”Does he had to be so harsh? ”

Justin mumbled as he walked out and into the elevator, as much as he wanted to still provoke Drew to no end, he was also curious too about the girl. What kind of traumatic experience could have possibly made her like that? His thoughts were interrupted by the female masculine voice he was very familiar with.

”What has made your mood sour today? ”

It was Phoebe whom he did not notice was inside the elevator and standing beside her was Cecil, Phoebes younger sister. When Justin saw it was Phoebe with him inside the elevator, he wanted to ignore her but immediately he saw the pretty lady standing beside her, he changed his mind.

”Whats up Phoebe? Going somewhere? ”

He made sure to put up his most sweetest smile on his face in order to catch the other ladys attention.

”Yeah, and whats with that smile all of a sudden? Weren you looking like a dejected pig just now? ”

Of course, Phoebe very well understood what Justin was trying to do but she decided to play it dumb.

”Oh, its just about work and everything that comes with it, Hello miss Cecil ”

He smiled as he strained his neck to make sure Cecil sees him well enough, Cecil heard her name being called out by Justin, she raised her head from her tablet and gave him a smile which made Justin to almost loose his footing.

”Hi Justin, its good to see you. ”

Her voice was so unlike Phoebes, it was soft and pleasing to the ear and Justin felt he wanted to hear more of her melodic voice.

Cecil wasn as tall as Phoebe, her blonde hair was long and straight, packed in a high ponytail, she wore a jean bumshorts blue in colour, it was barely covering her fair thighs and a white hoodie, on her feet she wore a blue sneakers and white lace socks. She was looking cute on her dressing. Phoebe as usual was on her boylike dressing, an oversized basketball jersey and a big black shorts stopping just below her kness and black sneakers, her hair was of a low cut style and dyed in a dark blue colour.

”Cecil wants to work here as the director of the PR department ”

Justin raised his eyebrows in surprise at what Phoebe said, he turned to look at Cecil and saw smile at him as if to confirm Phoebes words and Justin smiled back.

”Director of the PR department? Are you sure? ”

He couldn help but ask again, it was surprising how such a cute looking girl would go for such department, it wasn an easy kind of job to do because it was more based on communication by a person or an organization with the purpose of creating a favorable public image; also referred to as public relations, they mainly help when an organization or a person is having a bad public image or reputation, they help change the public views of a person from bad to good.

In the past, Eustons Corporations had a lot of bad naming and reputations from the public and it wasn easy for the PR department to clear things out, so how the hell could a girl like her handle such department?

He saw Cecil nod her head to his question and said..

”Am very sure, Ive always wanted to work in the PR department of a very big company like the Eustons, why? You don think am good enough? ”

Her golden brown eyes rounded in question as she looked at him, Justin stared back at her and for a moment he was speechless, he suddenly felt like a monster trying to destroy a pretty girls dreams.

”Ummm.. uhhh…No, I mean… ”

He stammered as he stumbled for the right words to use when Phoebe Interrupted him..

”Justin, why don you both go out somewhere and explain what you meant and maybe brief her on one or two things about the company because she already passed the interview held by the chairman himself and shell be working next Monday ”

Phoebe suggested with a teasing smile that neither Justin nor Cecil noticed, although, she wanted both Cecil and Justin to go out, she also wanted Justin to really brief Cecil about the company because when she also found out that Cecil would be working here, she was as well surprised but she never said anything negative because she wanted to give her sister all the support she (Cecil) would ever need.

Before Justin could give a reply, the elevator made a sound indicating that theyve reached the ground floor.

Justin Bellomy was quite a popular person because not only was he handsome with a nice attitude and beautiful smiles, a gentleman as well but he was a Casanova, you could never find him with the same woman twice and if by chance you get to see him, it was with different women of different kinds, heights, beauty, attitude, status, etc. It was said that whenever he saw a pretty lady, he would want to hook up with her but what was shocking was that all the ladies he picked up would always testify that he never slept with them even when they tried seducing him, at first, the topic of ít would be between a circle of friends but as times went by, it began to circulate around that Justin Bellomy was a Casanova but never slept around with women, it was a very strong topic that got many surprised and puzzled.

There was a time when a lady whom Justin had once dated came to the internet, making lots of posts saying that she had finally had a chance to sleep with Justin Bellomy which caused a hot sensations::





So many hot topics got trending with most people cursing at Justin and some at the lady while some showed their admiration for the lady for being the first amongst Justins many girlfriends to sleep with him.

It got so severe that the public and media began to call Justin out for an interview, Justin was not a kind of person who was active on social media so he had no idea what was happening not until he began to notice weird glances from their workers and outside the office, it got him suspicious but when he began to receive emails from the media for an interview did he finally realized what was going on, at first he was speechless and then he became angry that he was being circulated falsely but he clarified himself by releasing the CCTV footage of what he had been doing with the lady when he dated her.

Justin had taken the lady to be his date at a dinner party in a hotel with other business partners, he went there in representative of Mr Drew, apart from their chattering and other discussions as shown in the footage, there was nothing out of place between him and the lady and after the date, he sent her home with his driver.

People who saw the evidence were angry at the lady for such false slander and they said she must apologize and she did but since then no one heard a single word from her.

And after everything, Justin Bellomy became known as the Virgin Casanova.

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