The Acknowledgement

Leaving The Nest

Winter held onto his head, noticing more than just an ache. The pain came from his eyes, and holding them as the pain began to go away. It radiated like heat and burnt both his eyes and flesh around it. An alert blinked in my hud, looking into it, Winter would find his skin and eyes being heavily damaged. Fortunately, his increased healing factor healed both the headache and the burning pain. ”The hell was that? ” Winter asks aloud, confused about this new pain ”Yeah, thats my power killing your flesh. You
e not strong enough to handle the power I used. ” It Explained, having a condescending tone. ”Do you have a name? ”

Winter asks. Standing himself off, and brushed the dirt off. ”I have many names. But you May Call me Ultima. ” It replied, not very keen on making a friend.

With a heavy sigh, Winter began walking through the forest, aimlessly. The sun begins to set, dusk setting into the sky. Wandering through the dark shade of the forest, Winter would reach a creak after an opening. The remaining light from the setting sun shone through the opening amongst the large forest. Soft crying could be heard, the origins of it weren clear to Winter. He waved his concerns away thinking that it was a baby in the arms of new parents. Over by the creek, Winter knelt and took a drink from the running water. First putting his hands into the stream, he quickly pulled them away from the frigid temperature the water felt on Winters hands. ”Damn… Thats cold… ” Winter said, rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

Winter took no notice of the silences, not even crickets or birds could be heard. The crying persisted and was a little louder than he remembered only minutes ago. Looked up, in the direction the sound came from. Winter finds the new girl with light brown hair, deep blue eyes with chocolate-like skin. She held her knees up to her chest, burying her face into her knees. Softly, crying. Winter sat there concerned. ”Are you… Alright? ” Winter asks. Standing up and slowly walking over.

A gasp would escape her lungs, noticing the mans approach. Stumbling to get on her feet, fearful of Winters presence. The girl held her arms close, backing up slowly, bumping into a tree or two. Shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, she barely was able to stand on her feeble feet. Seeming exhausted and destitute of rest. ”Im not going to hurt you if thats what you
e afraid of. ” Winter tries to explain. Having a look of understanding on his face. ”N-no. Its T-that thing- ”

She replied. Pointing to something behind him.

With an overwhelming curiosity, Winter slowly turned his head around to look behind him. Anxious about what might be behind him. knowing if it was Cyrus, he was in for a squalid, ferocious fight. Turned around, Winter saw a colossal figure. Looming over him, nearly over the treetops, solemnly staring back. In the face of peril, Winter too once stood terrified of unyielding strength. But now, with a friend, he stood in front of this terror idiotically. Without the knowledge of who this may be, he continued to stand there, in hopes of protecting this girl. ”Thisll be fun… ” Said the voice, echoing from the back of his mind. ”Think you can take him? ” Winter asks. Keen on getting into this fight. ”Think? I know. ” It replied. Taking control with both eyes blazing brightly with deep reds.

The ground shook and rumbled from the pounds from the savage Zoroan, aimlessly trying to hit Winter. Waves of mana energy rushed out from the battle, the girl trembled helplessly with terror in her eyes. Sat on the ground, her feeble legs unable to hold her wait with such immense mystical pressure. Winter barely would be the same way if it were not for whoever took control of this feeble body of his. Even with this body, his other consciousness led him to more victory. One after another, Winters fist slammed against the Zoroans body. His fists were without strength behind them, but with speed, there was enough force for the savage beast to feel pain. ”This thing. Is a lot tougher, than I thought… ” It said, partially annoyed at the Zoroans resilience. ”Don make us get hit! ” Winter said as Ultima blocked a punch with their arms. Skidding back

~>System<{ " As your health is below 30%, [Skill: Perseverance] Will Activate. Damage taken will be reduced by 50%.] "}>It rang, explaining this skill of Winters.<~

”Not- trying to! ” Ultima replied, much more pissed than before. ”Only if we had a weapon this would end much quicker! ” Winter jokes, feeling a sharp burning pain in his eyes. Not to mention the increasing fatigue in his muscles. ”Oh right! Nearly forgot I had those- ” It said, mid-air from jumping away from a powerful attack.

Magical energy built up around Winters hand, and lights of electric-like sparks flashed as his other consciousness summoned something to them. The energy began building something for his hands to hold as he grabbed onto the aquamarine sparking. Now, in his hands were daggers, seemingly made of nearly molten iron. A warm glow comes from the sharp edges of the blade. Most of the blade was solid, but in the guard of the blade was a triangular hole that went entirely through the dagger.

~>System<{ " Item: [Ultimas Wrath] Rank - S. Type: Dagger. "}>It is explained in a pop up in front of Winter<~

”Now this will be fun. ” It said with a smug look on Winters face.

Quickly, without hesitation, Winter precisely cut through the flesh and muscles of the ferocious Zoroan. Keenly, he cut through the head and neck with both daggers, revealing a hideous substance that seeped out from the brains fluid. Furiously Winter pounded the two flaming daggers into the living slimy mess. A precious opportunity for them both to kill off whatever this infectious substance was. It was a dragging experience to regain control for Winter, tediously stabbing through the slime and ground furiously.

~>System<{ " You Leveled up! "}>It rang, displaying in front of Winter<~

”Ow ow ow- ” Winter said, dropping the fading daggers to clutch his burning eyes. ”Don forget about that gaunt girl that was petrified only two minutes ago. ” It said, reminding Winter of the feeble girl trembling on the ground with terror. ”Hey… Are you… Alright? ” Winter asks after turning around, taking sluggish and exhausted steps between needed breaths. ”W-what are you? ” She asks, poorly dragging herself away from the exhausted man who had viciously killed a Zoroan with astonishing ease. ”Im… Unsure, but I-I can assure you… Im not wanting to hurt you… ” Winter explained with understandable pauses for quick breaths. ”O-oh… ” She said, grabbing Winters helping hand he offered. ”Sorry… About all of this… ” Winter said, for him, it was a labored job to break the icy atmosphere. ”I-its fine. ” She replied with a faint blush, holding onto her elbow out of habit. ”Heh- Crap! I got to go, my moms going to kill me! ” Winter laughed awkwardly, looking down at his phone to realize the late hour. ”B-bye… ” She said, waving with the arm she held. Watch Winter runoff keen on getting home without getting a beating.

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