Cassey allowed nervousness to crawl through the nerves of his father for a few seconds before saying something, something she felt he won love to hear, ”Whats Force Craft about? I do not see any manufacturing going on around here. I only see people walking around and doing what I cannot see. ” She left her seat and walked up to Hendersons seat, the moment she saw him stand up. ”I hope you don mind telling me what is going on around here, father? ” she asked in a way that seemed so scary.

Henderson was impressed by his daughters question but knew she would never get an answer to that until she was of age. ”I am afraid; I can not tell you now— ” He looked away, and now, he refused any eye contact with Cassey.

”Try me father, I am above fifteen now, so— ” Cassey gave him a cold stare.

”Don be ridiculous Cassey, age got nothing to do with this, you need to be trained to grow mentally, and then you will be ready. ” Henderson cut in sharply, ”My business is not so legal— ” He wasn eager to talk too much.

”Then legalize it and— ” Cassey muttered.

”I have not thought about that, Cassey, perhaps when the time is right that would be taken care of. ” Henderson smiled at her but kept his eyes on her.

Cassey wasn satisfied, and Henderson could see that in her eyes this time.

Why did she come to visit?

Was it all about Force Craft or something else he can not lay his hand on?

She seems to have Karens beautiful eyes and now looks set to have her inquisitive brain too.

When Casseys voice came again, he felt his feet run cold within his shoes. ”Are you giving drugs to girls in hotels? I hear that on phone— ” Cassey asked in a way that instantly brought up Goosebumps on Hendersons skin.

”Cassey, you don know anything about Force Craft yet let me do you the honor to tell you about Force Craft when it is time—tell me, what brought you here, Cassey? ”

Cassey saw the redness in his fathers eyes. Has he been drinking? Or had been dragging in white substance into his nostril? She doesn even know what it is, but noticed his red eyes anytime he does that, ”I came because of Dovett, I think she is sick and— ” she put up a pitying look that looked so annoying to Henderson.

”I know about that. ” Henderson didn let her finish, ”I have told Doctor Lyons to go check on her. I am sure he is with her as we speak anything else, Casey? ”

Cassey looked blank for a while and then stood up from his fathers seat, ”I am not sure. I think I better take my leave. See you at home, father. ” She hurried out of the office before Henderson could say a word. He stood in awe for a while. And pondered for a few seconds, and when his thought finally dropped. Carl Sandy thought sailed through. He brought out his cell phone from his right shirt pocket and started dialing his number.

”I am surprised you still got that powerful sexual drive and moves that got me to moan and cry like a baby, Henderson. I enjoyed myself while it lasted. ” Julie Thomas smiled with her head on the pillow and her beautiful naked body fully stretched out on the bed. Her eyes were still on Hendersons huge dick, ”Lets do this often, Henderson. I have missed you ever since I have been away to New York— ”

”By the way, how is New York? ” Henderson broke in. He has been standing by the window half naked, he stayed outside in the garden Karen planted a few years ago.

Julie stood up and squeezed her curvy buttocks into her panties, ”New York is cool as always, just went over to see my sick mother— ”

”How is she? So sorry, I almost forgot to ask. ” Henderson inquired as he turned around.

”She is much better, Henderson. You know, I was just thinking we take our love affair to another level. ” She walked up to Henderson and held onto his hands, ”What do you say, Henderson? ”

Henderson looked away, now deep in thought, and as he was about to express his thoughts. Dovett hurried into the bedroom. Julie glared at her and wondered why she did that, She did not even tap at the door to be asked in. ”What a hell has come over you, are you sick or just being foolish, why burst in like that— ” Her eyes opened wide when she noticed the way Dovett dressed. She had no bra on, and her transparent dress revealed her nakedness. She stared at Martins if he notice, but saw him look on in surprise, ”this Maid is crazy, bursting in here dress like this, out this minutes before I pounce on you— ”

”I just came to let Boss Henderson know that Gloria Mulla is in the castle and wants to force her way here, I mean into your bedroom and— ”

”What, how did she get into the castle? ” Henderson stood up angrily. ”I thought, I— ”

Suddenly, the door was thrown wide open, and Gloria Mulla walked into the bedroom, she clapped her hands for a while and put up an angry look, ”I see another lady is sharing my beautiful bed and man with me. It is so nice discovering this, but also it is a betrayal of my genuine love for you, Boss Henderson. ”

Henderson admired her beauty and the way she spoke and walked around his bedroom. Her perfume brought freshness to his bedroom, and her curvy protruded ass even made her look so well on her nightgown. Martin remembered they were supposed to be at La Vante Restaurant for a nice outing, and now—

His thought disappeared when his eyes caught those of Julie Thomas, he stared into her eyes as if struggling to read her thoughts. The moment, he saw a scary look in Julies eyes, he turned to Gloria Mulla angrily, ”Should my privacy be abused because of your uninvited intrusion? Gloria Mulla, you have gone too far this time—you leave me with no choice Mulla, out of my bedroom this minute. ” Henderson shouted, and Dovett, who had been behind the door, eavesdropping shivered, she knew this would happen, and that was why she ran inside to inform Henderson, but Julie, who had past the night with, Henderson thought she was intruding, and now, she can withstand a Force Craft fighter fighting so hard to keep her man. She listened for a while and then walked into the kitchen for she knows Henderson will never need her help for he knows they were all fighting to have him. And she knew she was a strong contender even though the other two inside Hendersons bedroom, are not aware. Food is a way into a mans heart and with that weapon in her hand as Boss Hendersons housemaid, she is going to use it so well to overthrow both of them, she thought.

Can he marry three wives?

Dovett knew that would be a nice thing for Henderson to do to put an end to the rivalry for him, he is a billionaire, and pleasing the three of them won be s problem, but Gloria Mulla may be a problem because she had said she would not share her man with anybody, Dovett thought. She could still hear loud voices behind the closed door as she shuffled towards the kitchen. That is their business, she thought.

Gloria Mulla looked at Henderson in disgust, ran to Julie, and hit her hard across her face. ”You want to snatch Boss Henderson from me because you think you got a sweeter wet pussy, right? That will not happen. I have paid the price, but you, nothing— ” she frowned and walked around the bedroom in such hate for Julie.

Julie reacted with a slap across the face of Gloria Mulla, and that greatly annoyed her, she held onto Julie and threw her hard on the floor and picked up an empty wine bottle on a table near her, and rushed forward towards Julie, who was still lying in pains on the floor. She was determined to stab her to death for having the temerity to share her man with her.

”Are you out of your senses, Gloria Mulla? ” Henderson shouted and intervened quickly. ”You can not do that, Gloria Mulla or I— ” He grabbed the bottle from, Gloria Mullas hand before the little bedroom fight became a fatal incident. That would result in something beyond his control.

”Or what, she is flirting with my man. She deserves beating not to dare again. ” Gloria interrupted and dragged the bottle with Henderson. ”Such a rotten filthy bitch, she does not love you, Henderson, but your money, can you see it in her eyes, filthy bastard, cheat— ”she pointed at Julie to buttress her thoughts.

Henderson overpowered her and pushed her away calmly, ”out Gloria Mulla, and out of my life too. You are insane, and I see your jealousy has no boundary. ” He was not happy at the turn of things. He abhorred her intrusion, and it showed in his face.

Gloria Mulla became furious, ”You ask me out because of this bitch? ” She pointed at Julie, who curled up on the floor staring at Henderson and Gloria Mulla. ”I have been with you right from the inception of Force Craft, you were my first love, I trusted your love, and now you chose her over me? I will show you how much venom. I got inside of me— ” Gloria Mulla gazed at Henderson with so much anger and frustration in her eyes.

”Are you threatening me, Mulla? ” Henderson cut in rudely. ”Nobody threatens me, Gloria Mulla. I am Force Craft, remember? ” Henderson pointed at Gloria Mulla angrily as he sent her out of his bedroom and the Castle.

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