Ravan sees that he finally has the chance to get all the answers. So without standing on any formalities he starts asking the questions.

” Why, have you chosen me? ” Ravan asked this question because its the most important thing for him to know.

” I don know anything about why you got chosen its not my wish. The only thing I knew is demon father want you to get chosen and thats I chose you ” kans said.

” Who is this demon father that you are talking about and care to explain to me the whole story from start to end? Like look at those demons they were intelligent I can see that but at the same time, they are not. They know various stuff but don know to wear clothes and how the hell did I even get here in someone else body. I was just playing that damn game. ” ron asked in frustration as all the emotions that he had suppressed for all this time get erupted.

There is silence for a minute as kans didn say anything and ron just clams himself from the previous rant. Seeing that ron became calm and ready to listen to the answer. Kans speak

” I know youve been through a lot of problems that have nothing to do with you for that I am extremely sorry, but I too have no choice but to do the things that are necessary for the survival of my species. I can tell you about the demon father as of now .you will learn about him the more you get powerful so I will leave it to you ”.

” to understand the reason for why you have been brought here. We have to start from the beginning of this story.

When this world was created. a hierarchy of races has also created by the seven saints and saintess among them demon and angel races wore supreme and were given the power of maintaining the world. Everything was going fine but then from nowhere different races started targeting our species. At first, it was very low in number and behind the public view but by the time it became bold and every empire started banning the demons from entering in there empires. ”

” at that time our demon king, try to negotiate with every king of different empires asking for the reasons for hatred but he got no reply. But on one day an invitation was received in the demon empire about the meeting known as the ” world peace treaty ” and the demon king too was invited to this meeting. Seeing this as a chance to finally collaborate with the world and get the situation normal for his people. The King accepts the offer . ”

” the meeting was to be held in the city of sky ruled by the angles, so demon king was not worried about anything going wrong as angles were the race of righteousness. The people of the demon empire known as Lanka were tense about the meeting and for their king.

Nearly six days had passed but no news came from the meeting and of King.

The people became tense and worried about their kings the remaining ministers sent their messengers to other countries empires to know about the meeting. As they wore messengers of the empire so they were not worried about their deaths and anything happening to them but they didn come back . ”

” Now the situation became very tense in demon empire as they now understand that somethings is wrong they ordered every people of the empire to remain in empire and not to go outside of the wall and also to prepare for the worst and as they feared the worst does happen ”

” Suddenly they saw the soldiers of every race in Varaha in front of their doorsteps. The demon empire was attacked by every race including the angels too but as the demon was supreme just like the angels they fought bravely they started easily crushing the other races. but even if they wore strong they wore no match for the numbers. The battle continued for seven days and seven nights and every demon soldier were killed with every demon adult only newborn demon children were not killed as they wore branded as a slave to the winning party. ”

” From that day they feed them and tell them that they wore slaves and should leave for their masters and die for their masters and slowly this thing wore engraved in their minds. The once proud and superior demons now just became mere slaves ”

” as seeing the situation the royal family of the demons wore evacuated to a safe place to avoid the war. As the life of the next demon king is far more valuable than the empire. As time passed the new demon king was born and a world message appeared in front of the world the demon king has no way to stop that message and with that, a new hunt was started in the world the hunt for the heart of the second demon king ”

” the second demon king knew he don have the power to fight with the entire world so he had to give a sacrifice to save the species he had only one way and that was to summon the demon father and ask for a wish for that he had to meditate without any disturbance. The people that had fled with him were the royal guards and his mother, brother, and sister with some hundred demons who decided a plan that they will sacrifice themselves as his brother played the role of the demon king. As this distracted the entire world. With that The plan to find a suitable place to summon the demon father was successful. They have no choice as This was the only way to save their species . ”

” the second demon king knew that the last intelligence demons were to be put to sleep and with that, no demon wore left except for him that is not a slave.

He knew out of all places in the Varaha world only one continent was still not searched and stepped on by any races including angles too. He got on that continent known and start meditating ”.

” After several centuries of meditating, he finally saw a solution of reviving the glory of the lost demon empire and avenging the deaths of the demons. He saw how by sacrificing himself he can bring all the demons scattered around the world into one place and how to shield this place from them. But he also knew that they can survive a single day without him and as he lose all his power from doing this gargantuan task ”

” so he had to find someone suitable to help him and his kind as he was counting his last breath he found the solution shown by the demon father.

At that time he saw the future. The shield that he had made to protect his race is being raided by the immortal beings who called themselves players. And also uses a power which they called status and system. He knew that his demon father show him this future to avoid making the mistake and with that, he uses his last remaining power to summon the same player from the world which they called the game ”

” and with that you wore summoned here in the world of varaha . I know I am asking something that had nothing to do with you but can you help me and my race to get back the justice they deserve? Ron ”. Kans said while saying all those things a small tear dripped from his eyes and he was nervous about the answer.

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