” Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to the show gaming life. We came with another hot news from Varaha, for those who don know what Varaha is then you have to go to the doctor asap, continuing further the heaven guild has cleared the nightmare dungeon of pride, setting a new record in Varahas world. Can the top guild achieve what a new guild had done its a shame for them what our dear viewers think, comments your thoughts below and … ” (piwsss)

An old man can be seen sitting on his sofa while watching the t.v which was on before but is now off. A clear expression of frustration can be visible on his face he puts down his remote and shouts, ” dammn those bastards always with Varaha this, Varaha that whats happening to this world can an old man enjoy his favorite show now ”.

He gets up from his sofa and starts walking towards the kitchen to get some nice tea to drink and enjoy his favorite books. In this day and age books is a rare commodity as one can find them because now every little thing is online with just one touch you can do anything from anywhere.

As he was making his tea hes gaze went to the watch in the garbage bin.

This device that look like a simple watch from his time was now a very high-tech gadget. This device can be said the modern smartphone.

Technology has very much progressed in this world. Well, when a world where a virtual reality game can be possible to the extent where it feels that you are in some other world some real world, and is used for a purpose of large-scale entertainment then even a fool can think the advancement of science and tech and the perfect examples of that would be the new game that had launched ten years ago.

The Varaha is the first of its kind VRMMORPG game that had taken the world by storm. It is a game that had literary no end its like every day a new event new chaos erupts in the game. It was so vast that even after ten years players had barely scratched the surface of the world. The most prominent factor that made this game an undefeatable player in the gaming industry and killed all of its competitors is its diverse class choice, skill, and also freedom. you say what you want and this game will give it.

Coming out of this thought. He takes his prepared tea and walks to his sofa while getting a book as he just started to read the book a bell rings.

He looks at the clock and it is 12.00clock at night who could have come at this time to meet him? He was an orphan and have no interest to waste time on love so he choose to stay single for his entire life like what you needed a good t.v, some drinks, and some books life was good no need to create artificial problems. So it does not make sense to him to listen to the continuous ringing of the bell. He became annoyed. He places the books and tea nearby and moves towards the door to open it.

It was a 1bhk apartment in an old age home for old seniors so coming at this time is something he could not understand because society has a rule that after 11.00 clock no one was allowed to enter the society.

He opens the door because thinking about this can get him anywhere. As he opens the door he found several men wearing blue T-shirts with a logo of ”V ” written on them. He also sees a huge box behind them as he was staring at them one man who wore a black suit with the same logo embedded on his chest came forward.

” Hello, mister ron I am vish from Varaha gaming Ltd in short VG.ltd ”, the man in the suit says and moves his hand forward to greet me.

” Its my pleasure to meet you mister vish, but what do I do to own your companys presence ”, Ron says as he shook his hand.

” mister Ron, our company celebrated its tenth anniversary by giving a free gaming pod to any lucky individual of one state, it has been done in different countries and from the USA, and Nevada you are been chosen. Don worry no private information had been used to determine this. Its random from choosing a daily necessity to anything and in short, you have been selected and we came here to deliver your gaming pod ” vish said as he take permission from Ron to set the pod in his room.

Its not like Ron has no money to buy one of these pods to play the game but the reason was he never wants to. For him no matter how real the game world is. to him, in the end, its a game and there is no sense to waste his real, valuable life for some false reality.

He has also seen various teens who committed suicide because of saving their so-called ego and face. He had seen enough of that news.

As they were setting his pod, he was still in confusion and fighting the inner battle of whether to play and give it a try or not as he was thinking vishs voice brought him to reality.

” mister Ron, we have installed the pod now you can enjoy the game and also take this, this is the guide book all the details will be here ”, vish says while giving a book to ron who takes it

As they were leaving the house Ron asked the questions which were bugging him for quite a while.

” mister vish, what is the assurance that this pod is safe for an old man like me, I am not questioning your companys safety measures but as a user, I want to know for my safety purpose ”, Ron asked as he read much news in past that many people had lost there lives because of the malfunctions in those machines and he doesn want to take the risks.

” Haha, don worry mister Ron. Our company has produced billions of these pods and till now we have not received a single complaint about the malfunction of the pods. Our pods had gone through many safety procedures and there is 0% chance of having the issues but if in case IF in case it happens then it will immediately evacuate the player and contacts us but don worry it will never happen ”, vish says with so much confidence like he had seen the future and have absolute trust on his product like a true salesman.

After that, they all moved and ron close the door and walk in front of the pod. He touches the pod and then takes a deep breath before smiling and reading the guide. After that, he drinks his tea and then takes a shower changes his cloth, then locks his door, and opens the pod to enter it.

As he enter everything became dark and only one small white dot can be seen floating. Ron smiles and says

” well it won be harmful to have some fun, to experience some adrenaline rush


With that, the white light suddenly glows brighter and covered his whole pod. Ron had to shut his eyes due to the sudden bright light.

” System online, scanning the host….0%….99%….complete. No abnormalities were found the host is in perfect condition. Mental ability …( average )… Pain sensation set to be at 45% due to host age …. All necessary tests completed … ”

” WELCOME MORTAL, YOU CAN OPEN YOUR EYES NOW ”, after hearing the sound. Ron opens his eyes and found himself in front of a huge tree its length was unknown many different colors of light wore circling the tree like the earth circling the sun. He then look at his hands he could not believe it.

He touch his hands and the feelings were the same as touching the hand in real life. He was so shocked that he forget the sound calling him and he was immersed in the feeling of shock a huge tree branch slap him lightly on his head to make him come back to reality.

With the sudden pain of getting his head hurt and disturbing his feelings, he gets angry and starts to look for the disturbance. But what he saw surprised him more the same tree now had eyes and mouth of his own and those are looking at him.



MORTAL ….. ”.

Ron knew that he was not a gamer nor did he know anything about the Varaha story but even a fool will point out that this thing should not be happening in a game. But not wanting to take a chance he wait for some more time to see what will happen.

As he waits suddenly the tree starts getting burned. The beautiful scenery turned into ash and suddenly he saw a big monster coming out of the earth. The monster size is so big that ron looked like an ant. It has two big horns on its head a strange hand is coming out of his stomach holding something which he could not understand.

The monster start destroying the different circles that were revolving around that tree. After Ron saw that a demon or monster is looking at him he became scared because everything felt so real to him that he forgot that he is in the game. The gaze of the monster contained so much rage and anger ron just looking at those eyes make him kill himself .those uncontrolled anger was making his mind go insane and his old heart can take the pressure anymore. As he starts trying to log out of the game.

” DO YOU WANT TO LOG OUT ”, an ai voice sounded before him. Seeing that monster closing him with pure rage .ron shouts, ” yes, do it fast ”. With that Ron gets logged out of the game. As his old heart needs some fresh air to cool down. He tries to open the pod but to his pure horror, the door of the pod is not opening an inch.

He starts panicking, and he starts banging on the pods door in the hope to open it but no chance. He tries everything to open the door to find the emergency system to get out of this shit but nothing seems to work. Suddenly a voice sounds.

” pods is been not used by the owner shutting all the required systems… Shut down in 3..2…1. Shut down ”.

”no, no, no NO, NO. I AM IN. DAMMIT, IT ANYONE CAN HERE ME, HELP ME …. ” he keeps banging as he sees the white light also dim down leaving only blackness. Ron starts feeling suffocation due to lack of oxygen as it too was shut down by the pod.

As dying due to lack of oxygen, he starts hearing some voices, ” your race is a disgrace for the creators wish. Take this death and gets freedom from your pathetic life, kneel and praise us for giving you all the freedom ”

Rons eyes start losing the energy of life as he kept hearing some laughing voices some crying some huffing. All these voices start becoming more unbearable for the dying ron.

” shut up, shut up, SHUT UP ALL OF YOU ” and with that ron lose his life.

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