The 7 Dragons.

5 years later after the crows visit.

In a dark forest filled with many huge thorn like dead trees and long dry red grasses. A woman in her early 30s with a child on her hands was running. Her name was Lizz. She kept on locking behind herself seeing those chasing her with burning woods used as torches.

”Catch her! ”

”Kill her! ”

”We can let her escape! ”

”She is too fast! ”

”Of cause she is, don you know she is a witch! ”

Those who were chasing her were shouting from behind. She ran through the forest with a target on her mind.

At the end of the forest there was an ocean that connected the village she was running from to the distance continent, Amra Kingdom.

She arrived at the ocean and ran to the deck that the ships were aligned beautifully. She looked back and see nobody saw her, She climbed one of the ships and hide the boy in.

She took a pendant with a dragon head chanted some words and place it on the boys neck and kissed him on his forehead.

”I never planned for us to be separated. ” The woman said while sobbing. ”The pendant will help with the whispers. ”

She placed her forehead touching the boys forehead. Heavy tears ran down her face and the memories started to flash on her mind on how she got herself to such a situation.

Lizz was known as the most kind woman in the Gupta village. She was the idol to most of young woman still maturing.

Her charms were well known to the whole village. Most men tried to approach her but she turned them down, not because she wasn interested but her focus was on raising her son who nobody knew who the father was. She also had alot of secrets in her life that she couldn afford to disclose them.

Her usual activity was to sell fruits in the village that earned her some silver coines to put a food on the table for the family of two.

Earlier this evening after selling the fruits, She head back and found thing floating inside the house. Utensils, chairs, table, bed and everything.

She pepped around the house and saw her son 5 year old crotched while shaking his head making his long black hair to hover around. He was covering his ears using his small hands.

”Stop! stop! stop! ” He repeatedly said to himself in a low voice filled with fear.

Hearing someone entering the house, he raised his head and his red glowing eyes met with his mothers green eyes.

”Mommy, the whispers, they are hurting. My head hurts. ” He said and tears started to roll down his cheek.

Lizz ran to him and gave him a warm hug to comfort him. She placed her hand on the boys forehead and started to chant some words.

Her hand glow white and the light started to enter the boys head. He started felling better and the floating things dropped down.

Everything was going when until when the boy closed his eyes. A strong force came from the boys body sending her flying to the wall. The force was moving from the bodys traveling in all directions.

After around 20 minutes of strangling to wake up, She stood while her internal organs were in a massive pain. She walked to the door and saw the villagers have started to gathered Infront of her house.

”Don tell me she has been a witch who all this long. ”

”I almost slept with her the other night. Thank heavens I didn else she could have eat my flesh. ”

”I don no man. The fruits we have been eating, I hope it wasn a way of her making a sacrifice of us. ” The villagers were murmuring among themselves.

Seeing the condition outside, Lizz ran back to the house and took some sheet, cover her boy who had fainted and climbed through the window running towards the black forest.

Now at the ship, She placed a note with the words ”Iris ” on the boys pant pocket, chanted some words and a duplicate of her boy appeared on her hands. She ran out of the ship and saw the villagers had come too close. She ran to the other direction heading back to the forest.

The villagers saw her and started to chasing after her and a child on her hand. They followed but Lizz was too fast for them.

Disappearing to the forest, Lizz chanted some words and her body shined in white light. She changed to a nine tailed white fox and dashed away.

The next morning, travelers started to fill different ships and the journey began. On one of the ship was the boy whose eyes were still closed.

The ship took a total of four days and night before it arrived at its destination.

After everyone climbed out of the ship the boy who had opened his eyes not long remained inside it. Just like how he practiced with his mother, he waited for his favorite person to came and pick him but nobody came for him.

He walked around the big ship searching for his mother but she was nowhere to be found.

He smelled the scent of delicious food being cooked not far away. He climbed down the ship heading towards the direction of the scent.

Stepping his foot to the ground, he felt some extra weight on him. He place his small hands on the chest and brought out a dragon headed pendant.

He took it from his neck to obverse it.

This belonged to mother. He thought to himself and put it back to his neck.

When he took the pendant off, something in the castle happen, Arsinoe who was eating peacefully shot from her sit making the food to spile on her body.

”He is here. Mom, Dad, Shiron is here. I can feel him at the deck. ” Tears ran down her soft cheek

King Cyrus and Queen Tomyris looked at each other in panic.

”General Zard! ” Cyrus Shouted. ”Sent a thousand knight to the deck and scout for a man with a long silver hair! ” He ordered.

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