Several days passed by,without any activity happening at the NIA, and as the days passed by the friendship and bond of the friend grow each and everyday. Its been three months now and theres been no activity from the outlaws either and no ones investigating into the case of the black diamond and this troubles Reece a lot because if the legend of the diamond is true and the outlaws are able to harness its power, there would be a lot of chaos in the country.

Samuel notices the look on Reeces face as theres no work to be done in the office and asks him ”Why the long face bro? ” Reece then opens up to him and shares with him the matter which troubles his mind. Samuel tells him not to bother about that because he learnt that according to history, if an individual is not worthy of possessing the diamond,its power would not be activated ”unless ” and he stops to think, ”Unless what Sam ” , Reece asks out of curiosity and Samuel says ”Legend has it that,the only ones capable of activating its power are people from the bloodline of King Nkrumah ” This gets them alarmed and are now traumatized. Could this be why the outcasts haven struck in months?, are they looking for people from the bloodline of Nkrumah?, questions they asked themselves and went straight up to Mr. Norman as they inform him about their troubles but he tells them that there are other important cases to be solved and rather than chasing a legend which could be 80% false and ignores them and tells them to stop wasting their time on that case and do their jobs.

Upon hearing this from Mr.Norman, they still have it in mind to find ways to uncover this case.

They leave Mr.Normans office and have it in mind to start tracking the bloodline of King Nkrumah.

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