As we walked towards the front door of the admin block I walked behind him very slowly, I wanted to go back to the hostel because I needed to finish unpacking, the purpose of pausing that was so I could see the S.A.O and that was officially achieved, I also needed to tell him that I didn need a tutor and I was fine on my own but instead of thinking about that my thought were solely on how sexy and broad his back side was, I wondered if his hair was very soft and if his skin was as soft as it looked, so immersed in my thoughts I did not notice that Nini had turned back to look at me he jxt watched me walk slowly toward him and it seemed as thou he had noticed that I was lost in some thoughts and wasn in the same planet as he was

he used one of this fingers to point at my forehead to stop me from walking right pass him as I felt his soft fingers touch my forehead i looked straight into his eyes

his eyes were as clear as the skies and they were beautiful I could see my self inside those beautiful small but yet sexy eyes of his….

”wat are you staring at ”

My moment was off and I looked down, he dropped his fingers from my forehead and just stared at me and made a sigh…..

”hey, I need your number ” he said breaking the small moment of silence we were having and unlocking his phone and about to hand it over to me

”and why do u need my number ” I replied fistly

”well if am supposed to be both your dad and your teacher I need to call you don I ”

”well you don need to be my dad and my teacher, I had attended home-setting program and am good on my own ”

”why didn u tell that to Mrs Cynthia earlier ”he pitched in

”because the conversation wasn my business ” I replied again fistly

”whatever I still need your number incase you don know Mrs Cynthia will ask of it, you might not know this smallie but she used to work for a spy unit before ”

”wait what ”

”am joking smallie, just give me your number ”

”wait why do u keep calling me smallie ” blinking my eyes

”yes your smallie, your not as tall as me so your small ”

”I haven stopped growing so am not small yet ”

”thats on you smallie, just give me your number okay am exhausted ”

”alright fine buh don call me ”

As I collected his phone and dialed my number in it, I took a peak at his sneakers which I always wanted desperately

I gave him back his phone and he dialed the number my phone ringed almost immediately and I looked at him

”that my number ”

As I looked down at my phone to save his number he had already walked out of the admin block got into his back suv and zoomed off.

I stood at the front desk just staring and watching his car zoom off and disappeared

I couldn help but wonder how one human could be so handsome but yet so rude

The walk to the hostel was fun for me I was able to take a proper look at the serene environment

I finally got to the hostel block and walked into the hostel, I walked into my room to find some strange faces I did not meet earlier when I entered the room,i took a glimpse of my luggage and my other properties that were scattered around the room and felt embarrassed for myself

I knew people lived in the room but I did not know they would be back early. As I looked down at my luggages in the floor and I looked up at the girls all I could say was

”hi ” as I entered the room fully and backed the door, both girls made a loud cheer

”welcome ” with smiles in both their faces which was a surprise for me

”uhhhhh thanks ” I said smiling back

I really didn knw if it was fate or I was just lucky because both my roommates were amazing

Nina yes as the name sounds was Ninis younger twin sister but they were polar opposite she was just as cheerful and happy as me and Nini was rude

Penelope was my other roommate at first glance she looked like a dude cause of the boyish clothes, but the red long hair and breast brought my mind down

We introduced ourselves and talked while I finished unpacking. Just like me they both studied computer science but they had entered at freshman year while I transferred in my second year so most of our courses were same but I had to take some freshman courses to develop my GPA

Nina and Penelope let out really great smiles and they told me everything I needed to know about D.H.U including secret roads and the famous secret lectures:secret lectures were students who gave out tutorials outside their classes to students who needed it

It was so much fun talking to them and getting to know them. We talked about everything, after a while we went out to get food. When we got back to the room we ate and slept I had gotten the upper bed because I was the last to resume buh I did not budge because we agreed to rotate it every semester so everyone of us got a fair share.

The night went smoothly and slept pretty well that both Nina and Penelope were the first friends I have had after my accident at high school and I was very happy about it.

As I slept peacefully in preparation for the day ahead of me, I suddenly heard my phone ring out loudly

as I removed my eye patch to check who it was that called so early to my surprise it was Nini….

I picked the call with all the annoyance I could find and answered in the same annoyance

”what, what, what, why are you calling me so early in the morning what don you sleep in your own room ” with both my sleepy eyes and annoyance

”firstly, smallie I don stay in your crappy hostel I live on my own as a man that I am and secondly don you knw that you have cos 111 this morning by 7:30am sharp, as your school guardian it is my duty to remind you and I have done so, so good bye ”

As I was about to reign all the insults I had learnt, he cut the call immediately and all I could do was hiss, I took a glimpse at my school class schedule and to my surprise he was correct I screamed a heavy and loud

”oh my God ” just from my bed and I woke both Nina and Penelope

I jumped from the bed almost breaking my legs and ran straight to the bathroom I took a shower in what felt like five minutes and dressed in another five minutes I immediately dashed out from the room and hurried to class……

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