The Black Crow and the Taker of lives

In one large castle room, a girl, five years old was sleeping peacefully. The bright full moon light penetrated trough the small gabs of the rooms window making some part of the room to shine milky.

She was covered in a heavy white duvet up to her chest living out her snow white skinned face and a beautiful black curly hair.

Without anybody touching it, the rooms window opened itself letting in a the moon light making the whole room to shine milky.

Distance in the sky, a black crow decented while living circles of shadows behind. It had a long beak than any other crow and dark red eyes. Its feet was like that of a lizard covered in a blue scales.

It landed on the windows frames peeping around the room that was shining with the moons light. Its eyes were moving from the girl that was sleeping peacefully on the bed, around the room then back to the girl.

After confirming what it was confirming. It flapped its wings and landed right on the chest of the girl. It observed the girl closely for almost 30 seconds then opened its long black beak.

The stream of shadows flew from its beak heading towards the girl. She shadows entered the girls body through her mouth, nose and ears.

Suddenly, whispers started to echo on her mind.

”He has arrived, the ruler of fire, shadows, lightening and blood has been born, spirit of the great dragon Shiron. He will bring either tragedy or save humanity depending on how youll treat him. ” The whispers echoed on her mind repeatedly while elapsing.

The whispers stopped and imagines started to display on her mind. She saw a male figure with a blurred face and long silver hair.

The man was on red armor and a long flaming sword on his right hand. a dense dark black shadow was hovering on his left hand in the circle while what looked like blue lightning ran around his body.

Up in the sky, a large vortex of blood around 70 meters In diameter was hovering directly above him and an image of white dragon was formed right behind where the man was standing.

Around him, thousands of millions of the humans dead bodies were lying piling up to each other. Some had no head, some the upper and lower body had been separated and other stubbed wounds were visible on their bodies.

”Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ” The girl screamed at the top of her voice.

Seeing this, the craw turned into shadows and disappear

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