Several days passed by, with Reece and Samuel anxiously waiting to hear from the fishmonger they had spoken to days ago, ”We
e running out of time bro, still no word from the lady. Why don we go searching for him ourselves? ”says Reece whose running out of patience. ”Relax man,she said shes gonna call if she sees him come around.Besides,we can be seen there all the time or else we may be mistaken as agents of the outlaws. Lets have patience and wait. ” says Sam, trying to give him some hope.

They suddenly receive a call from an unknown number and Reece picks up the phone, ”Reece Blay ,NIA how may I help you? ”. To their surprise its a ladys voice and she identifies herself as the fishmonger they met some nights ago ”Hes here, hurry up before he leaves. Hes come at a rather unusual time . Wait… ” as she breaks in silence ”Whats going on? ” Reece asks. ”They are some strange people also following him, are they with you guys? ” She asks. ”Oh no ”says reach as the pressure and fear begins to mount and they both tell her to keep an eye on them until they get there as they grab their guns and move out without permission. ”You know,Mr.Normans gonna be furious with us and we might loose our jobs. ” Samuel tells Reece as he replies saying ”At least we
e doing this for the good of our country ” as they get into the mission patrol cars and drive straight to Dr.Manuels residence.

Theyve finally arrived and ask the fishmonger, ”Are they still in there? ”, and lucky enough for them they
e on time ”They
e still in there and all theyve been talking about is a bloodline. ”she says. ”We need a plan bro cause we can wait for backup or hes dead. ” Sam tells Reece as he begins to panic . Reece says ” They
e 5 of them and two of us but I think we can take them on. We
e gonna use the back door, cover me as I get to the professor, and pls don hurt him. ” They go in slowly through the back door and pull up a sneak attack on the outlaw guarding the door to avoid being noticed and hide behind the sides of the open door close to the living room where they have eyes on the Doctor and the other outlaws where they see the Doctor at gun point and about to be shot, Reece screams ”Doc!!!! Get down!!! ” Dr.Manuel gets down and Sam gets a clear shot and shoots one of the outlaws as does Reece leaving one left but unfortunately he escapes.

”Doc are you okay? ” Reece asks Dr.Manuel and he says ”Yes I am but someones not going to be , wait who are you guys? ” They reply showing him their NIA identity cards and they ask, ”Dr, what did they want and what did you tell them? ” he replies telling them that the asked for the identity of the last bloodline of King Nana Nkrumah and for the fear of loosing his life he gave it to them. ”We have to act fast before the outlaws achieve their goal ” Reece says as they drive back to headquarters.

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