Calling for the Dragons

King Cyrus head to his older daughter tryings to comfort her while Queen Tomyris was busy comforting their younger daughter, 4 year old Tyranny who was crying after seeing her older beloved sister socking on her own tears.

Although it was legendary, Dragon Shiron was popularly know in the whole of Amra kingdom and the rest of the world.

”If you misbehave, Dragon Shiron will pay you a visit. Do you know what he will do? He will dig out your livers using his claws and eat them while you are watching in pain. He will then proceed with eating your internal organs finishing with your heart before you die. ” Parents told their children trying to shape their behaviors.

Dragon Shiron wasn feared only by children. Even the adults did.

Those that took their time to study the past history of their land feared Dragon Shiron the most after connecting two or three past events and come up with a strong conclusion.

One of those that took their time to study the history of their past land events was King Cyrus, He believed it was one of the qualifications of a good King.

Having given the responsibilities of leading most of the Kingdoms event, he devoted most of his time learning why a particular Traditional ceremony was taking place and the cause of it.

This made him to come across many stories about the legendary Dragon Shiron connected to most of the stories.

He once came across the story of a massacre of the whole village written in the Kingdom historical book. It was written how Dragon Shiron had an ability that allowed him to appear on anythings Shadow.

He used the ability on a particular village. He appeared from the villagers shadows and using his wide mouth and long neck, he swallowed them one after another living no soul.

600 villagers suffered that day. Adults, children, men, women, they all disappear living no trace.

It was believed that Dragon Shiron could shape shift taking a form of a handsome young silver haired man. His charms while in human form was unresisted to most of the young women

He used his charms to lure many beautiful young ladies to his chambers and swallow them up.

It was written that whenever Dragon Shiron got angry while in human form, his blue eyes could turn to a glowing red eyes and a figure of his dragon form could seen slightly hovering on his back.

Having came across many stories about Dragon Shiron, King Cyrus could only imagine how strong this legendary Dragon was.

Its has been five years now without them being brothered by their daughter with strange dreams about Dragon Shiron.

Seeing their daughter now in such a condition. Tomyris and Cyrus were looking at each other wick panic written on their faces.

He didn understand if his older daughter was connected to the dragon or not but being someone who believed on reincarnation, he couldn just assume his daughters situation.

He didn know if it could bring disaster or benefits to the kingdom but he knew somehow he could use the situation to his advantage. After all, how many bad people reincarnated to good ones in the past histories. He thought to himself.

The condition of his daughter was kept secret with only those of higher authorities knowing about it.

General Zard and 1000 Knights exited the main castle gate heading to the Kingdoms decks.

People moved out of the way letting through a large number of knights in a yellow shinning armor, long spear on their right hand, a big round yellow shield on their left hand and a long sword hanging on their side.

This send fear to most of the people. For some, it was the first time they had witness a large number of armed knights with war written in their serious faces.

”Are we at war? ”

”Has another kingdom attacked us? ”

”What is happening? ”

”My family, where are they? ”

The screams of terror were heard everywhere in the Kingdom.

”Tall, strong handsome man with a silver hair! ” This words rang on the Knights mind while moving to different directions of the deck searching.

The silver hair was uncommon in Amra Kingdom and the rest if the world. Those know to have the silver hair were 3 men and 4 ladies calling themselves the dragons.

They were never born with that hair or did they dye it. They received the silver hair after after being appointment to protect humanity.

Meanwhile, the young boy follow the scent and arrived at his destination. A large mansion filled with different kind of people gathered to calibrate the mansions owner child birthday.

The boy paid less interest to them, he hard the target in his mind, food. He zigzag through them follow the scent of the food and came to a large room used as the kitchen.

He looked around the room and saw no one around. He climbed to a long table filed with different kind of food carefully cover.

After satisfying his needs with different kind of food. He found a clean space in the room and sleep.

Back at the castle, General Zard returned to the king to make his report.

”Your highness, ” He said while bowing. ”… We searched everywhere in the deck with no success. We tried to extend the search through the town but we found no one matching the information you have given to us. ”

”Its okay Zard, I know you tried your best. ” Queen Tomyris said to general who bowed and walk away living behind the queen and King in throne room.

Back in the castle, the maids came to the kitchen and found the whole room in a messy. food was spread everywhere in the room. They reported the matter to their master who came and looked at the room with anger burning in his eyes.

His eyes landed on the boy sleeping peacefully at the corner of the kitchen. He rushed towards him and lift him up like a piece of garbage.

”Stupid little thief. ” He cursed, ”… Your parents must pay for this. ” The Master said in an angry tone.

”Making way, we are heading to the castle! ” The Master shouted while walking through the crowd of people dragging the boy with him.

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