The Author Is Speechless

It\'s the early beginning.

Ever since I was a little boy, my dream was to become a pilot.

As a child of an Asian household, my father and mother was always strict with my rules and regulations.

Specially mom. She used to beat the crap out of me. Because I wasn goot at math.

Every time I did something wrong, she used to beat me with whatever she could find close to her.

When I grew up,

I finally understand that, why she used to beat me up like a goat .

Years passed and all of my dreams gone shattered anyway.

I moved from that big apartment and rented a small one after my dad died. Mom left us and she married another man.


One day, I wrote something for fun and it went viral overnight.


I earn alot now, but I don show it to anyone..

Mom will probably take everything if I did that…

Now I am here alone sitting in the corner under my blanket with my laptop, thinking about turning the whole story upside down by killing the female lead.


I bet the readers are going to have a heart attack.

Tap.. tap.. tap….

He was hiding under his blanket, tapping the keyboard with his oily fingers.

The empty cans and plastic bags of chips were all over the small apartment.

He was scared of being on the stoplight because of his mom.

She wasn a lady with good temper . For her benefit, she can even kill someome.

The novel he was writing named ”The Three Moon ” was a dark romance novel.

Here, the male lead is the prince , a knight and a dukes heir while the female lead a merchants daughter . It was a love triangle story between 4 people..

With 3 male lead glued with one female lead, it was a funny but dark story. For winning the female leads heart, the 3 of them secretly had a long silent domestic war.

With a lot of turns and events . The female lead choose the prince and the rest of them became hopeless.

”I really hate the female lead to be honest. ”

Really, even if I am the one who wrote her, shes a whore with so many options. Thats why I will kill her in the last chapter and make them see what kind of woman she was all along. ”

I am so hungry but somehow I can stop writing. I feel like I will miss my last opportunity to finish this novel.

He was tapping for so long that he lost the count of hours. He spent all night infront of his laptop.

Being inside his blanket really made him feel safe from all the people of the society.

Even if he is a man on his early 30s, he has completely separated him from the ouside world. He says,

People are so greedy. Selfish. ”

He spend his whole night awake and at 9 AM,

he got out from his blanket and stretched his arms. It was shiny outside.

He opend the window and saw the city, filled with buildings like mushroom has taken over evey corner .

I finished my novel. he mumbled.

He smiled a little and saw the shining light of the sun reflecting on the glasses of the buildings.

He looked outside after a long time .

But hes eyes became blurry, so he couldn see too far.

But a cretian distance of vision was enough for him.

And suddenly he saw the sun was getting bigger and bigger.

-Why the sun is getting bigger and closer?

Am I dreaming?

He saw the sun was coming close to earth all of a sudden, so he rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses to see it clearly.

A pale skinned boy with black messy short hair, silver eyes was glittered by the scenery .

The sun was getting closer and closer that he wanted to touch it.

He saw the sun was devouring everything on its way.

The buildings, people on the road, cars and bus. It was devouring everything like a blackhole. But nobody seems to be concerned about it.

So he climbed on the window and finally, when the sun got closer to him like a huge ball that has ate up all the neighbour building , he jumped and merged with it.

He felt like it was the last chance. If he missed it, he might have to live his life inside his blanked forever.

But who knew? There was nothing infront of him.

His cold dead body got smashed on the sidewalk . Blood was shattered all over the place .

People were gathering around to see what happend . But they couldn do anything to save him.

So, they just watched like it was a circus play.



In a huge stable, full of horses.

A boy of 14 years old was taking his nap after his morning duty.

”Chrip.. chrip chrip!! ”

Birds was chirping outside the pleceful stable. It was a peaceful palace .

Horses were chewing on their grass after the duke had a morning stroll with his horse around his neighbour .

Suddenly he woke up.

”Why the light is on my face. Wheres my blanket? ”

He was rolling on the pile of dry grass and suddenly he felt something warm thing on his hand.

He woke up suddenly and saw his hand on a cows body.

So, a cow was also sitting with him in a same room.

”Moooooo!!! ”

”Mo? Its a cow. ”

He was speechless.

He looked at the cow and suddenly realize, he has been kidnapped.

-No, wait, It can be.

If I were kidnapped, why would I be wearing these kinds of clothes? Look at this shirt, its so big and filthy.

And why am I even sleeping in a place like this?

He stood up and saw it was a stable. There were houses, cows, sheeps and goats. Some chicken was also running around .

What is this place, he mumbled while looking outside the window beside a horse.

”Neigh!!!!! ”

”Shut up, I am trying to see whats outside. ”

He jumped and went outside.

What he saw was really out of his imagination.

Isn that the dukes mansion I drew years ago because of a fans request?

I saw a big sun infornt of my apartment today. So I jumped to catch it, and ended up dead .Probably ?

If its a dream my face won hurt right?

He punched himslef out of nowhere and his face became a red tomato.

”Awch! It really hurts. So I am not dreaming. ”

That means, I am inside my own novel, as an extra ”

”Hahahah! What a luck. ”

He laughed for couple of minute then finally realizes one thing.

”That female lead, where is she!! ”

He screamed as if he holds a huge grudge against her.

I need to kill that crazy woman!! ”

Authors Note: Sorry for any grammatical mistake.

Hope you enjoy this series….

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