”I have to say, I am really speechless and surprised right now. ”

I jumped off the window earlier to enter the big bright sun.

I thought my life is going to change but sadly, I ended up in my own novel , not only that,

I am a damn extra . Some side character that Ive never thought about writing.

A stable worker.


Come to think of it,

There is something .

In the middle of the story , there was a huge war.

The people who participated the war died, but the maids, normal worker and other normal common people was all ok. Even all the horses was intact.

That means, no matter what happend in the story, it won effect the people on backstage.

He sat under the tree beside the stable and lost into his deep thoughts.

I have no intention to change the story, but what a stable boy can do with his tiny body?


The author, has enterd a body of a 14 years old boy. Silver hair with silver eyes, a pale soft skinned boy with a great body.

”My new body is really great somehow. Compared to what I had back in my world.

I had countless of health issues. This body is so light and easy to move around. ”

A man shouted suddenly, ”Oiii, Viktor!!! Come here, we gotta go now. ”

-Hm? Is he calling me?

”Oi, are you listing to me? The duke is giving our monthly pay. ”

”Yes, coming!!! ” He ran as fast as he can.

There was a huge line infornt of a buttler of the mansion. He was in charge of maintaining all the workers of the house So, today he was paying the workes of this mansion.

The butler says, ”Next, Viktor . ”

”Yes ”

”Heres your monthly pay. Good work. ”the butler talked like a professional.

”Thank you so much ” and he left the line.

”So how much did I get paid monthly? 2 or 3 silver? ”

He opend his little red bag and found there was 5 gold coin. He become surprised to see all these money.

5 gold has a lot of worth in this world. Like 1 gold coin is literally 1000$ .

So his mouthy payment was more than 5000$.

”With this much money, I can spend half a year in this world without any problem. ”

He put his money in his pocket and walked around the whole mansion. It was really beautiful . Just like his imagination, it was a blue mansion with canals and small white bridge.

The Dukes mansion is situatued near the great dark forest. It is the most mysteries forest in the entire kingdom. Only 5% of it has been discovered. So, no one dares to go inside.

”This is a big mansion compared to the picture I drew. I can wait to see whats outside. The places Ive never thought about adding in my novel. ”

Suddenly a boy fell from the tree right infront of him.


”Awwww! ”

-So this is it.

And I knew it. This is just the early beginning of my story.

A 12 years old boy, pale skin with golden eyes that resembles the blood of royal, blue short hair with a small scar on his hand. He fell down from tree because he was hiding from his sword class teacher.

”Are you ok? ” The stable worker asked.

”Uuuuuu ”, he stated crying.

-I can believe the dukes heir is crying , just like Ive written down his character.

A boy who was shy, a crybaby, weak and small . He feared everyone in this mansion . Because he never received a small portion of love from his parents. Also he was neglected by his older brother.

Later he will kill all of them and become the next duke.

”DONT HURT ME!! ” the boy shouted .

”I am not going to hurt you. Pardon my insolence, I am a mere stable worker. My hands are dirty . So I cannot touch you with these hands. But please let me check your wounds. ”

-I don have any intention of changing the plot at the very beginning, so I will just lend him a hand so that I can stay alive when he kills everyone in this household.

”It hurts. ”

”Yes, that was a scary fall, please don do anything like this later. You are a noble person. You
e job is to take care of the commoners like us. ”

He is treating his wounds with water and herb he found that he knows how to use.

”What is your name. ” Alberto asked the stable boy.

”I am Viktor. ”

”Why are you not blaming me for climbing the tree? All the servants of the house hates me ”

”There is no reason for me to hate you. ” he kept cleaning his wounds.

”How old are you? ”

”I am 14 years old . ” Viktor answered.

”So you
e 2 years older than me. What do you do after your work hour? ”

”I am not sure, but I like to sleep and read stories. ”

”You can read? ” Alberto was surprised to hear that from a commoners mouth.

”Ive never met a commoner who can read. What kind of story you like to read? ” He forgot that he was injured, so he jumped up and asked him. It was his first time talking with someone casually.

”I like to make story by my own. ” Viktor answered with a little smile on his face.

”But don tell this anyone that I can read and write. I will tell you stories, and you will keep my secret . It is a good deal isn it? ”

The Dukes son nodded yes and soon he left the garden with his wodden sword.

”I don want to change the whole story, but he is my favourite character, and hes so small. I feel like I can become his big brother. So I will let this slide for this time. ”

He stood there happily and suddenly he remembered.

”This is a magical world right? ”


He smiled a little and stood there like an idiot.

”Everyone in this world has mana!!!!!!!!!! ”

He shouted.

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