The Author Is Speechless

Yellow sun that devours.

Its my first time writing something based on a romance reverse harem .

The whole story is not about harem, but based on an extra character inside .

I hate the idea of having a harem so I will not give a harem to my precious mc -_-.

Its kinda similar to some novel, but not entirely. I will twist and turn the story. It will be a lazy main character, who just loves money and to sleep under his blanket.

I will upload it after I am done writing 10 chapters.

I am so busy with other novels I am currently writing,

”I found them ”

”Karma count Infinity ”

”Wtich of the future ”

After I am done with season 1 of every book , I will take a short break because of my college exam.

anyway, I will update this novel after a week at this hour.

( -_- )

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