Tales of Mohua

When We Met

Shen Mohua changed into the dress Shen Fai gave and met him in the front garden. The light green fabric was nearly white, giving her a bright and refreshing look. The soft dress hugged her body just right and was suitable for the warm night.

Shen Fai looked up when she appeared, ”So pretty. ”

She locked arms with him. ”Of course, I have a good looking brother. ”

Her brother was dressed in a deep purple robe. His hair was pulled up into a bun and adorned with a silver crown. He was tall, handsome, and kind as she remembered him to be.

Despite wanting to run, she walked beside Shen Fai obediently. On her face, there was a tender smile. ”Afai, tell me honestly. How many girls have already fallen for you? ”

”Look whos talking, ” He teased. ”You
e marrying at the end of this month! ”

Her small lips pouted adorably. ”Will you miss me? ”

Shen Fai stopped in front of the night market. He turned to his cute sister. ”Of course, why do you think Im fattening you up? Its so you can move too far away! ”

Shen Mohua giggled as she imagined herself running with a bulging stomach. ”I, Shen Mohua, willingly cooperate with my best brother, Shen Fai. ”

The night market in Ping Jing was astounding. The food stalls by the roadside seemed endless. From tiny candies to large meals and crafted goods, there was a lot of everything.

Her eyes sparkled brighter than the night stars. ”A Fai, theres so much food! ”

Shen Fai only laughed in amusement as he guided her along the night market. His sister had not traveled out of their village so she was new to everything here. He felt happy to be able to show her the exciting things he knew. In the past, he constantly wished she could also see all the things he saw.

He waited for Amo while she paid for a bag of candied fruits. His eyes wandered into the crowd, which had parted onto two sides.

A beautiful woman white strolled confidently by. Behind her was a group of guards following protectively. She smiled to those whose eyes were on her. Those sparkling eyes seemed to pause longer on him. His feet moved forward, almost as if by themselves.

Shen Mohua didn notice her brothers distraction as she continued down the endless booths. Before she knew it, Afai was no longer by her side. As she turned a full circle, her heart dropped.

She couldn find him and she didn know where their new house was. Filled with fear, she nervously continued to look for him. In her search, she passed by the jewelry section.

A pair of black jade pendants caught her eye. They were so intricately mesmerizing, she couldn help getting closer for a better look.

The butterflies were carefully carved within the outer rings and each lines of the wings were carefully detailed to perfection. When placed side by side, the pair of butterflies looked to be sharing a kiss.

Itll make the perfect gift. Her mood brightened instantly. She pointed to the pair of butterflies. ”Uncle, Ill take those two. ”

”Ill take a pair as well, big brother. ” A man spoke up behind her.

Shen Mohua recognized the voice and turned around. ”Yunru, its really you! ”

Kong Yunrus eyes widened, realizing who the lady in front of him was. He grinned immediately. ”Ah, its none other than my good friend, Mohua. ”

”I apologize, I only have one pair and this lady asked for it first. ” The vendor sadly reported to them.

”Who do you want to give it to? ” She asked him. Kong Yunru was a kind man. He was young and handsome. It wouldn be surprising if he wanted to give the pendants to his lover. If so, how romantic would that be?

”I… Give me a moment. ” Kong Yunru smiled before walking away. Just a couple behind anther stall, out of Shen Mohuas sight, he came to a stop.

He poked the man in blue and whispered, ”Jun, the custom pendants you ordered but cancelled… They
e going to be taken by a new owner. ”

Ou Junsan stayed quiet for a moment. ”…Give it to her. ”

e sure? ”

He shrugged indifferently. ”Itll come back to me. ”

Kong Yunru raised his eyebrows. ”So confident? ”

Shen Mohua paid for the pendants and held them in her hands. As Kong Yunru returned, she brought them out, ”Yunru, you can have it. Gift it to your beloved. ”

”Ah? You no longer want it? ” He purposely asked, knowing his friend could hear clear and loud.

She shook her head. ”No, but I think your beloved will be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift. ”

That guy, Jun, must be burning. Kong Yunru smiled devilishly bright, ”What about your lover? ”

Her beloved? Shen Mohua smiled, ”I don have one. ”

Kong Yunru was basically shining. He almost couldn stop himself from laughing his head off. He fully enjoyed their conversation.

”Amo? ”

She raised her hand and even attempted with small jumps, trying to catch Shen Fais attention among the crowd. ”Afai, Im over here! ”

Shen Fai breathed out in relief. He quickly walked over and apologized, ”Amo, Im so sorry. I got distracted and lost you. ”

”No worries, I had fun on my own. I also met my friend… ” She frowned. Kong Yunru had disappeared while she looked the other way.

Somewhere down the streets, Kong Yunru ate candy joyfully. The delicious sugar coated hawthorns on the stick disappeared one by one in a flash.

Ou Junsan had a bitter expression on his face.

Kong Yunru was well aware of exactly why his friend was so quiet. Wordlessly, he filled Ou Junsans mouth with sweets. ”Wash away your vinegar with sugar. ”

”You talk too much. ” Ou Junsan sped up his pace with no intentions of waiting.

Kong Yunru threw the last hawthorn into his mouth and charged ahead with full speed. ”Don leave me, I want to hold your hand home! ”

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