating Gods creation, its not like I would even ever date them, besides I have you and you too are handsome and the best boyfriend Ive ever had. ” Grace explained to him knowing that she had messed up terribly.

”Mmh I see. Keep appreciating then. Im outta here. ” Geff said angrily then stormed out of the lobby, while Grace also ran after him so she could explain herself.


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