Tales of Mohua

When You Like Someone

Shen Mohua rose with the sun.

The early bird held a small silver watering can, hovering over the rows of plants by the window. As she went about, caring for her lovely friends, she hummed softly.

The cool morning breeze brushed into the room every now and then. On her face was an unremovable smile.

”Amo ah, one meeting and youve fallen already? ” Shen Fai teased as he came in.

Her lips pouted furiously, ”What being down? Look at me, Im standing on my feet. ”

He leaned onto the window ledged and rolled his eyes. ”As soon as Ou Junsan strolls around, youll be down. ”

Shen Mohua laughed, imagining herself falling literally at the sight the celestial commander. Her dancing eyes glanced at her brother. ”Afai, Ou Junsan is… good. ”

”You sure hes just… good? ” Shen Fai wiggled his eyebrows mischievously. ”Its been two days and you haven stopped blushing. ”

Her hands went up to her warm cheeks. ”I… ”

Just a glance at his innocent sister he asked, ”You like him? ”

Did she like Ou Junsan? Shen Mohua wasn sure yet.

”Use today to find out, isn he coming in the afternoon? ” He offered.

Shen Fai wasn fond of the idea of his sister getting married. He didn want to think about parting with her. Once Amo married, he was afraid he could no longer see her as often as he wished.

What if her husband was a strict man who wouldn let her out? What if her husband mistreated her? What if… Night and day, he was filled with worries. Still, he wanted Amo to be happy above all else.

Her voice lowered for some reason, suddenly nervous. ”How do I know if I like him or not? ”

He smiled proudly and gestured her over. ”Youve asked the right person. ”

Ou Jie drove the carriage to the Shens residence with ease. He stopped the carriage at the gates. ”Brother Ou, weve arrived. Would you like me to get Mohua? ”

Ou Junsan didn reply. Ou Jie was used to the commanders silence. He patted his clothes lightly, preparing to head inside when Ou Junsan came down the carriage.

Emotionless as usual, he stated simply, ”Go. ”

Ou Jie hid his surprise and dutifully performed his job. Side by side, he held onto Brother Ous sleeves. ”Five steps forward. Up the stairs twelve steps. Ah, Mohua is just ahead. ”

Ou Junsan briefly hesitated. ”What is she wearing today? ”

”Last time, she wore a white shirt and green skirt. ” Ou Jie slyly inserted the extra information before continuing, ”Today, elder sister is in a light blue dress with butterflies. Her hair is put up like uh, those married ladies. And she is smiling ridiculously big, like you
e the sun or something. ”

Ou Junsan lightly pinched the boys hand. ”What rubbish are you spewing? ”

Ou Jie grinned. ”Im not, shes waving at me now. ”

From the inside, Shen Mohua looked up. She waved at the cute Ou Jie before her eyes traveled to the tall figure that was Ou Junsan.

Today, he wore black robes with small white embroideries on the collars and sleeves. His hair were neatly tied up, swaying with the movements of the wind. As before, she couldn guess what he was thinking with that blank expression.

With his chilly appearance, others would think twice before approaching him, but Shen Mohua ran forward without a second thought. She swiftly ran across the stone path, stopping just in front of him.

Her gaze followed his silky hair in interest. With the shine of the sun, she realized his hair wasn exactly black… ”Ou Junsan, your hair is red. ”

Ou Junsan didn respond to her. What he asked was, ”Are your parents home? ”

”Mother, father, and Afai went out this morning. Theres only Nainai, but shes taking a nap. ” She paused for a second, ”Would you like to meet her? ”

”Its fine. Don wake her up. ”

Her eyes softened. ”Did you come inside to pay respects to the elders before we leave? ”

”You think too much. ” He turned around and Ou Jie led him back out.

Shen Mohua happily rejoiced inside her head. His verbal denials didn match with his actions. Ou Junsan, her soon to be husband, was thoughtful and well mannered.

”Are you coming? ” He stopped two steps away.

”Im coming! ” She quickly ran past them and up the carriage.

Once he came in, he paused. ”You… Why are you sitting in the center? ”

The naughty smile on her lip fell down. ”Ah? How do you know? ”

”Can see, but can sense. ” He came forward and literally scooted her over with ease.

Shen Mohua watched as he sat down calmly. Being moved over didn bother her the least. She could only praised him. Ou Junsan was so strong!

He quietly scolded. ”How can you sit so carelessly next to a man? ”

She slightly frowned, finding nothing wrong about it. ”Ah? But you
e my fiancé. ”

”… ” Ou Junsan. ”And your family, how could they leave? ”

”Its because you were coming over that they could be at ease. You
e their future son-in-law. Naturally, they trust you to take care of me, ” She explained carefully.

His stiff face relaxed at her words. Once the carriage moved, she continued to secretly glanced at him.

From the side, his well defined jawline beautifully shaped his face. His cold eyes stared straight forward, and his nose was tall and straight. The cruel scar on his eye made his aloof appearance all the more terrifyingly handsome. In contrast to the other fierce features, his lips looked to be extremely soft. And red.

She leaned forward and asked excitedly, ”So, did you drink it? ”

”Drink. ”

”Did you think of me? ”

”Think– Nonsense! ”

Her sweet giggles rung in the air. Shen Mohua sat back towards the wall obediently. She spoke no more for the rest of the ride.

It wasn necessary. For her eyes shone brighter than the stars at nighttime.

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