By the side, Expert Otto likewise wore an expression of sadness, as he proceeded in a soft tone.

”That day to secure your Excellency, his highness dueled Duke Brown Mane on the blood mountain. However, his majesty was not a match for the last mentioned and received a threatning injury on his face. If that Duke was not afraid that the others would destroy his highness legendary beast spirit, then even his highness would have died at the Dukes hands.

To easily snatch his Highness beast spirit, Duke Brown Mane made a vow. The Great Brown Mane Empire would not take half a step into the Bloodfang Kingdom for the following 50 years. ”

As that terrifying scene flooded out from the depth of her mind, Tania Inviactus could presently no longer hold her emotions. She tumbled to her knees before Ezra Zephyr, firmly embracing him as she began to wail in an awful way.

”Ezra! My child! Mother couldn protect you. ”

The coldblooded memories from that day were once again bloodily torn open. She clearly recalled how the newly born Ezra Zephyr was utilized as an array eye, and put on the special alter that the Duke had set up.

Going along with him on the alter was Dukes newly born son. However, one was being taken from, while the other one was taking. The depriving of spirit was similar to peeling off ones skin. Such torment was incomprehensible. Tania Inviactus at that time had been sparkling with happiness a few minutes prior. She could just helplessly watch her youngster bear an interminable measure of torment, to such an extent, that even his young cries became hoarse

Such hopelessness and despair had made her unconscious.

”Urgh ”

Because of this unexpected flood of pain, Tanias face instantly paled. She vomited a mouthful of blood, colouring Ezra Zephyrs hair red.

”Whats going on, mother? ”

Ezra Zephyr was extraordinarily frightened. He quickly helped her mother wipe the blood at the side of her mouth.

Expert Otto rushed over from the side. Delicate energy spread from his staff, and filled Tania Inviactus through her forehead, assisting her with steadying the qi and blood in her body. He took a glance at the pale queen before he murmured towards Ezra Zephyr

”Your Majesty, kindly don blame his highness and her highness for not being able to protect you. In those days, his highness had given his everything and nearly died in the fight.

Concerning her highness, after your spirit was taken, she infused her own qi and blood into your body. She gave you blood each year, allowing your highness to live this day. However, her highness had to pay a colossal cost. Each time she gave her qi and blood, her life span would be cut by a few years. In the course of recent years, her life span has as of now been decreased by around 42 years. This is a big hit to her wellbeing, and according to my knowledge she currently has only ten years to live. ”

”What! What did you say? ”

Maybe a lightning bolt had struck Ezra Zephyr when he heard this. Veins of blood madly moved out in his eyes. He had never responded so firmly even beforehand when he heard that his spirit had been taken. All things considered, these occasions had happened when he was still an infant. He didn have a strong attachment or affection towards the Red Scaled Wolf spirit. Regardless of whether it was seized, he would just feel fairly shocked.

Albeit the way that he had been the objective of the Brown Mane familys century-long plot had made enormous waves of shock ascend in his heart, he was able to suppress them. However, when he discovered that they had forced his beloved mother to drain her life power, a wild killing intent rose inside Ezra Zephyrs heart for the very first time, the wild instinct of an angry wolf.

Accordingly, when Ezra Zephyr heard Expert Ottos words, he at this point couldn control his feelings. The blood in his body hysterically hurried towards his head, making his face turn crimson. That fragile and juvenile face currently showed up rather evil.

”Lionmen tribe, you dared to hurt my mother and father! You have earned the right to bite the dust! ”

Ezra Zephyrs eyes were crimson. Spilling over the fury and killing intent flooded in his heart, while his whole body shook in fury.

Mirza Zephyr carried his wife in his arms and inclined her against a wooden bed. His hair appeared to be somewhat more white and his dominant aura had disappeared as he softly said.

”It has been said that since the Lionmens establishments were feeble, a powerful spirit was required for them to set up a strong foundation, allowing their lineage to proceed and amaze everybody with their might. With respect to this, your legendary Red Scaled Wolf spirit was ideal.

Duke Brown Mane snatched your spirit and gave it to his child. From then on, the Lionmen tribe was secured by the spirit of the Golden Draconic Lion and Red Scaled Wolf, making their nation prosper. The prospering Great Brown Mane empire owes everything to your taken spirit.

In the meantime, forcibly removing your legendary wolf beast spirit brought exceptional malice into your body.

That Duke deliberately fixed a curse in your body, which he got from an ancient ruin. It is told that the curse was made by gods to punish those who has malice in his heart, Duke took that opportunity and implanted that curse in your feeble body, that curse is called Thunder Ophidian Curse. It ceaselessly reinforces itself by gobbling up your qi and blood until a specific day when it will fully grow. Then, at that point, it will erupt and will totally devour your life force.

Meanwhile, your whole body was damaged, making your normally formed 8 gates vanish. Till now, your 8 gates can seem to show themselves, making your journey of cultivation impossible ”.

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