The Aberrant Adaline

Virgin Casanova

Cintrons Manor.

The family of four were having their breakfast while servants attended to them, Mr Thom in particular was in a very happy mood because his dreams has finally come true, a grin glued on his lips that caught the curious attention of everyone in the dinning table.

Just this morning, he received a business email from Mr Drews assistant, telling him that they would love to partner with him and told him about the conference meeting that would be held for an interchange of views and his company, Cintrons Group would be introduced to Eustons business partners from all over the world. That alone was a huge step for the success of his company, yes, Mr Thom was known among the social circle but his company had no vast connection and not many people wanted to invest in his company with the fear that things might go wrong concidering how the status of the company was.

Another thing that was stated on the email was that Mr Drew wanted a lunch date with Adaline, Mr Thom was in cloud nine when he read the emails, he was too happy and it made him smile widely that morning, he couldn help himself.

Everyone in the dinning room stared at him with questions and confusion in their eyes and Adele being the open minded person could not take it anymore, so she asked..

”Dad? Whats with that smile this morning? its creeping me out ”

She frowned as she ran her hands on her arms, she had not seen her father in such a good mood in a long time, since things began to go wrong with their company, he was always with a wrinkled face and a sour mood but today seem different which was a very rare thing to behold.

”Yes yes, Mr Drew accepted to give me a helping shoulder and a conference meeting would be held in a few coming days where our company would be introduced to other business partners of the Eustons Corporations world wide ”

His joy and happiness were reflected in his voice which everyone heard clearly and immediately everyone including the servants smiled in jubilee as they clapped their hands for the new turn of event. Mrs Freda had a proud smile on her face as she looked at her happy husband, finally glory would be restored to them in larger folds.

Adele smiled brightly and her admiration for Mr Drew grew in greater heights, her heart was pumping faster than normal and she saw a good opportunity to meet with Mr Drew and quickly said to her father..

”Dad, thats good news! Mr Drew is really a nice man, but Dad, why don I go on a lunch date with him as a thank you gesture for helping us? It would be very rude if we don thank him properly ”

Her eyes shine brightly as the single thought of meeting with the man that hunted and dominated her dreams and gave her sleepless nights, but her words made a frown to settle on everyones face.

”No because Mr Drews assistant already sent an email stating that Adaline would be going on a lunch date with him and not you. ”

Her fathers words was like a bucket of cold water emptied on her, Adaline again!, That name was beginning to sound ugly in her ears this days but giving up was not her kind of thing, she smiled back and said..

”But Dad, Adaline can speak and itll be awkward and disrespectful if she would remain mute before him instead of speaking out her appreciation, let me go instead of her to save us a face. ”

Adaline who had been quiet all the while finally turned towards Adele, she felt nothing and thought that Adele was right, it was better Adele went to the lunch date instead of her and thank Mr Drew for his help but her parent weren thinking the same at all, her fathers mood which was happy before turned into a sour one at Adeles words.

”Be quiet! Do you think I made the decision? It was his choice to date Adaline over lunch not mine and not you or either of us have a say in this, now I don want to ever hear you say anything that would connect Mr Drew and yourself, he is not a good match for you and thats final, no spouting of nonsense, now face your food, and as for you Adaline, your mother will accompany you to the shopping mall to shop for clothes and other things that you would be needing and don complain. ”

Adele felt angry and she clenched her fist under the table and said nothing more. Mrs Freda gave her two daughters a pitiful look, unlike her husband, she wasn biased and it hurt her so much to see her mute daughter getting married to a psychopath, she loved both daughters equally but there was nothing she could do because their company was at stake.

Adaline, although mute but wasn stupid, amongst the both of them, she knew Adele was her fathers favourite and she was just a property he could use to his own advantage, Mr Drew wasn a good match for Adele but he was a good match for her? How funny but she didn mind it at all. She was labeled as the useless daughter of the Cintron while Adele was the best and everybody thought she would get the best suitor but today Adaline was getting useful and would be used to salvage their falling empire.

They finished their breakfast which didn end well for Adele, Adaline was the first to excuse herself and Adele followed but instead of Adele taking the opposite direction, Adaline felt Adele taking her own direction but she said nothing and kept moving, she needed to get prepared to go shopping with her mother for her blind date with Mr Drew.

A girl of her caliber wouldn need anything much but in order to not only impress Mr Drew but her father as well, she decided to be a little bit extravagant if not for that, she wouldn be needing to go to any shopping because she could just wear anything from her closet.

Adaline entered her room and was about to close the door when she felt something hindering it, she turned with a puzzeled look and saw Adele push open her door and walked in without seeking for permission.

”Adaline, we need to have a serious talk, now! ”.

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