While sorting out the cases, he came across a peculiar case that had the description ”Black Diamond ” he thought is was a cases of illegal cartels smuggling diamonds into the country, little did he know the mystery behind it. This case distracted him from doing his job of sorting case files cause he wanted to know what it was all about and he opened it and started reading. The case file stated that, the diamond was stolen from the National Museum of Ancient Tradition by a notorious society ”The Outcasts ” who were creating a lot of headaches for the NIA and their identities were unknown . Legend has it that many years ago before colonization, the kings and his elders had many troubles in ruling their kingdoms so they consulted the high priest for a solution and after series of chantings by the priest there was a solution, The Gods sent down a black diamond which had immense power that the bearer of the diamond would have power to his kingdom and beyond. The First King to posses such power was King Nana Nkrumah the first. He was seen to be the wisest of all kings and for that matter was entrusted with the diamond. The diamond was quickly attached to his chest which was the original setting for the worthy bearer of the diamond. The diamond gave him the power to predict the future, identify incidents which happened in the past, hear the cries of people in trouble and the power of speed and direction to get there in time to save them all this was good but in order to hold the power he was forbidden to have an affair with any woman. If he did he had to risk loosing the power and also at least hed loose someone who was really close to him.

The outcasts had wanted to harness this power and use it for their evil operation to achieve their aims of conquering and ruling the nation and the entire world as well.

”Blay!!! ”yelled Mr.Norman, ”are you done sorting those case files? ” He asked. To Reeces suprise he had been reading the file for hours that he forgot to do his job ”Oh sir Im so sorry I was going through this file which caught my eye that I lost track of time ” he replied. ” Mr. Blay, I asked you to sort out the files and submit them to me earlier not read them, thats my job not yours. We don have room for incompetency, so unless you want to keep your job , I suggest that you do exactly what u
e told to do ” said Mr.Norman ”Get back to work and submit those files to me in an hour ” he added and left. Reece started feeling the heat and pressure as he had just an hour to sort out all the files and submit them as well.

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